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The Sounds Of Summer……

Summer, my dear friends…..the beginning of Summer and I am so excited….or perhaps I should say I am that I am quietly excited.

I love being outside and our Florida weather is perfect for eating al fresco for every meal.

Oh yes, don’t get me wrong, the temps can get into the upper 90’s during the summer months…and it is on those days we tend to slow down a bit.  


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Some Serious Bling Going On Here….

My dear readers, 

You know I am not a fashion maven by any stretch of the imagination, but I just had to show you the serious bling I had going on Sunday at church!

Remember we live in Florida and church dress is casual.  Our Pastor wears a dress shirt and tie, but no jacket. It is very laid back and tropical.

But I digress…..I bought this pair of capri pants and 3/4 length sleeve top on line several months back.

I am sure it was on one of my “blah” days and I saw all this bling and because I do like the color yellow, I made an impulse buy and I bought the set.


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Short and Sweet…Or Maybe Sour Is More Accurate!!!

Good morning dear readers… 

I am going to ask your indulgence with this post today.  

I have been having issues with trying to make some changes and I seem to have lost my followers list and followers notifications among other things.  I have posted 9 posts since June 8th and I have lost them all.

I am in the slow process of trying to bring them all back, but as with most things….it is proving to be a challenge. I am so sorry for the inconvenience, but if you are looking at this post…will you please go to the bottom right corner and hit “follow” and re-add your email address for me?  Thank you so much.

I am trying to update many things about this Blog….which apparently, is more complicated than I could ever imagine. sigh! So please bear with me as a few changes are being made. 

Thank you and I do appreciate you more than you know.

Thank you for hanging with me these past 3 years, I am hoping for many more to come.


Latest Happenings At Villa de la Luna…and More!

Good Morning my dear readers!!! 

I’ve been on a decorating refresh of several of the rooms here at Villa de la Luna…or in other words, our home. 

As you know I name everything and our home is no exception.  In fact, one of the first things the Captain and I did when we bought the home almost 7 years ago was to pick out an appropriate name.  We knew it had to have something to do with the Moon because the moon has a special meaning to us, so we purchased a large plaque that was placed near the front entry doors shortly after moving in! 

It is so interesting to hear our guests trying to figure out the words in English as they stand outside our door.  We have a camera and audio in the entry because it is so far from the main part of the house. I have to cross the front courtyard to get to the front door.  But I digress, …..the meaning of “Villa de la Luna”??…. “large country house or private Holiday home of the Moon”. 


In the pic above, the first thing one notices in our entry is the sun and the stars,…but a more subtle moon is on the left side! Do you see it? 

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Office Update, Old Photos And More….

I have been spending any spare hours on re-organizing my new office…… yes, this is an office update!

It has been almost…not quite, but almost…. an overwhelming task.

When I first set up the new space with tons of drawers and organization, I put things where I thought I wanted them.  

That has not been working out.

Why? you may ask.

Well, it is like this. 

My ribbon organizer apparently had invited a few friends over for a party…more than I had originally planned for.

And as I started “going where no man had gone before”….ie” under the bed and in various “junk” drawers to collect items for a better placement, I noticed that the craft paper, glitter and pipe cleaners had been multiplying like “tribbles”, and an original drawer in my office had to be re-organized and larger drawer incorporated to handle all my “stuff”! 

And of course…

…there were the bags.


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It Is A Dog’s World According To Jesse James!!!!


It is a dog’s world according to Jesse James!!!!

I have picked up a few clothes for Jesse over the years…but he is not to keen on dressing up.

The comments below are his and his alone.  Nothing has been edited! 🙂 

I have a guest writer today…and his name is Jesse James.  The first pic is of Jesse James, my white pom! The second pic is of his “closet”!

I do believe Jesse James thought about being a good sport and trying on a few clothes for me….but now, I am not so sure… of his being a good sport…. Take a look below !

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Miss June, But Could Easily Be A Mr.

I have named this month Miss June, but really it could easily be a Mr. June!

You see, June is sorta laid back….anticipating the beginning of the warm Summer, lemonade, sweet tea and June brides with wispy veils blowing in the gentle breezes.

But don’t forget the very patriotic Flag Day, which is June 14th, followed by Father’s Day, which is celebrated on June 18th..

See the dilemma?

This is the 6th in my series of the months of the year. Others include the links below in case you missed them:

January, February, March, April and May.


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We Will Find Them Once We Have Them Replaced!

We Will Find Them Once We Have Them Replaced!

“I don’t see them!” I mutter as I move levels, packages of screws, and pieces of molding around on the workbench-once-the dining-room-table, now with a flannel sheet draped over the top to protect the finish from carpentry stuff.

The Captain, perched on the top of the ladder was using the drill to screw in the hinges for the glass doors of the China Hutch he had been assembling for the last few days.

I tried another approach to find the elusive “parts” to the fourth and final glass door.


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Memorial Day 2017

My dear readers, 

Today is Memorial Day.  

And I have a DIY that will work for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

This flag is sooo easy to make….it is made with small boards (or lathes) cut off to the desired flag size. (mine is 20X36)


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The Chocolate Gravy Myth….And How I Think It Started!

The Chocolate Gravy Myth…And How I Think It Started!

Grandma Olfiel lived in a small three room house with brown pebble siding. It sat under a huge oak tree on a winding dirt road known as Front Street.

Sitting in and about my great grandma’s kitchen were beige colored pots and pans made of enamel-ware. Each piece had a green trim on the rim.

I remember the wash basin of that same enamel-ware that sat on the small back porch with the squeaky screen door.  I remember because she used to tell me to wash my hands in that basin before entering the small house.

She was a tiny woman who rarely left her little house with the gnarly tree roots snaking right up to the back door.  She was content to listen to the radio or read her Bible while the clock on the buffet ticked loudly in the silence.

Great-Grandma liked to cook and specifically, she liked to make home made biscuits and chocolate gravy.

This was my first introduction to Chocolate Gravy made in the beige enamel-ware saucepan with the green rim on a kerosene stove. 

My dear readers….some people have a difficult time saying these two words together, but try it please.

Chocolate and now…say, gravy!

See???? You can do it.

Now say Chocolate Gravy as if it is all one word. I do not know what it is about those two words together, but when you say them …. you will get one of two different reactions.


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