Miss June, But Could Easily Be A Mr.

I have named this month Miss June, but really it could easily be a Mr. June!

You see, June is sorta laid back….anticipating the beginning of the warm Summer, lemonade, sweet tea and June brides with wispy veils blowing in the gentle breezes.

But don’t forget the very patriotic Flag Day, which is June 14th, followed by Father’s Day, which is celebrated on June 18th..

See the dilemma?

This is the 6th in my series of the months of the year. Others include the links below in case you missed them:

January, February, March, April and May.




I love this little poem by N.P. Willis (1807-67)

It is the month of June,
The month of leaves and roses,
When pleasant sights salute the eyes,
And pleasant scents the noses.

Here are a few simple facts about Miss June:

June is named after the Roman goddess Juno, patroness of marriage and the well-being of women….so you see why June is a “she”!

And because the summer solstice lands on June 21…June is the month with the most daylight hours, which as most women know…there are not enough hours in the day to complete all on our agenda’s…whatever that may be. 🙂

Even the flower for Miss June can be many things, as most women are.

The flower is the rose….which in general indicates love or desire. 

Red roses are the traditional symbol for love, romance, and will always be a way to say “I love you.”

Pink roses inspire words like admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy and sweetness.

Yellow roses bring to mind bright, cheerful and joyful and create warm feelings by providing happiness.

White roses, the purist of colors, represent innocence, purity and charm and are used many times in weddings marking new beginnings.

BUT…..yes, there is another element of the beautiful feminine June rose.  

It is the honeysuckle!

Yep, the month of June also shares the honeysuckle as it’s flower…..which is a bit masculine in my opinion.  

Never-the-less, the honeysuckle denotes the bonds of love, or generous and devoted affection.

The birthstone is also a dual stone, because there are two stones as well, the pearl and the Alexandrite.

The feminine and masculine.

Think about this:

Alexandrite’s main characteristic is the ability to change color when exposed to a different light source. Alexandrite encourages romance and emphasis is placed on the purpose of life. For instance the stone is said to give hope to those who are in despair, while bringing strength. The changing of the colors from green to red (and other colors) is a reminder that life is more than what it appears to be.

Pretty masculine in my opinion. 

Now, let us discuss Miss June and the beautiful pearl…

The birth of a pearl is a miraculous event.

Gemstones must be cut and polished to bring out their beauty, but pearls need no such treatment to reveal their loveliness. They are born from oysters below the surface of the sea and they are complete with a shimmering iridescence, luster and soft inner flow unlike any other gem on Earth.

I ask you….Is that not a description of a woman?


Tis true, the month of June holds Flag Day and Father’s Day and we honor both.

Yet, I will forever be the romantic.  And I believe Miss June is romantic too.

I hope you enjoyed meeting her as much as you have enjoyed meeting Miss January, Miss February, Mr. March, Miss April and Miss May.

I am always interested in your thoughts about the feminine and masculine months of the year….and I always encourage your comments. I love to read them.

Next month, we will be discussing the traits of July. Masculine? Feminine?

Have a blessed day.



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