Everybody Is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

I can’t believe St. Patrick’s Day is next week!

Yikes! Where has this year run off to? It seems we were celebrating New Years just a few weeks ago.

Oh,….. I guess we were. πŸ™‚

I have been seeing so much green around town these days, the Sno-Birds are really getting into it. 

Green T-shirts, Green plaid golf pants….and yesterday after church, I saw 2 couples at Bob Evans restaurant all decked out in green clover-shaped sunglasses, hats and green beads.

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. 


Yes, I have the Irish in me too…..my grandparents on my Mother’s side were Irish and Scotch….Mom used to say Scotch-Irish but I have always preferred to accent the Irish over the Scottish, perhaps it is because my hair is red…well, it used to be more red than it is now….for some reason there is a wee bit of grey, not that I be a showin’ it to ye. πŸ™‚

I have a dear friend who has the most beautiful raven colored hair and she is a true Irish lass. She lives in Dublin, Ireland and we do keep in touch…and how I love to hear her speak.  She has that beautiful lilt in her voice that always seems to have a question at the end of her sentences.  I love it and her.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Mags!!

Every one claims to be a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I have started the wearin’ o tha green with a few recipes.

Actually, no recipes to follow, just put it all together.

I love “recipes” like that don’t you?

I sat up a vignette using my Belleek Ireland, basketweave tea pot, creamer and sugar. I added green plaid napkins, a cookbook, a vintage St. Patrick’s Day card and a cabbage serving bowl filled with potatoes.  I topped the potatoes with 2 white, clay vintage pipes that were given to me many years ago and a bow made of shamrock ribbon.   

The first is an appetizer that is so easy to make…and the other is another equally easy dessert.

For the appetizer, I used pre-shaped baked shells. I mixed a little pesto into mashed potatoes and piped them into the shells for the cutest little green bites of goodness. (reheat under the broiler briefly)

 Who doesn’t like mashed potatoes? I will be sharing a recipe from my Irish cookbook and it is called “Champ”! And believe me it is a Champ of a recipe too!

 The name of the cookbook is “The Complete Irish Pub Cookbook” and the pot pie on the cover is another easy, oh so good recipe that I will share with you also! 

On St. Patrick’s Day, I will be making corned beef and cabbage….I always get a large corned beef because I love to use the leftovers for Reuben Sandwiches. One of the Captain’s favorites and mine too!

The dessert is so easy, I made mini cupcake brownies from a mix and used Pillsbury creamed cheese frosting to alternate in my parfait glasses. I absolutely love Ghirardelli’s double chocolate brownie mix, quick and delicious and decadent.

You can use as much or as little of the cream cheese frosting as you desire, be sure to remember that this is quite rich, but oh sooooo good.  I also added a bit of green tinted whipped cream.

Are you planning for a corned beef and cabbage St. Patrick’s Day Dinner?


Have a great day.

I love hearing from you. 



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