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You Know I Love Movies…..Need I Say More?

You Know I Love Movies…..Need I Say More?

Well, there is more…I also love the Captain with his twinkling blue eyes!

So what has one to do with the other?

Let me explain.

I love Romance and Knights in Shining Armor and mysteries and I am a sucker for old Westerns, particularly John Wayne westerns.

I’m a Happily-Ever-After kind of gal!


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And The Fashion Winner Is….

And the Fashion Winner is….

First a confession.

I am really not into all the awards shows that literally dominate the television screen this time of year.

You know, like The Golden Globes, The Grammys, The Emmys and The Oscars! 

Don’t get me wrong, the Captain and I do like movies and we go to see a lot of them during the year.

However, the movie critics and I just don’t seem to agree on what is a good movie and what is not.

And that is ok.

But I do have a confession to make!

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“Sully” and “Deepwater Horizon” Movie Reviews


For those of you who know me personally…. as well as through this blog….you know I love movies.

The Captain and I try to take in a movie at least a couple times a month, sometimes 3 or 4 times a month…. if there are movies we really want to see.

Add to that fact…if the movies are based on real life happenings…well, that is a definite ‘must see’ for us!

There were two movies that were on the top of that list….,

….one was “Sully” and the other “Deepwater Horizon” 


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Date Night, Afternoon Delight And All That Jazz!

Blog - Week-end Date Night11

Date Night, Afternoon Delight and all that jazz!

My dear readers…the Captain and I packed in a lot of activities this past week-end, our date night included.

I thought I would share a few highlights of our trip to Miami to watch our favorite baseball team, the Kansas City Royals…win a three game series against the Miami Marlins!

We decided early on to make it a date night week-end, so it was packed full of activities.

The Captain booked a hotel because we knew that we would not feel much like driving home after the ball game….and then he found us the most wonderful seats on the front row next to the first base line at Marlin Stadium.  I was so excited because I would get to see the Kansas City Royals players, up close and personal.

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Ship Ahoy! Shrimp Boats Are A Comin’

tablescape nautical10


My dear readers…I do love to play with my dishes as those who know me can attest.

AND I absolutely love fresh shrimp and anything nautical so I put them all together and they spell….another nautical tablescape and a wonderful Seafood dinner!.

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Who Ya Gonna Call?? Dor-reeee!

movie review12

GhostBusters!  Of course! Or Dory, if she is lost!

My dear readers, the Captain and I love love love movies! And we went to two movies over the past week-end.

“Finding Dory” and “Ghostbusters”!

We wanted something funny…no drama.  

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Good Morning Good Morning!



Years ago, my family and I “renamed” the local Waffle House in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It is not that “Waffle House” is not a good name, because it has obviously been around a very long time and is sorta famous, much like Starbucks.

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After The Party Is Over…..



Ok, my dear readers….we didn’t really have a party,  but we did have guests staying at Villa de la Luna…in other words our home…. for 4 nights and 5 days and we really did enjoy having them here.

BUT…as with all good things…sadly it comes to an end.

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Water City Grill, Restaurant Review!

Water City Grill, Restaurant Review!

Folks, let me tell you right off the bat that if you love Fried Chicken…Water City Grill is the place to go!

For those who have followed me…you will already know that Fried Chicken is my favorite meal. (check out the below link which explains) 

Eight Wonders of Kansas Cuisine – Brookville Hotel Restaurant



If there was only one meal left to be had….I would want it to be fried chicken, mashed potatoes and cream gravy, corn, and rolls or biscuits.

There I have said it. I search out fried chicken in every city we have ever lived in.  Many times I have been disappointed because believe it or not…not everyone can fry chicken the way I do and the way I like it.

water city grill1

So you can imagine my delight when the Water City Grill opened up last Fall and their specialty was Fried Chicken!


Yes, the Captain and I have frequented this restaurant….and I have always ordered the Fried Chicken or Broasted Chicken and have never been disappointed.

water city grill8

The owners and servers are so friendly and courteous and the place is clean as a whistle.

water city grill5

The Captain and I were there last week on the very first day of their expanding their outside seating.  And it is really a nice atmosphere.

water city grill7

I do believe the attraction for the Captain originally was all the old photos on the walls showing Cape Coral as it was in the very beginning. He likes to point out previous buildings and tell me what they are now.

water city grill2

The restaurant takes its name from the original nomenclature for Cape Coral….Water City!  Water City was chosen for the 400 miles of canals in and about our little city and seems fitting for this wonderful little restaurant.

water city grill3

They do have other foods besides Fried Chicken….all though I have never ordered it.  However, the Captain tries all the offerings at most places and I sample his food, but lets face it….I like Fried Chicken.

water city grill

The pizza is very good and the home made pimento cheese dip and crackers make an excellent appetizer.  The Pasta and Pork Chops are also very good. We have had the desserts and the bread pudding was excellent and and the Key Lime pie is delicious. 

But I have to confess…..I would go to Water City Grill if the only thing on the menu was Fried Chicken….it is that good, crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside.  Their chicken is “flash fried”…like broasted chicken and there is no long wait for your dinner.

They say that broasted chicken is a lot healthier than just plain fried chicken, …I don’t know all the statistics, I just know it tastes good. 




*Our meals are, and always have been independently paid for.

water city grill9





SPECTRE…Movie Review

“Bond, James Bond”…..“Shaken, but not stirred martini”, …these are just a couple notable phrases associated with MIA’s 007 stories and of course, both phrases are in the newest James Bond movie too! 

The James Bond stories are based on Ian Fleming’s books.  The author died in 1964, and other authors have carried on the Bond character with varying amounts of success.

I love James Bond movies and perhaps my favorite actor to play the title character is none other than Sean Connery!  But as many of you know…there have been several actors playing this flamboyant, secret agent, kind of guy….and the current actor is Daniel Craig and he has played in the last 4 James Bond movies.  The Wax Museum has wax figures of the previous actors who have played James Bond !  See Below.


The plot of this fast action packed drama, taken from the movie’s trailer is as follows:

A cryptic message from the past leads James Bond (Daniel Craig) to Mexico City and Rome, where he meets the beautiful widow (Monica Bellucci) of an infamous criminal. After infiltrating a secret meeting, 007 uncovers the existence of the sinister organization SPECTRE. Needing the help of the daughter of an old nemesis, he embarks on a mission to find her. As Bond ventures toward the heart of SPECTRE, he discovers a chilling connection between himself and the enemy (Christoph Waltz) he seeks.

Some will ask…Is there a memorable theme song at the beginning and through-out this movie?




Sam Smith’s Writing’s on the Wall

Some will ask…are there fast super-car driving and chases in this movie?



Some will ask…are there pretty women who fall hopelessly for James Bond?





Some will ask…are there super-cool gadgets and gizmos to help Bond escape villainous characters?





Some will ask…does Bond defy his superiors and “do his own thing”?



The situations and outcomes are pretty much the same as all the other James Bond Movies, but that did not deter the Captain and Me from literally running to the movie theater…Friday, on the very first day of the release of “Spectre”.

We Love James Bond!….and yes, perhaps some of the movies more than others.  But Spectre  falls into the glad-we-saw-it-and-yes-we-would-watch-it-again movies.  

We have seen some of the past James Bond Movies over and over and over again and we never tire of them.

Have you seen the latest James Bond movie…and if so….what are your thoughts?






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