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Happy Birthday Sherlock Holmes January 6th

Happy Birthday Sherlock Holmes, January 6th!

What? You say as you look at your calendar….Isn’t this the last day of January?

Has she gone daft?

I will try to answer that question for you.

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Newfangled Toys And Oldfangled Thinking!

Newfangled Toys and Oldfangled Thinking translated simply means high tech electronics and older minds that are still learning how to operate Smart phones.

Ok, I admit that I am not a teckie even though many think I am because I write a Blog and take photos and post.

No, what you see is someone who by mostly trial and error found a formula that works…..

…..most of the time.

And the other times gives me a few headaches because parts of the formula work one week and not the next.

Which leads me to my newest “headache”.

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Food, Massage And Sports For The Week-End!

Food, Massage And Sports For The Week-End!…Cooking food on the week-end!

I was very exited when I opened my sleepy eyes on this dark early week-end morning.


A number of reasons.

After sharing a yummy hot breakfast with the Captain of steak and eggs and buttery biscuits, dripping with orange marmalade…

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Easy Valentine Dessert Or For Any Night Of The Week!

Easy Valentine Dessert Or For Any Night Of The Week!

My dear readers…

I need to start by apologizing …


20 lashes with a wet noodle for me.

For what? You may ask.

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Cultivating Good Habits …..Sometimes Easier Said Than Done!

Cultivating Good Habits …..Sometimes Easier Said Than Done!

I know, I know…I am not a lover of resolutions because well, because they are either unreachable or I am just plain lazy.

But let me tell you what I have started doing.

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Fruity Displays Using Apple Cone And Cherry Pie Filling!

Fruity Displays? Apple Cones? Cherry Pie Filling?

You might be asking …what is she talking about?

There were so many things going on around the Holidays at Villa de la Luna…in other words our home, and if you would like to see the meaning behind naming our home click here.…you know I name EVERYTHING!

I wanted to share a few of the ideas along with a recipe that can be used any time of the year.

But this is National Pie Day and Valentines Day is coming and George Washington’s birthday is in February, And….

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Icy Cold Weather and Warm and Cozy Comfort Food!



Yes my dear readers, I have heard you.  It is icy cold in many places and there is nothing like warm and cozy comfort food to take the chill off the house and the bones.

This weather has been so unpredictable lately and twin #1 told me of the run on Wal-Mart and other Grocery stores as people flocked to get stocked up for the icy cold weather that was predicted for the Midwest.  

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Lavender Castille Soap and Sneakin’ Through The Fence!

Lavender Castille Soap and Sneakin’ Through The Fence!

I am sure you are wondering what one has to do with the other.

Let’s start from the beginning which is always the best way to start.

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Mexican Food? Spicy Potato Soup? You Betcha!

I love Mexican food.

I know, I know…so do most of you.

Before I moved to New Mexico, I thought I really knew Mexican food but as I have explained before…there is nothing like the real deal.

Don’t get me wrong….I still like Tex-Mex Mexican food, but when I get a “hankerin'” for that indescribable taste of real Mexican food, I dive into my recipes from my years of living in New Mexico.

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Keep, Recycle And Toss!

Keep, Recycle And Toss!

If you are like me…you might have been a bit slow in getting all the Christmas Decorations put away.

Part of my issue was just plain procrastination and the other part of me was knowing that it was time to sort through all the extra boxes of decor that the Captain brought into the house on New Year’s Day, along with the put-away-decor boxes.

I took one look at all the various colored tubs that were stacked floor to ceiling along the multiple slider wall and wanted to pull the covers over my head and take a long, long nap.

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