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Romance In The Secret Garden…..A Nostalgic Dovecote!

No, not that kind of romance in the Secret Garden….the bird kind of romance.

You see, I have always loved Dovecotes!

Dovecote, you say?

  1. a shelter with nest holes for domesticated pigeons.

Yep, those beautiful round nostalgic bird houses.


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Picnics In The Park…Or In Your Own Back Yard!

I have always loved picnics!  A warm, sunny Spring day or weekend is a perfect time for me to pack up a picnic basket and enjoy the wonderful sunshine or the cool evening breezes in the park or in your own back yard.

No special occasion needed…in fact the more spontaneous the better.  The Captain and I don’t need an excuse to have a picnic.


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Getting A Head Start on Cinco de Mayo!

I am Getting A Head Start on Cinco de Mayo, my dear readers!

Perhaps it is because the Captain and I absolutely love Mexican food any day of the week …

Or perhaps it is because of the years I lived in New Mexico and cooked Mexican food almost daily…

Or perhaps it is because I have several projects going on at the same time here at “Villa de la Luna” that Mexican food is a fast and easy meal to prepare.

Or perhaps it is all of the above.


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MY Flower Petal Dishes For An Easter Tablescape Is Always Fun!

I thought I would share one last Easter Tablescape using my Flower Petal dishes.,

This Flower Petal dish  tablescape was a last minute, impromptu affair with our friends.  


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Easter Sunday Scripture….Luke 24:34

Today is Easter Sunday….and what a beautiful day it is here in Florida!

Happy Easter dear readers! May God bless you and show Himself to you today!

“It is true! The Lord has risen indeed!”   Luke 24:34

“He is not here: for He is Risen, as He said ” Matthew 28:6

The resurrection of Jesus has made all the difference in my life…because He rose, I have joy and hope and peace.

This 3 minute video link from Dr. S.M. Lockridge says it all.

Wishing everyone a happy and joyous Easter Sunday from Me and My Captain!



A Bit Of Whimsy Easter Tablescape

My dear readers…I love Whimsy!

Seriously, I do…..and that is what I have named the cute little bunny salad plates  I picked up at Pier 1 several months ago, Whimsy!.

I mean just look at that face!

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So Much To Do…And A New Office Project!

Is it just me or are you also finding you have so much to do and Less and Less Time to get it done?

I remember back to when my office work day consisted of at least 8 hours, more like 9 or even 10 hours and yet I managed to work full time, come home do laundry, clean house and still have time for family and friends.

Now that I have retired…there does not seem to be enough hours in a day to get everything I would like to do ….done or finished.


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Elite Fleet….Yes, We Are Over 50!

I thought I would share pics from an event the Captain and I hosted last night, it was our Elite Fleet…or over 50 group from our church….which is a monthly program we have started.

This is actually our third event as we started in February with a Valentine’s Day Party (we had 85 attend) and in March, we hosted a St. Patrick’s Day Party and last evening…our April event was a celebration of Easter.  We are averaging about 50 guests for each event which is such fun.


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I Love Daisies! And I Love This Easy Recipe For Making Them!

Sing with me……

Daisy, Daisy, give me you answer true.
I’m half-crazy all for the love of you.
It won’t be a stylish marriage,
I can’t afford a carriage;
But you’ll look sweet
Upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two.

I love daisies!!!!


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Two Ingredient Marshmallow Candy….So Easy!

Spring Marshmallow Candy made with white almond bark or white chocolate….two ingredients that made a wonderful candy for Spring.

Ok, so maybe some of you are still eating left over Valentines’ candy…I know, not all at once but maybe a piece or two a week?

OK. I am still eating Valentine’s Day Dove Candy hearts. 🙁


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