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My Red Headed Step Children

Dear readers….I want to introduce you to my beautiful new children….as we say good-bye to my red headed step children!

Sound cruel?  Please read on before you judge me.

I have never had plantation shutters and after-all…I am now living in the South where plantation shutters are second nature, right along with fried chicken, grits and red eye gravy!

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A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down!

A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down!  I am so proud of my linen cabinet/and/or napkins and tablecloths! My organized napkins and tablecloths!

Truly, I am.

organizing the linen cabinet

Now, I fling open the doors and I don’t care who sees the inside of my linen cabinet….

In fact I want to show off my organized napkins and tablecloths! …

… know like being at the popular table at the school cafeteria!

I want to compose a poem in their honor.

I want to sing an aria about my organized napkins and tablecloths at the Metropolitan opera.

I want to leave the cabinet doors open all the time, just so I can look at my neatly stacked, color coordinated and organized napkins and tablecloths.

It hasn’t always been that way.

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Date Night, Afternoon Delight And All That Jazz!

Blog - Week-end Date Night11

Date Night, Afternoon Delight and all that jazz!

My dear readers…the Captain and I packed in a lot of activities this past week-end, our date night included.

I thought I would share a few highlights of our trip to Miami to watch our favorite baseball team, the Kansas City Royals…win a three game series against the Miami Marlins!

We decided early on to make it a date night week-end, so it was packed full of activities.

The Captain booked a hotel because we knew that we would not feel much like driving home after the ball game….and then he found us the most wonderful seats on the front row next to the first base line at Marlin Stadium.  I was so excited because I would get to see the Kansas City Royals players, up close and personal.

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Fall Tablescape – Soup is On!

Blog - White pumpkin tablescape13

Fall Tablescape and Soup is On!

Fall is definitely coming…in fact, in some parts of the country, it is here!

I am so excited because I love Fall/Autumn!…and even though we don’t have drastic changes in our Seasons here in Florida, we still have Seasonal changes.

The leaves that have fallen off of my shady lady Olive tree tells me each day, that Fall is getting nearer and nearer.

I have another confession to make….

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The School Bell Is Ringing!

It is official my friends…..School is definitely underway in all parts of the country….and I can’t help but remember the old country school bell ringing…announcing to all that school was about to begin. actually, I never went to school on a school bus.  The only time I rode a bus was in my junior high years traveling to and from sporting events.


I know my children believe I came across the prairie in a covered wagon….carrying my walking stick for support on the dusty ruts of a trail, my large floppy sun bonnet blowing in the hot Kansas wind.

But tain’t so…..not quite.  

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The Blue Tie….Not The Gray!


I am not sure where it comes from…but I have always been a strong person, a decisive person.

I am not talking about strength like body building strength, but an inner strength, which over the years I have to admit has gotten me into a bit of hot water with husband and children when I have stood my ground so to speak.

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Lazy Summer Days, Raindrops and Sunflowers!

Lazy Summer Days, Raindrops and Sunflowers!

Yes, it is still Summer but the days are waning fast….and I think I have a cute tablescape to illustrate just that.

I am seeing more and more signs of late summer and a slow ease into Fall!

Here in Florida, we are still getting the daily raindrop or two, usually in the late afternoon.  What a heavenly respite from the heat of the sun…as the cool breezes that accompany the rain gently caress my skin, while moving about tendrils of my hair that has escaped my messy bun. 

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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt…..

My dear readers…think O.J. Simpson…Perry Mason and 12 Angry Men! 

Yesterday, I was in a courtroom all day long.  


You see, a trial started in a very high profile (defendant accused of murdering his wife) case and I, and 67 others had been summoned to jury selection. There were only 8 jurors chosen after a very, very long day of questioning by the judge, the lawyers for the prosecution and lawyers for the defense.

During this whole process, the defendant was sitting at the defense table and I couldn’t help but look at him and study his reaction or non-reaction to all the questioning.

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Bed-Making 101…And Why It Is Important!


 My dear readers…..have you ever had something happen or words said to you that all of a sudden a light bulb go off and you say to yourself,…..

“yes, I needed that” …..or “yes, I got the message”…or in this particular case for me…..“Yes, I completely agree and I am glad someone else “gets it” too!” It is the task of making one’s bed every day.

What I am about to talk about is certainly not revolutionary….however, it is a habit that can become lax if one does not stay on top of it…no pun intended, or maybe there is.  

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Changing of the Guard/Seasons!

My dear readers….it is that time of year when the children have returned to school and suddenly summer seems to be making room for the wonderful crispness of Fall.   


There hasn’t really been a gentle slide towards the impending autumn season; rather it was thrust on us sorta in the blink of an eye. At least for me, the Summer months have just flown by.

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