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Opening Day, Hall of Fame,… And A Master Bedroom Make-over!

Opening Day, Hall of Fame, And A Master Bedroom Make-over!

Have you ever went to bed so excited about an upcoming event(s) that you couldn’t sleep?

I did that last night….and for sooo many reasons. 

I feel like a little kid as I have waited in anticipation for April 3rd.

You see it is Baseball OPENING DAY!


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Under The Weather, But I’m Back!

Under The Weather, But I’m Back!

Wow! I came down with a bug of some kind that layed me out flat on my back for a while.

It didn’t last long but I was miserable, so I did what I like to do when I am miserable….I stayed in bed.

And drank plenty of liquids.

And watched a lot of TV.

Mainly I watched a lot of the basketball games in the NCAA tournament, called March Madness!


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The Time Has Come To Dance…..

The Time Has Come To Dance…..

Yes, my dear readers, it is March Madness and my Kansas Jayhawks are a number 1 seed, ….yet another year!

Allow me please a few bragging rights because it has been 9 years since Kansas won the whole Enchilada, in spite of being ranked Number 1! It is definitely time to do it again.

Just in case you are curious, let me give you a bit information regarding this great college basketball phenomenon known as “March Madness”.


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February 1? Can March Madness Be Just Around The Corner?

February 1? Can March Madness Be Just Around The Corner? Yes, my dear readers….College basketball tournament time is coming up real soon and my Kansas Jayhawks are doing pretty good, so far.

For those of you who follow me….,

….you know that I am considered a fanatic sports fan.

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My Sports Teams Are Doing Really Well This Year…

My Sports Teams are doing really well this year….

I have been trying very hard not to bore you non-sports readers.

I really have.

But it is difficult especially when my sports teams are doing so well.

I am not going to brag.

I will try to stay humble.

Wait! If you say you are humble, doesn’t that negate any humbleness? 

If so…just ignore that last comment.

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The Haunting Chant…..

It starts low and slow, usually at the 2 minute mark. It gains momentum as it builds….and soon everyone in blue is chanting. The KU Chant it is called. The chant is music to the ears of Jayhawk fans everywhere and one that the sports announcers comment on and the one that signals to the opposing team on the basketball floor….your party is over.  The Jayhawks have beaten you…the last two minutes are but a formality. Rock Chalk Jayhawk Kaaaaaaa U! 

big 1211jpgThe players are all stars to me…but they are not the players that are touted by analysts.  Their individual names and pictures are not plastered all over ESPN, nor CBS sports or Fox sports as many of the so called “great” college players whose destinies are headed for the final step…the NBA and big money.

big 124But there is one little distinction. The Kansas Jayhawks have a #1 beside their name on these sports shows.  What does that mean you ask?  It means that by their record for the season…they are ranked #1 in the nation. Yes, of all the teams with their star players headed for fame….the team that has been steady and out of the lime light, the team that is flying under the radar…is ranked “Number 1” overall.

big 1210jpgThere are many leagues out there and the Kansas Jayhawks belong to the Big 12 league. The teams who have won the most games in their league win that league. The Jayhawks won the Big 12 Championship outright for the 12th straight year. Amazing! But wait there is more.  Following an inside the league win, all the leagues hold an official tournament….to give the other teams another chance to win a League Championship trophy.  Sort of like giving everyone a fair chance at winning the bracket.

big 129jpgFirst was the semi-final.  The Jayhawks beat Baylor in that one.

big 121Last night was the final and the Jayhawks beat West Virginia to win the Big 12 League Championship. The Sprint Center in Kansas City was filled to capacity.

big 127

big 126Today is Selection Sunday where a committee (who are not “basketball people”….go figure that one out) look at the rankings and the resume of each individual team in each individual league and decide on positions/cities for the upcoming National (NCAA) tournament. The Kansas Jayhawks are ranked #1 in the nation and should get a good position….but that is yet to be determined by the Selection committee.  After all, according to the pundits, there are NO stars on this team.  No number 1 draft picks of basketball phenoms…just 10 college kids who happen to like each other and who love the game of basketball and grind out each win under the direction (in my opinion) of one of the greatest coaches of all time, Bill Self. 

big 128

Below is pic of Devonte Graham, point guard, earning the award for most valuable player in the 2016 Big 12 tournament.

big 123It was interesting listening to the college basketball experts talking last night as they discussed the teams they thought would make it to the Final 4.  It appears they believe North Carolina, who is ranked 7th in the nation are the favorite to win it all, followed by Michigan State ranked 2nd, Virginia ranked 4th and Maryland, ranked 18th. They all have “star players”.  These experts do admit that the Big 12 is considered to be one of the toughest, if not the best league in the nation. The Big 12 have 7 teams invited to the NCAA tournament.

big 125Above is a pic from last night.

So keep “chanting”…. fans of the Kansas Jayhawks….hold your heads high and enjoy that number 1 ranking as we head into the Sweet 16, the Elite 8 and hopefully the Final 4 of the Big Dance.  But no matter where we end up….I will forever be a fan! Hip Hip Hooray!!! to the five starters: Frank Mason, Devonte Graham, Wayne Selden, Perry Ellis and Landon Lucas!


Rock Chalk Jayhawk….Kaaaaaaa U!! πŸ˜‰





Vintage Uniforms!

Vintage Uniforms! Say What?????

OK, sports fans…we are getting close to March Madness!  And I think I have been “holding back” on my sports excitement….but I just gotta talk about sports today. πŸ˜‰

If you have followed me on this Blog, you know that I am a sports fanatic!  I love sports, particularly the Kansas City Royals baseball and they actually were one of the two teams in the World Series the year before and then last season they not only were one of the two teams in the World Series…they won the World Series!  yep! so cool!….and a long, long time coming!

2015-11-02_7-46-34AND the Kansas City Chiefs football….they made it to the play-offs but their “run” to the Superbowl stopped abruptly….oh, well there is always next near.  Perhaps they will do like the Royals and come back stronger for next season.  

chiefsAND now ….yes,….. now we are into college basketball, particularly, the Kansas Jayhawks!

trophyThe Kansas Jayhawks are looking to hopefully win their 12th consecutive Big 12 Championship….which is simply amazing for a team to accomplish such a feat. No other team in the Nation has done that and this years tourney starts March 9 in Kansas City at the Spring Center.  Fingers crossed on that tourney.

And then there is the Big Dance tourney….the whole enchilada!  The National Championship! The last time Kansas won that Championship was in 2008.  So it is time.  I am so excited.

bewareAnother exciting thing is the vintage uniforms.  These date back to 1988 when Kansas won the National Championship.  It is a way of honoring that team. Saturday, Kansas will wear these uniforms against Texas. 

You might ask,…. who was on that team in 1988?  well, that would be Danny and the Miracles!

danny4(No, my friends….Danny and the Miracles were not a singing group…although the name does sound like it, doesn’t it?)  But to be precise….that would be Danny Manning and the rest of the great team.

Sorry, I digress…..back to the vintage uniforms!

Below is a sample pic of what the uniforms will look like.  It is not like we haven’t seen them before…a few Kansas teams have worn the replicas…but with the longer shorts. πŸ™‚

kuThe whites of course are for home games, but those shoes…..I mean those shoes are something else.  I hope they are not that yellow-gold color, but oh well, ….it is only for a few games and it is to honor Danny and the Miracles.  

Ok guys…I am really pumped!  I will still be front and center cheering on my Jayhawks with the familiar chant…Rock Chalk Jayhawk…KU! 

Have a great Middle of the week day….Happy Wednesday to all my dear readers.

Go Jayhawks!




3 OT Thriller….Absolutely!

3 OT Thriller….Absolutely!

Folks, I know a couple days ago I was talking Kansas City Chiefs Football…but little did I know that on that very night that I posted about the Chiefs….my Kansas Jayhawks and the Oklahoma Sooners would have one of the best basketball games…ever!


If you will look to the right of my Blog….you will see my featured video.  You can see in 3 minutes what I watched in over 3 hours. Just click on it….it is amazing!!!  Trust me! πŸ˜‰

OR, you can click on this youtube link:  Kansas Jayhawk/Oklahoma Sooner game


These two evenly matched teams….the Jayhawks are ranked #1 in the nation and the Sooners are ranked #2,  played through a regulation game, plus 3 overtimes.   

It was thrilling and exciting!  And had we not won, it would have been very disappointing, but the Kansas Jayhawks prevailed and they did win.


I do have to give a shout out to one of the Sooners who had a record 46 points, Buddy Hield. He played some terrific basketball and was one of the reasons the Jayhawks had a difficult time putting the game away. Hield kept shooting 3’s from beyond the arc and literally carried his team on his back.  


I was so proud of the Jayhawk team and to Coach Bill Self.  The announcers/analysts kept saying that this game was one of the best and interesting games to watch all the way through. There are very few games one can say that about.  It was exciting on both ends of the floor.


Do you remember from my previous posts on the Jayhawks ….that I have talked about the “chant” the fans make in the last minute or so of a winning game?  It goes like this…..”Rock Chalk Jayhawk KaaaaaU!” and it is a bit haunting as commentators have said. 

There was no chant during this game because it was sooooo close.  Basically, it was which team made the winning basket in the last few seconds.  

Yes, my friends…the game was that close.


The game lasted until after midnight (I am on Eastern time) and I was so wound up,…. that I could not go to sleep, which was why I was dragging a bit the next day. The Captain, on the other hand jumped out of bed bright and early and ready to start the day while I was trying to peer through the tiny squints of my eyes to see the clock, which I was sure said something like 3:00 a.m.

I really think the Jayhawks stand a good chance of going to the Final Four this year and who knows?  Maybe they will win it all.

OK, I am just thinking out loud now….but wouldn’t it be wonderful if Kansas basketball, and Kansas City football followed in the footsteps of Kansas City baseball? 

I can’t think of that now… is tooooooo exciting and I don’t want to count chickens before they are hatched.

Have a great day, my dear readers and I will continue to daydream!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!  KU!!




The Thrill of Victory….

The Thrill of Victory….yes, my dear readers… and the agony of defeat is the sports mantra we have all heard and come to know in one way or another!

I haven’t spoken of sports in quite a few weeks and I am sorry, I just have to give a few cheers!

I know you all are aware of the Kansas City Royals baseball team winning the World Series and I am soooo proud of them and their long overdue accomplishment.

Chiefs (2)

Now, we turn to football and yesterday, the Kansas City Chiefs cinched a play-off birth by winning over the Oakland Raiders.

KC Chiefs1

So, if you don’t mind….I have got to give a shout out to the Coach Andy Reid and to all the players! Our season started out a bit dismal…the Chiefs won one game and then proceeded to lose the next 5 games! Talk about the agony of defeat!

AND then it happened.  “It” being the spark of something, because a fire was lit under this long losing team and they came alive and started winning games.

KC Chiefs

Ten (10) games in a row to be exact!

The Captain and I always put on our Chiefs gear to watch the games on television and support our football team, no matter where we happen to live.  Tom N Me

We are die hard fans and we have faith in this team just as we had faith in the Kansas City Royals and look what happened to them! Two years in a row to the World Series and the World Series Championship in 2015!

I probably need to add that our children and grand children are not Chiefs fans…actually, they are Oakland Raiders Fans and twin #1 and only grandson and his wife were at the game yesterday, at Arrowhead. Sorry kids, I know you had to sit in 36 degree temperatures only to see your team lose to the Chiefs! πŸ˜‰

Heh, Heh, Heh!  Is that mean spirited?  Nah!  all is fair in love and sports!

Ok, enough teasing… in all sports, no one can be assured of winning because anything can happen on any given game day….a player may get hurt or perhaps a couple players have the flu or perhaps the team just doesn’t quite get on the same page with all the plays.

But having said that….the team has been winning and now the Kansas City Chiefs are going to play in the play-offs in Houston next Saturday! They will be playing the Houston Texans!

Ironically, the Kansas City Royals baseball team also went to the play-offs in Houston to play the Houston Astros and we know how that ended!  Just sayin’ πŸ™‚


So, now we play football and hopefully….yes, I know it is a bit of a stretch…but hopefully,… we can go to the Super Bowl!

There, I have said it out loud!

As I have said before….win or lose, the Captain! and I support our Kansas City Teams right here in Florida! And just like the actors say at award ceremonies….they are thankful to have been nominated…the Kansas City Chiefs are thankful they are able to go to the Play-Offs!

Oh, and just a little footnote….you will also be hearing about our other favorite sport, college basketball,… particularly the Kansas Jayhawks who won their first Conference game on Saturday!  Rock Chalk Jayhawk!  Let the games begin!


The team this year looks very  promising to go to the Final Four….but that is a long way off (March Madness) and we are talking all “red” today, for the Kansas City Chiefs!   

Do you my dear readers have a favorite football team?  

If so, let me know….and we can cheer together…for the Kansas City Chiefs of course! πŸ˜‰

Have a great beginning to your week!

Hugs and Blessings!




2015 World Series Champions!

My dear friends ……

I am Royal Blue today!


Not blue from sadness but Kansas City Royal Blue as is the whole city in Kansas City, MO because it finally happened! The above pic is of Union Station and you can see it is blue all over.


The Kansas City Royals won the World Series after a 30 year drought! The Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium …which sits right next to Kaufman Stadium in the sports complex ….sent their congratulations!


I am so happy for this team….they have what we call “heart”!.


They did Take The Crown! …and as per usual, the catcher Salvadore Perez always sneaks up and dumps water on a player that stands out in any given game…. and this time, he dumped the water on the Manager, Ned Yost! And the fun part was Ned actually saw him coming and turned into the water being dumped.  I would say Ned Yost is one proud manager.


and I loved this little boy trick or treating on Saturday night.  He dressed like “Salvy” and carried his orange tub of water.  How original for a costume is that?


So there doesn’t need to be much said….other than Congratulations to a great team of players. They are all like family to each other and to their fans and coaches. Below is the batting line-up and their nicknames….I have posted this before, but it sort of epitomizes the closeness of this team to all of us!


Everything is Blue in Kansas City….


The local news desks…..


The buildings….




Fountains!!!  And there are many of them.  Kansas City is known as the city of fountains!


Isn’t Royal blue a pretty color? πŸ˜‰

As I have said in other posts….I have supported this team when they didn’t win many games at all and so this is a very special win for all the Kansas City Royal Fans.


Congratulations to a job well done!

Have a great Monday and hugs to all of you….





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