Office Update, Old Photos And More….

I have been spending any spare hours on re-organizing my new office…… yes, this is an office update!

It has been almost…not quite, but almost…. an overwhelming task.

When I first set up the new space with tons of drawers and organization, I put things where I thought I wanted them.  

That has not been working out.

Why? you may ask.

Well, it is like this. 

My ribbon organizer apparently had invited a few friends over for a party…more than I had originally planned for.

And as I started “going where no man had gone before”….ie” under the bed and in various “junk” drawers to collect items for a better placement, I noticed that the craft paper, glitter and pipe cleaners had been multiplying like “tribbles”, and an original drawer in my office had to be re-organized and larger drawer incorporated to handle all my “stuff”! 

And of course…

…there were the bags.



Glossy, small, medium, and large present bags, with little matching tags and beautiful scenery for every occasion artfully depicted up and down each side.

Yep! those bags that were purchased with a specific occasion in mind only to be passed over for wrapping bigger and better. The various colored bags remained tucked away like little orphans waiting hopefully on the right sized present to adopt them. 

I have saved every one.

Even those wine bags given to me by dinner guests who wanted to stay in the good graces of proper etiquette according to Miss Manners!

I couldn’t help it.

They were perfectly good and folded so neatly, not to mention that they were stored in whichever drawer or cabinet had the most extra space.

Definitely not all in the same place.

Until now!

My only daughter would most likely say to toss them…. if after 3, 4, or 5 years I had not found the perfect 4 inch by 15 inch present to nestle in the soft tissue paper….then I should definitely toss them out.

Excuse me….I AM the Mother.  I SHOULD be the one telling the daughter how to keep a neat and tidy home, not the other way around.

And another thing, Several months ago…ok, maybe it was a year or two ago, I took it upon myself to sort through a huge tub of photographs.  I placed them in large plastic boxes labeled with the names of my  children with the full intention of giving these photos to them.  I was sure they would enjoy looking at pictures of themselves at all ages, some in embarrassing circumstances.

I ran into the same situation with pictures being in the attic and in the garage and in closets….well, you get the picture, no pun intended.

So as I attempt to get more organized, I told “only daughter” that I was in the process of going through each box and labeling the photos.

Do you know what she said to me?

“There is no reason to handle the photos twice, just send the boxes to each grown-up child and let it go at that!”


OK, I will quit labeling the backs of the pictures and get them all in the mail.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when “only daughter” gets the photos and sits there puzzled, wondering…. who is that woman holding the infant and who is the baby!.

 She will never know that the woman was Aunt Dorothy, widowed at an early age by Lyle who was a second cousin on my Mother’s side!

And the baby being held was cousin Ralph Lavern and if only daughter would have taken the time to look closely, she would have seen me, her mother, a bit blurred in the background eating a piece of cake for my grandfather’s 90th birthday.

But, I’ll  never tell. 🙂

OK, I will tell if she calls and asks me who those people are. 🙂

Right now, if you will excuse me, I have more “stuff” to sort through. I really need to be a bit more organized, perhaps there are things I should toss out. 🙂



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