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The Sounds Of Summer……

Summer, my dear friends…..the beginning of Summer and I am so excited….or perhaps I should say I am that I am quietly excited.

I love being outside and our Florida weather is perfect for eating al fresco for every meal.

Oh yes, don’t get me wrong, the temps can get into the upper 90’s during the summer months…and it is on those days we tend to slow down a bit.  


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Latest Happenings At Villa de la Luna…and More!

Good Morning my dear readers!!! 

I’ve been on a decorating refresh of several of the rooms here at Villa de la Luna…or in other words, our home. 

As you know I name everything and our home is no exception.  In fact, one of the first things the Captain and I did when we bought the home almost 7 years ago was to pick out an appropriate name.  We knew it had to have something to do with the Moon because the moon has a special meaning to us, so we purchased a large plaque that was placed near the front entry doors shortly after moving in! 

It is so interesting to hear our guests trying to figure out the words in English as they stand outside our door.  We have a camera and audio in the entry because it is so far from the main part of the house. I have to cross the front courtyard to get to the front door.  But I digress, …..the meaning of “Villa de la Luna”??…. “large country house or private Holiday home of the Moon”. 


In the pic above, the first thing one notices in our entry is the sun and the stars,…but a more subtle moon is on the left side! Do you see it? 

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Memorial Day 2017

My dear readers, 

Today is Memorial Day.  

And I have a DIY that will work for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

This flag is sooo easy to make….it is made with small boards (or lathes) cut off to the desired flag size. (mine is 20X36)


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Florida Blue Crab Season Tablescape

Florida Blue Crab Season Tablescape!!!!

My dear friends….I love seafood!

I love nautical!

I love the waters of the Gulf of Mexico AND the Atlantic ocean.

I love hearing the seagulls call and watching them swoop down to scoop fish out of the turquoise waters of the Gulf.

AND I love eating seafood, particularly Florida Blue Crab and I love setting nautical tablescapes to go with my Florida Blue Crab theme.


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Paradise? Not A Problem With This Tablescape!


Tropical Paradise!

Usually when one says where would you like to be right this very minute….

                                                …..the answer is usually, ….

…….a Tropical place.  


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Mom….I Am Really Missing You Today!

Mother’s Day is just a little over a week away and I can’t help thinking about my Mom, so I am setting a Mother’s Day tablescape with a few things that remind me of her.

And as I placed a crocheted doily on the table, I started to reminisce…..

Yes, there is a story to tell.

I can remember when I would rush home from school, tears streaming down my cheeks for the comfort that only a Mother can give.

My tears could have been for any number of reasons….


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Getting A Head Start on Cinco de Mayo!

I am Getting A Head Start on Cinco de Mayo, my dear readers!

Perhaps it is because the Captain and I absolutely love Mexican food any day of the week …

Or perhaps it is because of the years I lived in New Mexico and cooked Mexican food almost daily…

Or perhaps it is because I have several projects going on at the same time here at “Villa de la Luna” that Mexican food is a fast and easy meal to prepare.

Or perhaps it is all of the above.


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MY Flower Petal Dishes For An Easter Tablescape Is Always Fun!

I thought I would share one last Easter Tablescape using my Flower Petal dishes.,

This Flower Petal dish  tablescape was a last minute, impromptu affair with our friends.  


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A Bit Of Whimsy Easter Tablescape

My dear readers…I love Whimsy!

Seriously, I do…..and that is what I have named the cute little bunny salad plates  I picked up at Pier 1 several months ago, Whimsy!.

I mean just look at that face!

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So Much To Do…And A New Office Project!

Is it just me or are you also finding you have so much to do and Less and Less Time to get it done?

I remember back to when my office work day consisted of at least 8 hours, more like 9 or even 10 hours and yet I managed to work full time, come home do laundry, clean house and still have time for family and friends.

Now that I have retired…there does not seem to be enough hours in a day to get everything I would like to do ….done or finished.


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