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Movie Review….The Zookeeper’s Wife!

Movie Review….The Zookeeper’s Wife!

This movie had a release date of March 2017, so it has been in movie theaters for a while.

The Captain and I wanted to be sure to see it before it left the movie theaters… simply because we really enjoy seeing a movie on those large movie screens.


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Movie Review…”The Case For Christ”!

This is another movie review…for the movie “The Case For Christ”…

It hasn’t been widely promoted, but the Captain had already decided that we needed to put this movie on our list of “go-to” movies.  

He researches everything…you know in that anal-pilot-sort-of-way, using the left side of his brain?  πŸ™‚  So about a month before the movie entered the theaters, he announced we should see it.  


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You Know I Love Movies…..Need I Say More?

You Know I Love Movies…..Need I Say More?

Well, there is more…I also love the Captain with his twinkling blue eyes!

So what has one to do with the other?

Let me explain.

I love Romance and Knights in Shining Armor and mysteries and I am a sucker for old Westerns, particularly John Wayne westerns.

I’m a Happily-Ever-After kind of gal!


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And The Fashion Winner Is….

And the Fashion Winner is….

First a confession.

I am really not into all the awards shows that literally dominate the television screen this time of year.

You know, like The Golden Globes, The Grammys, The Emmys and The Oscars! 

Don’t get me wrong, the Captain and I do like movies and we go to see a lot of them during the year.

However, the movie critics and I just don’t seem to agree on what is a good movie and what is not.

And that is ok.

But I do have a confession to make!

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“Sully” and “Deepwater Horizon” Movie Reviews


For those of you who know me personally…. as well as through this blog….you know I love movies.

The Captain and I try to take in a movie at least a couple times a month, sometimes 3 or 4 times a month…. if there are movies we really want to see.

Add to that fact…if the movies are based on real life happenings…well, that is a definite ‘must see’ for us!

There were two movies that were on the top of that list….,

….one was “Sully” and the other “Deepwater Horizon” 


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Date Night, Afternoon Delight And All That Jazz!

Blog - Week-end Date Night11

Date Night, Afternoon Delight and all that jazz!

My dear readers…the Captain and I packed in a lot of activities this past week-end, our date night included.

I thought I would share a few highlights of our trip to Miami to watch our favorite baseball team, the Kansas City Royals…win a three game series against the Miami Marlins!

We decided early on to make it a date night week-end, so it was packed full of activities.

The Captain booked a hotel because we knew that we would not feel much like driving home after the ball game….and then he found us the most wonderful seats on the front row next to the first base line at Marlin Stadium.  I was so excited because I would get to see the Kansas City Royals players, up close and personal.

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Ship Ahoy! Shrimp Boats Are A Comin’

tablescape nautical10


My dear readers…I do love to play with my dishes as those who know me can attest.

AND I absolutely love fresh shrimp and anything nautical so I put them all together and they spell….another nautical tablescape and a wonderful Seafood dinner!.

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Who Ya Gonna Call?? Dor-reeee!

movie review12

GhostBusters!  Of course! Or Dory, if she is lost!

My dear readers, the Captain and I love love love movies! And we went to two movies over the past week-end.

“Finding Dory” and “Ghostbusters”!

We wanted something funny…no drama.  

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Good Morning Good Morning!



Years ago, my family and I “renamed” the local Waffle House in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It is not that “Waffle House” is not a good name, because it has obviously been around a very long time and is sorta famous, much like Starbucks.

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After The Party Is Over…..



Ok, my dear readers….we didn’t really have a party,  but we did have guests staying at Villa de la Luna…in other words our home…. for 4 nights and 5 days and we really did enjoy having them here.

BUT…as with all good things…sadly it comes to an end.

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