It Is A Dog’s World According To Jesse James!!!!


It is a dog’s world according to Jesse James!!!!

I have picked up a few clothes for Jesse over the years…but he is not to keen on dressing up.

The comments below are his and his alone.  Nothing has been edited! πŸ™‚ 

I have a guest writer today…and his name is Jesse James.  The first pic is of Jesse James, my white pom! The second pic is of his “closet”!

I do believe Jesse James thought about being a good sport and trying on a few clothes for me….but now, I am not so sure… of his being a good sport…. Take a look below !




dress up17

 Jesse James’ Tub, I mean Closet! Notice the Kansas Jayhawk on the side. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!



dress up20

 Wait!  I don’t have anything to wear!




dress up21See??? Nothing! Nothing! I tell you!


dress up16I hate all this “stuff”….



dress up2I hated this dragon costume on Halloween and I hate it even more now!



dress up7No…this is for Christmas and in case you haven’t noticed, Christmas is over! I don’t even want to look in a mirror. In fact, I don’t want to look at you right now.



dress up1Argyle Sweater?  Seriously?  Did you forget we live in Florida? 



dress upWhat don’t you understand about sweaters and hot Sun?



dress up10NO HATS!  I have never looked good in a hat!



dress up11Well, if I cock my head, it ain’t too bad, I guess….but look!  My hair is getting mussed!



dress up14Yes! Yes! Yes!  Scarves are always in…let me twirl around and you take a pic..OK?



dress up15Yes, Red is definitely my color!….I will wear the red one! 



dress up19On second thought, I have a closet full of scarves! I get a new one each time the groomer comes! Is a scarf considered dressing up?



dress up24No?????  Ok then, forget it! I’m outta here!!!


Oh, and would you mind putting my clothes back in the tub, I mean closet?  I feel a nap coming on!  

Besides, I like me just the way I am…..NO funny looking clothes.  I carry my own fur, thank you very much!

And how do you like my new haircut?  Better than any ole clothes, in my opinion.  

By the way, my scarf is for baseball season…the Kansas City Royals to be exact!



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