The Sounds Of Summer……

Summer, my dear friends…..the beginning of Summer and I am so excited….or perhaps I should say I am that I am quietly excited. I love being outside and our Florida weather is perfect for eating al fresco for every meal. […]

Some Serious Bling Going On Here….

My dear readers,  You know I am not a fashion maven by any stretch of the imagination, but I just had to show you the serious bling I had going on Sunday at church! Remember we live in Florida and […]

Short and Sweet…Or Maybe Sour Is More Accurate!!!

Good morning dear readers…  I am going to ask your indulgence with this post today.   I have been having issues with trying to make some changes and I seem to have lost my followers list and followers notifications among […]

Latest Happenings At Villa de la Luna…and More!

Good Morning my dear readers!!!  I’ve been on a decorating refresh of several of the rooms here at Villa de la Luna…or in other words, our home.  As you know I name everything and our home is no exception.  In […]

Office Update, Old Photos And More….

I have been spending any spare hours on re-organizing my new office…… yes, this is an office update! It has been almost…not quite, but almost…. an overwhelming task. When I first set up the new space with tons of drawers […]


3 Tips On Storage and Displaying Cutting Boards…

My dear readers…this post is 3 Tips On Storage and Displaying Your Cutting Boards….

Spring and Summer is upon us and of course that means Picnic time…or al fresco dining/eating.


But using plastic wraps and foils can sometimes be a pain to use….enter the dispensers that remove any tangled wraps.


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Mom….I Am Really Missing You Today!

Mother’s Day is just a little over a week away and I can’t help thinking about my Mom, so I am setting a Mother’s Day tablescape with a few things that remind me of her.

And as I placed a crocheted doily on the table, I started to reminisce…..

Yes, there is a story to tell.

I can remember when I would rush home from school, tears streaming down my cheeks for the comfort that only a Mother can give.

My tears could have been for any number of reasons….


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WALL-E Has Come To Live At Villa de la Luna!


WALL-E Has Come To Live At Villa de la Luna!

You might ask…who is WALL-E?, or perhaps more accurately….”WHAT” is WALL-E?


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Miss May…How Could You Be Anything Else?

Miss May….How Could You Be Anything Else?

This is the fifth installment on my months of the year posts!

To see Miss January, click here,

To see Miss February, click here,

To see Mr. March, click here and

To see Miss April, click here.

I mean, come on my dear friends….look at all the beautiful month of May holds for us. May has just got to be a “she”!


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May 1, Special For Two Very Important Reasons!

I Love May Day…

I love the warm sunny days filled with anticipation of the coming month. (Watch for my next installment on the months of the year, Miss May)

My dear readers…I posted these pictures a couple years ago, but I just couldn’t resist posting them again.  

I am one of those Moms that look back at pictures and smile, cry or just reminisce….this post and the photos do all three.








I love May Day for two very special reasons.


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Movie Review…”The Case For Christ”!

This is another movie review…for the movie “The Case For Christ”…

It hasn’t been widely promoted, but the Captain had already decided that we needed to put this movie on our list of “go-to” movies.  

He researches everything…you know in that anal-pilot-sort-of-way, using the left side of his brain?  🙂  So about a month before the movie entered the theaters, he announced we should see it.  


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Office/Studio/Sewing/Gift Wrap Room Update.

Office/Studio/Sewing/Gift Wrap Room Update.

I am so excited about my new office and want to share a few of the changes that have been made.

Particularly,……the sewing room part.


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Romance In The Secret Garden…..A Nostalgic Dovecote!

No, not that kind of romance in the Secret Garden….the bird kind of romance.

You see, I have always loved Dovecotes!

Dovecote, you say?

  1. a shelter with nest holes for domesticated pigeons.

Yep, those beautiful round nostalgic bird houses.


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Picnics In The Park…Or In Your Own Back Yard!

I have always loved picnics!  A warm, sunny Spring day or weekend is a perfect time for me to pack up a picnic basket and enjoy the wonderful sunshine or the cool evening breezes in the park or in your own back yard.

No special occasion needed…in fact the more spontaneous the better.  The Captain and I don’t need an excuse to have a picnic.


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Getting A Head Start on Cinco de Mayo!

I am Getting A Head Start on Cinco de Mayo, my dear readers!

Perhaps it is because the Captain and I absolutely love Mexican food any day of the week …

Or perhaps it is because of the years I lived in New Mexico and cooked Mexican food almost daily…

Or perhaps it is because I have several projects going on at the same time here at “Villa de la Luna” that Mexican food is a fast and easy meal to prepare.

Or perhaps it is all of the above.


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