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Decorating For Beautiful And Colorful Spring!

Spring! Who isn’t ready for Spring, although the weather this year has really not been the “Norm”…whatever the “norm” is in your part of the country! 

I spoke with my children in the Midwest and there were snow flurries surrounding their blooming daffodils and crocus. They have had temps in the 70’s as well as bitter cold winds, with the weather being anything but consistent.

Here in Florida, our temps vary but not that much, which is just fine with me. We have had a few chillier mornings…bringing out the wind breakers to go along with the walking shorts and sneakers.

However, the weather has not stopped the birds from visiting my Secret Garden and the joy they bring me as I watch them fluff in the bird bath or flutter from branch to vine atop the Pergola. I am not sure if their thoughts are turning to nesting…but my thoughts are definitely thinking of little bird nests to use in my Spring decorating. 

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Fruity Displays Using Apple Cone And Cherry Pie Filling!

Fruity Displays? Apple Cones? Cherry Pie Filling?

You might be asking …what is she talking about?

There were so many things going on around the Holidays at Villa de la Luna…in other words our home, and if you would like to see the meaning behind naming our home click here.…you know I name EVERYTHING!

I wanted to share a few of the ideas along with a recipe that can be used any time of the year.

But this is National Pie Day and Valentines Day is coming and George Washington’s birthday is in February, And….

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Easy To Do Christmas Vignettes

It is not sunny today in sunny Florida…:(

Nope! It is a dreary, cloudy day, a perfect day to put a pot of spicy chili on the stovetop and a day to show you a few bits of Christmas decorating I have done by using Christmas vignettes.

You know, the little vignettes that are not always visible in the main rooms, but the little nooks and crannies, closets and bathrooms, etc!  

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And The Secret Garden Bloomed And Bloomed….


And The Secret Garden Bloomed And Bloomed….

Yes, it certainly did bloom with about 50 friends according to the Captain’s count.

You see this past week-end, the Captain and I entertained with our annual Christmas Open House….and I must tell you that my Secret Garden never looked better, as it was graced with all the happy faces of our cherished friends. 

And the Secret Garden bloomed and bloomed….

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On The First Day Of Christmas….


On the first day of Christmas…..yes, it is hard to believe that this is the first of December.

You see, the elves have been busily working overtime to get our home ready for Christmas and I have yet another vignette to show you. 

This vignette involves a sled and ice skates, muff, and muffler…and of course there is a story to tell.

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Nostalgic Christmas Tree Ramblings


My dear readers, I have been reminiscing nostalgia of  Christmas’s past, so it continues today with my Nostalgic Christmas Tree Ramblings.

I am thinking particularly of my childhood Christmases. You see, the Captain and I have been watching Christmas Movies and one of our favorites is “A Christmas Carol”. Dickens could not have said it better when he commented:


“For it is good to be children sometimes, and never better than at Christmas, when its mighty Founder was a child Himself.”
Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

It was good to be a child at Christmas in our home.


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Hanging Christmas Wreaths Is Easy…And They Look So Pretty!


Hanging Christmas Wreaths Is Easy…And They Look So Pretty!

I like to hang wreaths on the exterior windows of our home because I believe they make the outside of our house more festive…and they are so pretty!

It is really very easy to do…even if you have a two story home.

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Decorating the Christmas Mantel…the Day After Thanksgiving!


I love decorating the Christmas mantel in our living room! And it did not slip past my time clock that I started decorating the mantel on the 25th of November, one day after Thanksgiving and exactly one month until Christmas!


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Decorating For Christmas With Pillows!

Decorating For Christmas With Pillows!

Yikes!  Yes, I know we still have the Thanksgiving Holiday to enjoy, and I am going to really enjoy all that wonderful eating.  


But in the meantime, I decided to start checking out my pillow stash for the change-over from Autumn to Christmas decor.

For the pictures below, I sat most of the pillows on the two sofas, but some will go in the bedrooms and on other chairs.  This is sort of my staging area as I decide where I want what.

Did that make sense?

My dear readers, I have a confession to make.

I love pillows and someone might say that I am a pillow addict.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside Hot Cocoa Bar in Florida!


Baby It’s Cold Outside Hot Cocoa Bar in Florida!

Did you see it?

The moose, the cocoa sign and the sorta balmy weather in Florida.

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