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Short and Sweet…Or Maybe Sour Is More Accurate!!!

Good morning dear readers… 

I am going to ask your indulgence with this post today.  

I have been having issues with trying to make some changes and I seem to have lost my followers list and followers notifications among other things.  I have posted 9 posts since June 8th and I have lost them all.

I am in the slow process of trying to bring them all back, but as with most things….it is proving to be a challenge. I am so sorry for the inconvenience, but if you are looking at this post…will you please go to the bottom right corner and hit “follow” and re-add your email address for me?  Thank you so much.

I am trying to update many things about this Blog….which apparently, is more complicated than I could ever imagine. sigh! So please bear with me as a few changes are being made. 

Thank you and I do appreciate you more than you know.

Thank you for hanging with me these past 3 years, I am hoping for many more to come.


It Is A Dog’s World According To Jesse James!!!!


It is a dog’s world according to Jesse James!!!!

I have picked up a few clothes for Jesse over the years…but he is not to keen on dressing up.

The comments below are his and his alone.  Nothing has been edited! 🙂 

I have a guest writer today…and his name is Jesse James.  The first pic is of Jesse James, my white pom! The second pic is of his “closet”!

I do believe Jesse James thought about being a good sport and trying on a few clothes for me….but now, I am not so sure… of his being a good sport…. Take a look below !

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Romance In The Secret Garden…..A Nostalgic Dovecote!

No, not that kind of romance in the Secret Garden….the bird kind of romance.

You see, I have always loved Dovecotes!

Dovecote, you say?

  1. a shelter with nest holes for domesticated pigeons.

Yep, those beautiful round nostalgic bird houses.


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Dogs Have Expressions Too!!!

My dear readers…I hope you all had a safe and fun 4th of July.  Our family is here and we are enjoying it immensely. We sat in lawn chairs and watched a beautiful display.  I decided to reprint one of my previous posts from a couple years ago because it is so dog gone cute….forgive the pun because it is about dogs.  I love animals and I love their expressions and I am sure you can relate to some of these expressions that I matched to office personnel. If you work or have worked in an office, I am sure you can relate and have a laugh right along with me.

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Bears Like Donuts Too!!!

A couple days ago, a young black bear was literally roaming the streets of downtown Fort Myers!  Bear sightings so close to city life are very rare, but this young bear appeared to be enjoying the sights and sounds of a 3 a.m. quiet city morning.  

One resident on her way to work spotted him checking out the marina.  Perhaps he was thinking of a boat trip.

The wildlife people said this is the time of year when mother bears send their young cubs off to make their own life without the comfort and ease of home.  

Much like we send our kids off to college.

Below is the report of his capture.

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The Scenario Continues To Play Out!!!

My dear readers…I just had to post this.

You see, lately Florida has had lots of rain and thunderstorms as has the rest of the country apparently…floods and more floods.  My heart goes out to those in the middle of all this.

Here, in Florida….the same scenario continues to play out almost every time it rains, as thunder continues to frighten little Jesse James and I find him in the middle of my lap while trying to watch the Kansas City Royals play baseball on my TV.

AND so, I reposted this one because …..well, you will see the “because”! 

Give Me My Pill!

No, my dear readers….not me, ….I don’t like to take a baby aspirin!

However, I must confess there is someone in our home who literally begs for a pill!

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Eaglet (E8) Update!


My dear readers, if you remember my post last week about the Great Horned Owl incident…you will know that E8, Harriet’s 3 month old eaglet had been knocked from a limb by a large owl and the worst was feared as the one of the few enemies of Eagles is Horned Owls.  This was on the evening of May 7.

The other eaglet (E7) was found the next day as he managed to get back in the tree…but E8 did not appear.


The headline in our local newspaper read:

“A juvenile American bald eagle “strongly believed” to be E8 was found in critical condition near the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam on Friday, the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife said”. (CROW)

The eaglet was very thin, dehydrated and weak as one would imagine after being gone for almost a week.  No one knows if the little eaglet was always at the bottom of the nest tree or if he managed to get there from somewhere else, but it has been confirmed that it is indeed E8.


CROW officials, the same agency who tended to E8’s leg (in February, see above pic) that had become entangled in fishing line, said E8 had surgery to fix a fractured femur Saturday.


You will note that the eaglet that I refer to as “little” is just a bit bigger….but as eagles go, he is still considered little, though he has donned feathers….he is still only 3 months old.  

Also, this is the same agency who tended to Ozzie, Harriet’s mate before the dreaded encounter with Harriet’s current mate, M15.

Officials said they used a pin to hold the bone in place. E8 woke up after and is on strict cage rest.

This nest, which in the past as been an interesting “watch” by the eagle cam….has for the last few years been mostly uneventful as Ozzie and Harriet tended the nest and their hatch-lings. 

However, tragedy has been the norm for this year.

First Ozzie was injured supposedly flying into a train and was in hospital for 3 months.

Meanwhile, Harriet took on a new mate not knowing what had happened to Ozzie.

When Ozzie was returned to the wild…Harriet’s new mate attacked him and a few days later, Ozzie died.

Then one of the two eaglets became entangled in fishing line and the agency (who normally does not interfere) took the eagle from the nest, removed the fishing line and mended his leg.

And then the Great Horned Owl incident.

I just wanted to give you an update….obviously, more to come.




Elephants Can Retire In Florida too!!!


My dear readers…apparently Elephants can retire too!


AND I am happy to note that these huge, beautiful animals have recently retired from the circus.  

No more leg chains and long, nightly train rides in the middle of the night followed by daily performances, and prods with elephant hooks. 


You see, The elephants from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus officially retired at their new home in Polk County, Florida. The retirement of these animals came at the request of animal support groups.

The Center for Elephant Conservation welcomed the parade of twenty-one elephants and rewarded them with a huge welcome home buffet!  Eleven of these enormous pachyderms are the last of the performing circus elephants. The overall plan is for 39 elephants to retire in Florida, which would be the largest Asian elephant herd in the Western Hemisphere, according to the Center for Elephant Conservation.

I was so happy to hear that there would be lots of food and veterinary care on the 200 acres ….and lots of room for elephants to be elephants, by joining their own social groups while enjoying an abundance of grass and areas to graze.  In other words a great retirement home!  

Soooo as  my thoughts drifted to someone perhaps driving down a country road someday, near the Conservation Center…. and perhaps they would catch a glimpse of an elephant or two.  I could imagine their shock at seeing elephants grazing in Florida and it reminded me of a story I wrote not long after I started my Blog several years ago.

The title was “It’s a Jungle out there!”  and I would like to share it with you again:

I was stopped at a stop light a couple of days ago and out of the corner of my eye I saw a large object move.  I turned to look and saw a man leading a camel.  A Camel in Florida? 

 Really not that unusual,  especially since the circus was in town and had set up a huge red and white striped tent in that same pasture beside the road on the outskirts of town.


circus tent

Have you ever seen something…. which triggered a memory and then you laughed out loud? All by yourself? I do that sometimes! 


Well, I laughed out loud at the sight of the Camel! I will tell you the story behind my giggling.

Several years ago, my Oldest Son and daughter-in-law, (love her,… she is a special daughter-in-law)

just thought I would throw that in…you never know who is reading this post! ????

Just kidding! Just bein’ Me!

Seriously, it is all true… My daughter-in-law is special!

Anyway…back to my story!  So Oldest Son, daughter-in-law and my First Grandson were traveling from Salina, Kansas to visit me in Kansas City. (See map below for clarification!)


Salina is about 180 miles from KC…which is about a 3 hour drive…give or take a few minutes!

 The interstate can be quite boring as the cities and towns are mostly off the highway…so all you see….is pasture after pasture after pasture of flat lands with very few trees.

more flatlands

Well,… it can get monotonous. Really monotonous! I was born and raised in Salina…I know of which I speak…but I still love Kansas! 

Believe me, I have traveled that highway many times over the years and I actually looked forward to those annoying orange barrels signifying road work! 

orange barrells

the barrels broke the monotony, bringing a little excitement to the landscape!  


Yes, it’s that bad boring! 


Back to my story….So Oldest Son, in an effort to help pass the time on ANY long trip has always suggested that the family play a game by looking for animals and birds…with Oldest Son (being the driver) awarding imaginary points to the one acquiring the most sightings.

I never did know what the prize was. It was probably imaginary too! ????

Sooooo as I  said, … points were given for the usual Midwest animals like raccoon, coyote, skunk, possum, red-tailed hawk and so on.



(You get the picture).

However, IF it was a rare sighting of an animal or bird …such as an Eagle, a few more points would be added to the person’s tally.  

By the way….I hope I remember my facts correctly as I tell this story, …;) … or Oldest Son will let me know! ????



The story goes like this….the trio stopped for gas at a filling service station just on the outskirts of the Interstate,… in other words it was way off the highway. After leaving the station, they had to motor through a small section of a residential area. They were moving rather slowly and suddenly Daughter-in-Law speaks and she says:  

“Do monkeys count?” 


Reportedly, … Oldest Son said something to the effect…..

“yes, …  if you saw a real monkey!”  emphasizing the word “real”.


“I saw a monkey on the front porch of that house back there” Daughter-in-Law said quietly.

“Really?”  Oldest Son said incredulously,  “A real live monkey??” 

“yes,” Daughter-in-Law replied.

So Oldest Son turned the car around and backtracked to Daughter-in-Law’s sighting.  

Sure enough!  On the front porch of a house sat a monkey! Apparently a pet!

I don’t remember the part of the story regarding: Did the monkey have a leash and collar? But, I do remember that Oldest Son said it was a real monkey!


So Daughter-in-Law was awarded points for the monkey sighting as Oldest Son and 1st Grandson carried on a conversation over how ridiculous and unlikely it was to see a monkey in the middle of Kansas.



Back on the highway, 1st Grandson and Oldest Son kept sighting various animals and birds common to Kansas and accumulating points.

About an hour or so down the highway, Daughter-in-Law spoke again.

“Do camels count?” 


“What?” Oldest Son said his voice raising and accenting the end of the “T” in “what”.  If you know oldest son, you can almost hear him speaking this word.


Daughter-in-Law pointed to a pasture and said: 

“there is a herd of camels in that pasture”

Oldest Son quickly pulled the car to the side of the road and they all stared out at the pasture at ….yep! …  a small herd of camels were grazing and walking among the cattle!

Daughter-in-Law was awarded more points…


Later, Oldest Son…being the investigative type of person, found out that the camels had been purchased by the large land owner as a hobby or perhaps it was an effort to see if camels could survive in Kansas.

Sorry, …I don’t remember that part of the story! I have selective Memory… on some things!

However, I would hope the owner would put the camels in heated barns! Those harsh Kansas winters are horrible!  

You know me….always thinking of the cold!! ????

And laughing out loud! (My First Grandson would use the acronym LOL!)

I always thought LOL meant love ya lots!  




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Eaglets and Great Horned Owls



My dear readers…I have a brief update on the Happenings of our famous eagles of SW Florida.

I am sure you remember past stories of Ozzie and Harriet or now it is Harriet and M15…in other words Harriet’s new mate.

Perhaps you recall that E8 had fishing line removed from his leg a while back and since that time…the two “little” eaglets…they are growing quite large as they stand on branches and “fledge” a bit….have appeared healthy and happy.

I will admit that E7 tends to get a bit gregarious in his play time with E8, but other than that…all appeared to be going well in Eagle Nest Land.

Until…yep! you probably suspected there was more information coming…after all, this is nature at its best, with the eagle cam observing each and every move of this Eagle family.

A couple days ago…E7 playfully jumped on the back of E8 and appeared to be playing a little rough.  Not for me to decide as I said, this is nature. 

Then, later in the evening as the two Eaglets sat perched on a limb….a Great Horned Owl swooped down and knocked them both to the ground.  

There large owls are natural enemies of eagles.

Since daylight was gone….it was difficult to see what actually happened next, but the next day…E7 appeared back near the nest but E8 has not been seen.

No one knows if he is injured or if he is ok.  One of the spotters thought they saw E8 fly clumsily into the woods behind the  church.

Today is the 3rd day and still no sign of E8.


I will keep you posted as to what the Eagle Cam shows.

Have a great day….and we will hope for the best for the young eaglet.  If you care to observe the nest, please click on the link below.


I Believe He Is Smitten!!!

My dear readers, today I want to tell you a story of what I interpret as a an admirer….who happens to love My Secret Garden! 

I have mixed feelings about this admirer or at least… who I think is admiring me but I could be wrong.  

There might be another explanation but so far, I have not figured it out. It started out with little “gifts”…being left in the Secret Garden on the 3 tiered water fountain.

You see, a couple weeks ago, as I sat at my desk… which looks out into  My Secret Garden, I heard the loudest ruckus just outside my slider patio doors.

The sound was more like a very loud shriek which made me jump as I was deep in thought editing pictures for my Blog.

I recognized the sound as that of a large black crow (apparently Florida does not have Ravens) and when I got my birding book out, I learned this particular crow was a Fish Crow.

The very loud CAW was really a bit annoying so I stepped outside to see a flurry of smaller mockingbirds and one very large black crow disappearing over the roof of my home.

Before I went back into the house…something caught my eye and as I looked in that direction, I saw what appeared to be a paper towel draped on the top of the water fountain.

fish crow

I noticed there was no wind to speak of…that would perhaps have blown the bit of “trash” onto the fountain…but I thought it odd because I had never had anything but a few leaves float into that fountain.  I took a picture of it with my IPhone…mainly to show the Captain, and removed it and went back inside.


A few days later, I again heard the very loud cawing and looked over towards the fountain and saw a large black crow sitting on top of the third tier. I tried to snap a pic..again with my IPhone and though it is a bit blurry….you can see the bird.


In my defense, had I known that I would be taking pictures of birds in flight, I could have set up my tripod, adjusted my lens shutter speed and shown you a great pic.

But come on people…I usually take still pictures of food! 😉

But I digress.

The next day….after hearing that familiar screeching and cawing…I looked at the fountain (see, I am catching on here) and there was a stick laying on top.


hmmmmmmm. Was this crow leaving me gifts?

Or was he trying to feather his nest and dropped his stick and it fell on the fountain or did he stop for a drink and forget to pick his stick back up before flying over the tree tops? 

I snapped a pic and removed the stick from the fountain.

Then this morning….the signal came again!

The loud cawing and screeching.  I am not sure if the screeching was at me because I removed his “gifts” or if he was trying to get my attention, because…well, because he likes me!

Hey!  it can happen!  Birds can get attached to people especially if they feed them, only I had not fed this large, black, very noisy bird. 

The gift this time…..I know this seems impossible, but the gift this time was a flower! A red Hibiscus….probably one from my own Secret Garden! And perched right beside the flower was the large crow.


I lifted my hands to take his picture but the movement evidently scared him and he flew away and I have chided myself (several times) on not getting a picture of him sitting on the top of the third tier of the fountain beside the red flower.

OK, folks…I do have tall red Hibiscus flowers just a short distance from the fountain and perhaps one blew onto the fountain.  

I do know that the bird bath on the other side of the Secret Garden often has orange hibiscus from those bushes floating on top… and I remove them when I clean and fill the bird bath. 

I guess anything is possible.

I will try to be more diligent in observing this bird and his intentions.

Gee, you don’t suppose he is like many of the male species and he is bringing me the nesting material and expecting me to build the nest for him?

I will keep you posted and in the meantime…have a great start to your week.

Blessings and Hugs Always!





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