Miss May…How Could You Be Anything Else?

Miss May….How Could You Be Anything Else?

This is the fifth installment on my months of the year posts!

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I mean, come on my dear friends….look at all the beautiful month of May holds for us. May has just got to be a “she”!



Miss May floats in, transitioning from Miss April with beautiful, lingering fragrances from her blooming flowers, such as droopy flower-lets of lavender lilacs, white clusters of dainty white spirea, budding pink roses with Kelley green leaves…. and of course the various pastels of tiny blossoms perched on long slender tree branches. 


Miss May is beautiful, almost ethereal, already staking her claim to the month of warm, sunny days, adorned with white fluffy clouds scattered among the pastel blues of the skies.

We start off with May 1,….aside from it being my Twins’ Birthday…

….we have the May Day tradition of making up little baskets of flowers from our gardens or the lovely wild flowers in the fields and along the country roads. 

We also have May 5….Cinco de Mayo Celebration.

Add to that May 6, The famous Kentucky Derby.

Don’t forget one of the most important days…May 14th, where we honor our Mothers.

Another May event, the Indianapolis 5oo auto race ….

…..and most importantly of all…

Memorial Day which falls on May 29th and the day we honor all those who have served our country!

Wow! What a month of celebrations!

We know May can’t be a “He”….too many celebrations with May baskets of flowers, big floppy hats, mint julips, tea parties, and just plain fun….and with so many celebrations, we know a “she” can multi-task the many events and parties of May.

May is definitely a “she”.

And to show a “she’s”  generosity…the month of May tosses in a car race for the “He’s” of our lives, because “She’s” are like that!

A little background on Miss May.

May is the fifth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars and the third month to have the length of 31 days.

May is also the month with the shortest name with three letters.

The month of May was named for a Greek Goddess, Maia…known as a Goddess of fertility, which was celebrated with a festival held in May. 

May’s birthstone is the bright green emerald.

And May’s flower is the sweet Lily of the Valley….I love the flower’s meaning….  humility, chastity, sweetness, purity and is said to bring luck in love.

It also means “the return of happiness” which is the reason why it is often used as decorations in weddings. Another plus is the lily of the valley usually begins it’s blooming in the month of May. 

Yes, May definitely has the characteristics  of a “she”…don’t ya think?

Enjoy the month of May!



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