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The Dancing Ballerina of Depression Glass

Depression Glass makes me happy! 

No, not depressed as one would think from the title, but wildly happy!

Well, wildly may not be the term I am looking for. But I do love it.

Currently, I am working on a tablescape for Easter and using my green Depression glass which brings me to an explanation of these dishes.

Perhaps you have not heard of Depression Glass?

You may not know the term, but you most certainly have seen various pieces over the years. 

Let me enlighten you…you know how I like to enlighten people….just ask the Captain! 🙂

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Are You A Romantic? Master Bedroom Makeover!

Ok, if you have followed me for a while….you know that I am a Romantic.

I confess!

Tis True!

A Hopeless Romantic.

I know…you are probably thinking I have been reading too many romantic novels or watched too many chick flicks and you would be right.

I can’t help it.


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Under The Weather, But I’m Back!

Under The Weather, But I’m Back!

Wow! I came down with a bug of some kind that layed me out flat on my back for a while.

It didn’t last long but I was miserable, so I did what I like to do when I am miserable….I stayed in bed.

And drank plenty of liquids.

And watched a lot of TV.

Mainly I watched a lot of the basketball games in the NCAA tournament, called March Madness!


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You Know I Love Movies…..Need I Say More?

You Know I Love Movies…..Need I Say More?

Well, there is more…I also love the Captain with his twinkling blue eyes!

So what has one to do with the other?

Let me explain.

I love Romance and Knights in Shining Armor and mysteries and I am a sucker for old Westerns, particularly John Wayne westerns.

I’m a Happily-Ever-After kind of gal!


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Coastal Florida Seafood Boil And Tablescape!

Coastal Florida Seafood Boil And Tablescape!


Today is the first day of Spring and a time of the year full of rebirth and new growth. I have always loved Spring and living in SW Florida our coastal climate for me is like a delicious frosting on a perfectly made cake. 

Living on the coast also means lots of fresh seafood, which has always been a favorite of mine….and it is the season of the stone crab which means fishermen are checking traps and bringing in all kinds of fresh seafood to our markets and restaurants.  


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Menu & Tablescape!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Menu & Tablescape!

My dear readers, I promised my Menu for today, St. Patrick’s Day and I am here to deliver.

This is actually the second St. Patrick’s Day dinner this week…The Captain and I host a monthly dinner for our “Over 50” group at our church and we always have a great time!

The Menu was of course, Corned Beef and Cabbage.  I made 6 corned beef briskets in a large electric roaster and I used 8 very large heads of cabbage


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Shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day & A Pot O’ Gold

Shamrocks, St. Patrick’s Day & A Pot O’ Gold!

Shamrocks! Four Leaf Clovers! Leprechauns! …. and a pot of Gold!

Sometimes, we get a bit confused regarding shamrocks and four leaf clovers!

I believe it has to do with thinking of luck and the four leaf clover, which are synonymous.


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The Time Has Come To Dance…..

The Time Has Come To Dance…..

Yes, my dear readers, it is March Madness and my Kansas Jayhawks are a number 1 seed, ….yet another year!

Allow me please a few bragging rights because it has been 9 years since Kansas won the whole Enchilada, in spite of being ranked Number 1! It is definitely time to do it again.

Just in case you are curious, let me give you a bit information regarding this great college basketball phenomenon known as “March Madness”.


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Decorating For Beautiful And Colorful Spring!

Spring! Who isn’t ready for Spring, although the weather this year has really not been the “Norm”…whatever the “norm” is in your part of the country! 

I spoke with my children in the Midwest and there were snow flurries surrounding their blooming daffodils and crocus. They have had temps in the 70’s as well as bitter cold winds, with the weather being anything but consistent.

Here in Florida, our temps vary but not that much, which is just fine with me. We have had a few chillier mornings…bringing out the wind breakers to go along with the walking shorts and sneakers.

However, the weather has not stopped the birds from visiting my Secret Garden and the joy they bring me as I watch them fluff in the bird bath or flutter from branch to vine atop the Pergola. I am not sure if their thoughts are turning to nesting…but my thoughts are definitely thinking of little bird nests to use in my Spring decorating. 

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Time And Tide Wait For No Man ….Or Woman!

Time And Tide Wait For No Man ….Or Woman!

The first part of that sentence, “Time and Tide Wait For No Man” was written by poet Geoffrey Chaucer….and is so true.

And along that same line is a Bible verse that pretty much says the same thing.

“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring”.  Proverbs 27:1

Race car great Mario Andretti once said, “If everything’s under control, you’re going too slow.”

What does that really mean in this day when most things in our world are in such upheaval and racing faster and faster with each passing day?


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