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My name is Kari, and I am the “me” of Me and My Captain !  I am a Mother, Grandmother, Blogger, Cook, Writer, Decorator, Gardener, Sports Fan, Pilot and … wife of My Captain!

Come join me on my new adventure as I roll out after touchdown (Retirement)…

                                                       My Final Approach!


I live in Florida and the “Captain”  is my husband, a pilot.

My Captain flies Corporate Jets for a living. We both have been in aviation for a very long time, and up until the end of September, I was a full-time employee of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

I am now retired, and it’s the first time I have not had a place to go to work since I was in high school.

Retirement is a new experience for me … I like diversity, eager to try something different or even fearful,… something out of my comfort zone.  Hence, my learning to fly a small airplane at the age of  50.

My flight instructor said to me, ….”If Aunt Bea can learn to fly, so can you!”  (Reference the TV sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show, …Aunt Bea took care of Andy and Opie.)

So, I did learn to fly!  I especially loved flying at night, which was when I had to take ground school and flight lessons, because I worked during the day.

There was something surreal about flying with the stars twinkling overhead and the beautiful multi-colored lights of the cities below. Almost like the wonderment of Christmas lights to small children.

I don’t fly anymore, I let my Captain fly me!

It became a budget breaker for a hobby, i.e.  renting a plane, fuel etc. However, I really enjoyed the experience.


I am starting a new experience with Blogging. Several friends suggested I start a Blog using my cooking tips, tablescapes and recipes.

I love to read and I love to talk and that seems like a  perfect match for writing a Blog.  

I enjoy cooking and over the  years, I have had many requests for recipes I have prepared and  taken to church potlucks, etc.  

I will be  including in this blog, some of my tried and true recipes, as well as some experimental recipes.

I will also include pictures of the completed dishes. 

I would love feedback from any and all of you on these recipes.


I’m also a “wanna be” interior decorator. We have lived in several states over the years and many people ask me for decorating advice. I will be posting  pictures and tips on decorating on a budget and the many projects I begin,… much to  the chagrin of the Captain, because he always ends up “helping” me! 🙂

I preface each new  project with …“all you have to do is…”…. (fill in the blank).   Somehow, the Captain ends up helping and contributing more than in my initial plan. More on this later. 🙂

Another of my hobbies is writing novels. I belong to one of the Romance Writers groups and I have worked on several novels over the years.  I am hoping to finally get at least one of them finished. I will also be posting some of my poetry.


When we moved to Florida, I found the informality amusing… and now I treasure it.

For entertainment, we love to watch  old and new movies.

There are many things to do in SW Florida,…. Deep Sea Fishing, Everglades Airboat Rides, Golfing, Marina Club House dances, and watching sunrises and sunsets on the Gulf of Mexico.

I will share my experiences in life (I have been around a while) :)…and please share yours with me.

I  don’t believe anyone is ever too old to learn something new… and one of my favorite Bible verses is

2 Corinthians 5:7 …which says…“we walk by faith and not by sight”.….so I’m going to tackle this Blog with enthusiasm and I promise you I will be faithful and respond to your comments or questions.

airplane sunset





Until tomorrow,…blue skies and prevailing winds to all.

(or as the Captain would say..”Keep the shiny side up…..”)!!!!







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