You Know I Love Movies…..Need I Say More?

You Know I Love Movies…..Need I Say More? Well, there is more…I also love the Captain with his twinkling blue eyes! So what has one to do with the other? Let me explain. I love Romance and Knights in Shining […]

Coastal Florida Seafood Boil And Tablescape!

Coastal Florida Seafood Boil And Tablescape! Whoopee!!! Today is the first day of Spring and a time of the year full of rebirth and new growth. I have always loved Spring and living in SW Florida our coastal climate for […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Menu & Tablescape!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Menu & Tablescape! My dear readers, I promised my Menu for today, St. Patrick’s Day and I am here to deliver. This is actually the second St. Patrick’s Day dinner this week…The Captain and I host […]

Shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day & A Pot O’ Gold

Shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day & A Pot O’ Gold! Shamrocks! Four Leaf Clovers! Leprechauns! …. and a pot of Gold! Sometimes, we get a bit confused regarding shamrocks and four leaf clovers! I believe it has to do with thinking […]

The Time Has Come To Dance…..

The Time Has Come To Dance….. Yes, my dear readers, it is March Madness and my Kansas Jayhawks are a number 1 seed, ….yet another year! Allow me please a few bragging rights because it has been 9 years since […]


My Writing…..Novels!


Hi Friends….

My Writing!  Further to my original (First) Post)…I am writing several Novels. I have never been published because I have perhaps been lax in pursuing this adventure. …well, not perhaps, I definitely have been lax, but as with all things, my excuse is that I worked so many hours and by the time I had a few hours to write, I would take the easy way out and watch sports on TV or collaspse in bed…mentally exhausted.  That is my story and I am sticking to it!  : )

My friend Sandy, quit her job with a major airline in 1999 and devoted all her time to writing and she consequently has been published.  Sandy keeps encouraging me as she has read a little of one of my novels and she thought with a little more effort on my part that my particular novel could be good enough to be published. There is much work to be done on it, but I am really getting motivated to devote the necessary time to pursue writing. More to come…..


Fall is Here!!!!

Hi Friends,


Fall is here….and I do enjoy the brilliant colors of the falling leaves, the crispness in the air as well as the wood smoke circling the chimneys and the  thought of warm and hearty soups.  But wait, you say….you live in Florida and can’t possibly have those Fall pleasures. You would be right, we don’t have the beautiful changing colors shown in the above picture.

However, we do have a change in seasons in Florida…In Oct we look forward to the cooler temperatures which allow us to open the big slider doors… opening up our homes to the outside. Our temps in the early mornings range in the upper to lower 60’s, while our highs are usually in the upper to middle 80’s.  This is the time we can eat dinner, build a fire in our outdoor fireplace and sip wine (or hot chocolate) around the cozy fire. True, the temp is not 20 or 30 degrees, but that is just fine with me!! A light jacket works much better (in my opinion) than clothing that resembles the Michelin Man or a giant marshmallow!  🙂  I can remember bundling up with only my eyes peeking out and watching the KC Chiefs play at Arrowhead Stadium…so I have been there and done that….Now I want everything in moderation!  well, most things!  🙂



I do remember the Seasons in the Midwest….with the drastic temperature changes that cause the leaves of Autumn to turn glorious reds, brilliant oranges and mocha browns and they are certainly beautiful!  ..  And  not to be outdown, we Floridians do have a few trees that drop their leaves….the Plumaria, also known as the Frangipani is one….it is the flowering tree blossoms that formulate the aromatic Hawaiian Lei’…. or at least the Florida Plumaria is a close relative of the famous Lei inspiration.  The two Plumarias that we have produce beautiful yellow and white flowers that have the most wonderful sweet aroma!


However, the tree becomes quite ugly in the Fall and Winter as it resembles a  stick with lots of little sticks jutting out at weird places.  There are many varieties with vibrant colors including pink, solid white, solid yellow and a fushia.  Simply beautiful when they are blooming which is pretty much continuous in the Spring,  Summer and early Fall! In early Spring, big giant, green leaves sprout out from the sticks and as each cluster of buds spring forth ,the sweet fragrance of this waxy, wonderful flower fills the garden and truly makes it a Secret Garden.


The beautiful Oleander bush (or tree) also shed some of their leaves in the Fall.  (Please see one of my pink oleander trees above).  I go out every morning to the back garden and use my little hand held leaf blower to blow the yellowish leaves off the pavers.  The green, slender oval leaves turn yellow and drift to the ground….and since we have four of these…two are over twenty feet tall….I have  a daily task.


Hmmmm, the weather is cooling down tonight as the sun has slipped below the horizon!  I think I will sign off and take my cup of hot tea out to my Secret Garden … and enjoy the warmth from the outdoor fireplace.  Contentment…from a busy day! There is nothing better! Wish you could join me!

Until tomorrow!

Me…(feeling cozy and  grateful)!

Laundry Room


Hi all…

A couple months ago as I was doing laundry… my brain began spinning up a new project.  I’ve told you that the Captain frowns at  all my statements that begin with…“Honey, I have an idea”...because that usually means that somehow he is going to be involved in both mental and physical labor as “we” bring the idea to fruition….and this was certainly no exception! It is really strange because once a project is finished and friends and family comment positively…he bursts with pride and begins to tell how he did what and so on and so on and so on.  BUT before the actual work gets started….I have to drag him kicking and screaming …(so to speak)…well, not quite that bad…to get the same vision I have.



My vision in this case was the Laundry Room! You know how one never has too much storage and our little laundry room had a wonderful bare wall above the washer and dryer that was just begging for cabinets!  The existing cabinets were along side the washer and I have them full of items that don’t seem to have a special place in our home.  I am sure you can relate.  The existing cabinets became sort of a landing place for things I didn’t know where to stash. So my idea was to add store bought cabinets (much cheaper than custom) and hang them over the washer and dryer.  Simple!  Right?


The first obstacle ….the Captain stated… we would never get the cabinets above the appliances to match the existing cabinets on the side wall and he felt that was important to the composition of the Laundry Room.  (Personally, I think that was just an excuse but I had to agree that he was most likely right).  I said,… that the cabinets didn’t have to match as long as they were white …(the same shade of white as the existing)…also I proclaimed, the style should be plain and simple so the room could take on an eclectic flavor! !!  I wish I could reproduce the look on his face when I triumphantly had a solution!  I am sure you have seen that same look on a loved one looking at you like you were a little strange!  You know the look that is almost a question mark and says “Seriously’??










So after much convincing …the Captain finally said he would work on it. The next obstacle was the store bought cabinets were shorter than the existing cabinets. I could not find the right size that were in my price range.  After all, I reasoned, these were just laundry room cabinets.  🙂  My solution to that problem involved more work than just hanging cabinets above the washer and dryer.  I decided shelves would level the situation.  Again, that look from the Captain. However, I defended myself by saying that it was only a laundry room and it didn’t matter if the shelves were not floating shelves (which involved more work) but white metal brackets used to hold up the shelves would work just fine. Then the Captain pointed out the big gap between the new cabinets and the existing cabinets. He reasoned that one could not “match” them up or one would not be able to open the side cabinet…it needed a corner cabinet and we would lose the corner space and so on and so on…..Soooo I countered with this….”how about a cute little shelf that could be used to hold letters spelling out “Laundry”?  He just shook his head and said ….whatever!!!!   (You see I was trying to make this as painless as possible for him, you do understand that, right??) . I also used the fact that this is our forever house, meaning we were finally settling down and never moving again, Sooo we didn’t have to worry about a house buyer noticing that the cabinets didn’t match!  teehehehe!  So after I repainted the walls and the woodwork and the shelves and the letters….see?  I did more than just supervise!  … we have a laundry room with more storage. And you know what?  I actually like the way the cabinets and the room turned out!  So does the Captain, and you know the old saying….if Momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!




Me…..and our new storage cabinets that are filled up with anything and everything! ; (



Clingy Plastic Wrap Solution

Hi …it’s Me again….


I was cleaning up after dinner last night and as I was putting plastic wrap on some left overs…I realized I wanted to share with you how easy it has become to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil with the Wrap dispensers that I purchased a few years ago.  

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Secret Outdoor Garden

Hi …it’s “Me” again…

I want to talk about my Secret Outdoor Garden!  The captain and I like to go out to eat when I’m not cooking. And one of the things we enjoy about living in Florida is to be able to sit at outside tables and chairs at sidewalk cafes. Something we enjoy more is being able to sit outside in our gardens…both the Lanai and the Back Garden.

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Unconditional Surrender (The Kiss)

Hi all,

Unconditional Surrender; The Kiss!

Here I am again as promised. We drove up to Tampa over the week end as the Captain had a class reunion. Tampa is about 150 miles from our home and we leisurely explored the little gulf coast towns along the way. I just love taking the back roads. 

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Kansas City Chiefs


As I stated in my first post…I am a sports fan or “sports nut” … IF you listen to the way some describe me.  J  I am a fan of the professional Baseball Team, the Kansas City Royals and the professional Football Team, the Kansas City Chiefs. My favorite College Basketball Team is the Kansas Jayhawks.  As you can see there is a theme going on here. I grew up in Kansas so my loyalties go to these teams. This post is going to be about sports so if you are not as excited as I am about sports….you might be a little bored and that is ok.  The Captain said when he married me that he was going to have to get as excited about sports (especially College Basketball) as I do or he would become a March widower when the NCAA tournaments are televised in March during what is known as March Madness.

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Christmas Mice (Candy Decor)


Christmas Mice

Christmas Mice

These are the cutest Christmas Mice and so easy to make.  I will be making them at our Christmas Open House next month!

Separate an Oreo cookie and place a chocolate covered cherry (the body of the mouse) on the cream frosting. Use a Hershey’s kiss for the head. (You can attach with a drop of melted chocolate or any prepared frosting.) The tail is made by using the stem from a maraschino cherry.  The nose and holly berries are made by chopping bits off a maraschino cherry.  The holly leaves are made of green frosting from a tube or store bought can of frosting…OR a white powdered sugar frosting that you tint with green food coloring.  Use slivered almonds for ears and a drop of white frosting for the eyes which are dotted with a drop of black frosting.  Soooo cute!!

My First Post

This is my  first Post! Let me introduce myself!

My name is Kari, and I am the “me” of Me and My Captain!  I am a Mother, Grandmother, Cook, Writer, Decorator, Gardener, Sports Fan, Pilot and … wife of My Captain! Come join me on my new adventure as I roll out after touchdown (Retirement)…My Final Approach!

 I live in Florida and I am the “Me” of Me and My Captain. The “Captain”  is my husband who is a pilot. He flies Corporate Jets for a living. We both have been in aviation for a very long time, and up until the end of September, I was a full-time employee of a major Aviation company. I am now retired, and it’s the first time I have not had a place to go to work since I was in high school.

I have to admit that retirement is a new experience for me … but I’ve always been diversified and eager to try something different or even fearful,… something out of my comfort zone.  Hence, my learning to fly a small airplane at the age of  55. My flight instructor said to me, ….”If Aunt Bea can learn to can you!”  For those of you who remember the old TV sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show, you will remember the elderly, rotund Aunt who took care of Andy and Opie. One of the episodes was Aunt Bea learning to fly an airplane. Aunt Bea did learn to fly, as it was something she had always wanted to do.  AND  I learned to fly too!  I especially loved flying at night, which was when I had to take my ground school and flight lessons because I worked at my job during the day. There was something surreal about flying with the stars twinkling overhead and the beautiful multi-colored lights of the city below. Almost like the wonderment of Christmas lights to small children. I don’t fly anymore, I let my Captain fly me. It became a budget breaker for a hobby, i.e.  renting a plane, fuel etc. But I am proud to say I did learn to fly and really enjoyed the experience.


And now I am starting a new experience with blogging. I have  never blogged before but Lisa, my once a month manicurist…  (one of the indulgences I enjoy) …told me I should start a blog  with my cooking tips and recipes. Lisa is a very young cook and  since I have a captured audience with her doing my nails, I share  my recipes and advice on cooking with her.  Some of it is solicited  and perhaps some is not. I really enjoy cooking and over the  years, I have had many requests for recipes I have prepared and  taken to potlucks etc. At the present time I am compiling a recipe  book cookbook for my family and close friends. I will be  including in this blog, some of my tried and true recipes as well as some experimental recipes. I will also include pictures of the completed dish.  I would love feedback from any and all of you on these recipes.


I’m also a “wanna be” interior decorator. I’ve been fortunate enough to decorate our homes (we have lived in several states over the years) and many people ask me for decorating advice. I will be posting  pictures and tips on decorating on a budget and since I am continually working on a project (much to  the chagrin of the Captain, because he always ends up “helping” me) even though I preface each new  project with …”all you have to do is…”…. And I fill in the blank…he ends up helping and contributing more than in my initial plan. More on this later.

Another of my hobbies is writing novels. I belong to one of the Romance Writers groups and I’ve been working on several novels over the years.  I am hoping to finally get them finished but I am thinking that in the review and rewrite period….I might find that my thoughts go off in another direction than my original story plot.


When we moved to Florida three years ago, I found it amusing at the  informality and now I treasure it. For entertainment, we love to watch  old movies and new movies. Of course there is deep sea fishing, airboat  rides in the Everglades, golf, bowling and the monthly dances held  down at the club house close to the Marina and the beautiful waters of  the Gulf of Mexico.

I contemplated what I would do when I retired…as I have been so busy  all of my life.  I love to read and I love to talk and that seems like a  perfect match for writing a blog.  And so here goes. I hope to share with  you my experiences in life and I also hope to be learning new things  from each one of you who choose to read and respond to my blog. I  don’t believe anyone is ever too old to learn something new… so I’m going to tackle this with enthusiasm and I promise you I will be faithful and respond to your comments or questions.

airplane sunset






Until tomorrow,…blue skies and prevailing winds to all. (or as the Captain would say..”Keep the shiny side up…..”)!!!!





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