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Hawaii 5 Ohhhhhh!

Hawaii 5 Ohhhhhh!

A couple weeks ago, the Captain and I went to breakfast to “send off” or wish a “fond farewell” two dear friends of ours.


Yes, they were going on a Bon Voyage to Hawaii.

However, not your usual Bon Voyage…these two sweet and wonderful people were moving back to Paradise from Paradise.

Let me explain….

Originally, they hailed from Oregon and went on a vacation to Hawaii, fell in love with the big island of Hawaii and bought a house and settled in. They lived near Hilo raising their family, enjoying the laid back life style until they retired.  They briefly moved back to the states, via Oregon and finally here in Florida…but the island kept calling them back.

In the short three years they were living in Florida…their conversation was dotted with “when we go back to Hawaii!”….and so the time came.  They sold their boat and waterfront home, shipped a few furnishings and personal items, including both cars….and are on their way “home”. 

We wish them all the best ….Bud and Jan, along with their two cats.  Quite the travelers, these two cats, returning to the Island of their birth.

I am speaking of the cats…well, you know.:)

As I spoke in another post….we had the threats of a tropical storm….Erika, which has since dissipated.  

2015-08-31_10-24-17However, our friends on the big island of Hawaii have two worrisome storms coming near them….Hurricanes Ignacio and Jimena!  These storms are weakening and moving further away from the islands as the above pic shows.  Such is life in the tropics.

The good news is one usually has fair warning of these storms and time to prepare….whereas tornadoes in the Midwest, where the Captain and I hail from, give no such warnings. 

2015-08-31_10-07-14Thanks for some wonderful times, Bud and Jan… and don’t be surprised if one day we knock on your front door.

Missing our friends…..



Tropical Storm Erika!

Tropical Storm Erika!!!!

I am sure if you are weather savvy….you have been following reports of Tropical Storm Erika, that is dominating the weather stations here in Florida at this time. (see headline below)

Tropical Storm Erika Soaks Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands; Warnings in the Dominican Republic, Bahamas; Uncertain Threat to Florida, Southeast U.S.

2015-08-28_9-49-45I’m sorry…but every time there is talk of a Tropical Storm or Hurricane….the recesses of my mind automatically bring the song, sung by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones era to the forefront!

You might ask why I would think of that song in particular…and it is because of the lyrics below.

I was born in a crossfire hurricane
And I howled at my ma in the driving rain
But it’s all right now, in fact it’s a gas
But it’s all right
I’m Jumpin’ Jack Flash, it’s a gas, gas, gas

2015-08-28_10-00-12But there is more to this story…..I was not aware of this song…..(Oops! that is going to tell a story in itself)….until the movie Jumpin’ Jack Flash came out on the small TV screen.  The movie starred Whoopee Goldberg and it is perhaps one of the most treasured movies in our personal film library.

For those of you who might remember this movie… (No, it was not a blockbuster at the time it came out, ….it became more popular after it left the theaters)….the reason this movie is so memorable, is the character, Terry Doolittle, played by Whoopee Goldberg!

2015-08-28_10-07-23I always smile as I remember the outlandish outfits and all the shenanigans…. the Terry Doolittle character pulled through this journey of solving a mystery. 

2015-08-28_10-06-28You might ask why this character spoke to me so much? I believe it is because she was eccentric and …yes, awesome.

2015-08-28_10-08-49She worked behind a computer, with all the typical office workers and yet she proved she was resourceful, super smart, hilarious, and very independent.

2015-08-28_9-57-23I related to all her little Tchotchkes atop her computer. πŸ™‚  

2015-08-28_10-11-32She respected the upper management, yet she did her own thing, all the while talking to herself with words many of us would have liked to have said under our breath!

2015-08-28_9-52-09And as a plus, Terry Doolittle had the coolest apartment for a single person living in the big city! I just loved looking at all her un-traditional decorating! 

2015-08-28_10-13-17There is no actual hurricane in this comedy of errors….the only mention of a hurricane is in the scene near the beginning of this movie… where Terry Doolittle is trying to play the song over and over and over again to write down the lyrics.  

jumpin jack flashShe is looking for clues to solve the mystery.  

Of course, had this movie been in our modern day time frame…all one would have to do is go to Google. But I am sure we can all relate to getting lyrics the way Terry Doolittle did in the movie.   

2015-08-28_10-03-58And if the comedy isn’t enough…Terry Doolittle was a fashion icon! I really liked some of her iconic outfits, though I most likely would have stayed very traditional office attire….but I couldn’t help but admire her individuality.

But I digress as usual….the reason behind this post is the Tropical Storm Erika.  

The Captain and I are not worried at this time….still one has to be prepared for winds and rain and flooding, if nothing else.

2015-08-28_10-38-55And we have our handy dandy hurricane guide at the ready!

AND…we are going to drag out the movie Jumpin Jack Flash and laugh all over again!

Have a great week-end my dear readers.


Give Me My Pill!

Give Me My Pill!

No, my dear readers….not me, ….I don’t like to take a baby aspirin!

However, I must confess there is someone in our home who literally begs for a pill!

It is when dark clouds hover, filled with heavy rain droplets,…. and the low rumblings of the sound of distant thunder reverberates across the skies.

jesse james4Yes, our little Jesse James is frightened of thunder noises….and literally begs for a pill to calm him… along with being held and cuddled in his blankee!

O.K….he didn’t name it a blankee….I did.  

jesse james3The blankee is very lightweight and full of “pilling”…you know those little balls of material that appear mysteriously out of no where when pulled from the washing machine and dryer….but it is his favorite.

I named his drug of choice… the “thunder pills”!

jesse james6The Vet prescribed them over the 4th of July when all the revelers were shooting off rockets and flares and lady fingers.

Of course, the rainy monsoon season has produced lots of thunder and rain in SW Florida and this year is certainly not the first time Jesse has heard these electrifying noises.

jesse james2Previously, I just put his Thunder Shirt (you’ve seen them advertised I am sure) and wrapped him in my arms as he shook and panted.

The main problem with the Thunder Shirt is that it is not lightweight and lets face it…it gets hot in Florida and I couldn’t tell which was worse for him…panting out of fear or heat exhaustion….So off came the Thunder Shirt and out came the lightweight royal blue blankee and “the pills”.

And the good news is that the combination works.

jesse james1It can be a bit cumbersome for me as I hold him, while trying to watch a Royals baseball game on my IPad… because the electricity went off or the Direct TV lost it’s signal in the wind and rain. Please Pardon the slobbers on the left bottom of the IPad….His slobbers not mine! πŸ™‚

AND…that is exactly what happened last evening. 

jesse jamesSo there I was, dog wrapped in his blankee….watching the game from my IPad until the weather returned to “normal”… and the TV game blared into my solitude as it came back on the air. (I don’t remember the volume being that loud when it went off the air)

I would like to report that we won the game….but the Orioles took that honor.

We did win the first two games from them, with one more game tonight, WHICH  I hope I can watch without the “drugee” standing before me with that very apprehensive look…staring out at the skies…. which translates ‘give me a pill’.

jesse james5We shall see what we shall see. πŸ˜‰

Have you pets that require pills to calm them?

If so, welcome to my world! ;)…..and I wouldn’t trade that little bundle of fluff for any other! πŸ™‚




The “Royal” Family…..

The “Royal” Family….no, not that Royal Family! πŸ™‚

My “Royal Family”!!!!  

You should have guessed it by now,…that someone who is such a fanatic as I am about sports…. has to have some of the family a little sport nutty too.  πŸ˜‰  

Below is pic of Only Daughter holding my 2nd grand daughter’s baby son (Only daughter’s grandson and my great grandson).  Also in the pic is my 3rd born grand daughter and her new family.

royal kids1I told all three of my grand daughters when they  were little girls, that they had to marry Royal fans or they were out of the picture!  No, I didn’t tell them that…… not really ;)….but, I am sure I was thinking it!  πŸ™‚

Luckily, they all three married or are about to marry… into My Royal family and all three of the guys had already been Royal fans!   πŸ˜‰

All Royal fans (whew!) ….how lucky can a gma be?

2015-08-26_11-03-27Above is pic of 1st grand daughter and her husband.

11009195_10152760855810404_3359324277767125542_n2nd grand daughter and her husband……

royal kids3rd grand daughter and her “intended”!

Kids_royalsThe above pic is of Only Daughter and her youngest daughter, my 3rd grand daughter at a Royals game a few weeks ago.

photo (2)And of course the Twins, (not the Minnesota Twins) but my the Royals too.

This is Twin Number 1, …..I obviously caught him deep in thought….most likely thinking of the pitching rotation! πŸ™‚

I need to search for pics of his wife and children in Royal shirts….I do have them somewhere. ;( I think!

KidsAnd this is Only Daughter posing with the dude who puts up the “W” for a win at Kauffman Stadium.

Oldest Son and wife ….and Twin Number 2 and wife ….are Royals fans…but I couldn’t put my finger on pics of them in Royals gear either! ;(  I know I have them somewhere…..need to dig a little deeper in my files. πŸ˜‰

Same with Only grandson and his new wife. If you are reading this kiddos,…send me pics! 

kid4Thankfully, the two oldest great grandsons of 1st grand daughter, are already planning ahead to a future in baseball.  Yeah!!!!!

kids3Both want to be catchers!  The catcher for the Royals, Salvadore Perez better watch out…..they are after his job! πŸ˜‰

imagejpeg_3Youngest great grandson is not even a year old and has already been to several Royals games!  The way he is wearing his Royals hat (with his daddy)…he might be thinking of the catcher position too! πŸ™‚

KidThis is 2nd grand daughter, her husband and their young son (my 3rd great grandson) at Kauffman Stadium.

Oh, did I mention that the Captain and I are going to a Royals game this week-end?  

Yep! the Royals are coming to Florida to play a three game series with the Tampa Bay Rays and we will be right there cheering them on!

We will be wearing our Royal Blue shirts (I wear a Royals shirt for every game as I sit in front of my TV)….I may even wear the one below this week-end.

KC.....3pgIt sorta says it all doesn’t it?  Even the shirt is “bleeding” a bit from over wear! πŸ™‚

KC.....2pgHave a great Wednesday, my dear readers!

KC.....1jpg#Lets Go Royals! #ForeverRoyal







Walk A Mile In My Shoes!


Walk A Mile In My Shoes….takes this old saying one step further…and a little further than that!

A friend sent me this poem and I remembered seeing it many years ago, printed in a church bulletin.  I did some research and found the poem was written by Leanne Freiberg. Perhaps you have seen it before, and it made you stop and think… as it did me.   


The Shoes, a poem by Leanne Freiberg.

I showered and shaved…I adjusted my tie..
I got there and sat…In a pew just in time.
Bowing my head in prayer…As I closed my eyes.
I saw the shoe of the man next to me…Touching my own. I sighed.
With plenty of room on either side…I thought, “Why must our soles
It bothered me, his shoe touching mine…But it didn’t bother him much.
A prayer began: “Our Father”…I thought, “This man with the shoes…has
no pride.
They’re dusty, worn, and scratched. Even worse, there are holes on the
“Thank You for blessings,” the prayer went on.
The shoe man said…a quiet “Amen.”
I tried to focus on the prayer…But my thoughts were on his shoes
Aren’t we supposed to look our best…When walking through that door?
“Well, this certainly isn’t it,” I thought, Glancing toward the floor.
Then the prayer was ended…And the songs of praise began.
The shoe man was certainly loud…Sounding proud as he sang.
His voice lifted the rafters…His hands were raised high.
The Lord could surely hear…The shoe man’s voice from the sky.
It was time for the offering…And what I threw in was steep.
I watched as the shoe man reached…Into his pockets so deep.
I saw what was pulled out…What the shoe man put in.
Then I heard a soft “clink”…as when silver hits tin.
The sermon really bored me…To tears, and that’s no lie.
It was the same for the shoe man…For tears fell from his eyes.
At the end of the service…As is the custom here.
We must greet new visitors…And show them all good cheer.
But I felt moved somehow…And wanted to meet the shoe man.
So after the closing prayer…I reached over and shook his hand.
He was old and his skin was dark…And his hair was truly a mess.
But I thanked him for coming…For being our guest.
He said, “My names’ Charlie…I’m glad to meet you, my friend.”
There were tears in his eyes…But he had a large, wide grin.
“Let me explain,” he said…Wiping tears from his eyes.
“I’ve been coming here for months…And you’re the first to say ‘Hi.'”
“I know that my appearance…”Is not like all the rest.
“But I really do try…” To always look my best.”
“I always clean and polish my shoes…”Before my very long walk.
“But by the time I get here…”They’re dirty and dusty, like chalk.”
My heart filled with pain…and I swallowed to hide my tears.
As he continued to apologize…For daring to sit so near.
He said, “When I get here…”I know I must look a sight.
“But I thought if I could touch you…”Then maybe our souls might
I was silent for a moment…Knowing whatever was said
Would pale in comparison…I spoke from my heart, not my head.
“Oh, you’ve touched me,” I said…”And taught me, in part;
“That the best of any man…”Is what is found in his heart.”
The rest, I thought,…This shoe man will never know.
Like just how thankful I really am…That his dirty old shoe touched my

Have a great beginning to your week, my dear readers!

Hugs Always….:)






I’ll See You In My Dreams…..

I’ll See You In My Dreams…..a movie review.

Several weeks ago, the Captain and I went to see the movie “I’ll See You In My Dreams”.

This movie was a had-to-see for me for several reasons.

One, I love the title of the movie…not only does it bring out the romantic in me, it is also one of my favorite songs.

movie2Two, ….the stars of the movie are in my age group.

And I have always liked Sam Elliot!  He has a very deep voice and natural acting mannerisms that are too cool, whether he is in a Western movie or doing voice-overs for the Ram Truck commercials. πŸ˜‰

movieThree,….. I liked that this movie was just a simple movie about everyday life.  No shoot ’em up, action packed, hair raising drama.

movie3A simple movie and story line that will most likely not be Oscar nominated and will most likely just fade into the sunset.

But I liked it and the Captain did too.  The story-line is simple… as the synopsis suggests:

movie4“In this vibrant, funny, and heartfelt film, a widow and former songstress discovers that life can begin anew at any age. After the death of her beloved dog, Carol finds the everyday activities that have given her life structure – her regular bridge game, gardening, a glass of wine or two – have lost their luster. With the support of three loyal girlfriends, Carol decides to embrace the world, embarking on an unlikely friendship with her pool maintenance man, pursuing a new love interest, and reconnecting with her daughter.”

movie5Like I said a true to life story and I would recommend seeing it, although you might have to get the DVD, as it did not stay in the theaters long.

The simpler movies are like that…..:)

Perhaps that is why I like them so much!

Did I mention that I really like the actor, Sam Elliot?

I’m smiling and I hope you are too! 

movie1Have you, my dear readers seen this movie? 





Visitor in my Kitchen…

Visitor in my Kitchen….

No, not an unwanted visitor…..a very welcome visitor and this particular visitor, brought a family recipe that she is willing to share.

You have heard me speak about Her Majesty, …she is a friend I met a few years ago who makes her winter home in Florida, although she and her husband stay a little longer each year…one could say she is almost a permanent resident.  She is from Europe…specifically Germany, but originally from Romania.  She is a hoot….and her talks about her family history, has me dubbing her…Her Majesty!  In a future post I will tell you more about her.

At first, Her Majesty dismissed my suggestion that she provide the recipe for her family’s Pierogi recipe. 


She said the ingredients vary and it is difficult to describe the feel of the dough and a bunch of other excuses.  I finally convinced her that my readers would understand and experiment with the fillings and dough, just as a new baker would with pie dough or dinner rolls.  These “talents” come with repetition and soon the making of a pierogi would be second nature to young or old cooks. πŸ˜‰

A little history regarding Pierogi….Her Majesty never adds the “s”….just sayin’! πŸ˜‰

According to Wiki, “Although Pierogi are still an important part of Polish culture and cuisine today, they are very popular in other European countries such as Slovakia, Romania, and Ukraine. Pierogi are the Polish form of a handmade dumpling, made of unleavened dough, usually shaped into a semi-circle”.  

Pierogi can be filled with anything and fried in a little butter and onions with sour cream….yummy!


OR…you could buy them frozen in the dairy case….but why would you when you could make your own? πŸ™‚

Below is the handy dandy printable recipe, as always.

Do you, my dear readers, have a family recipe you would like to share?

Have a great start to your week!




Yields 4
This recipe has been my friend's family favorite, passed on from generation to generation. There's a bit of work involved, but the outcome is yummy!
Write a review
For the Filling
  1. 3 cups of hot boiled potatoes
  2. Β½ cup old cheddar cheese, grated
  3. ΒΌ tsp black pepper
  4. ΒΌ tsp salt
For the Pierogi Dough
  1. ΒΌ cup butter, melted
  2. 1ΒΌ cup of potato water (save it from potatoes!)
  3. 2Β½ - 3 cups of flour, depends on dough
  4. pinch of salt
  1. Boil your potatoes and drain, reserving the water for the dough. Place the potatoes into a bowl and mash together with the cheese, salt and pepper until the cheese has melted and mixture is combined. Set aside.
  2. Combine the butter and potato water in a large bowl. Mix in the flour and salt until soft, slightly tacky dough forms. It should not stick much.
  3. Cover with a clean cloth and let rest for an hour.
  4. Flour your board and turn out the dough onto it. Sprinkle the dough slightly with flour. Roll into a thin layer, slightly less than than a ΒΌ of an inch. Cut out circles with a small soup can or glass.
  5. Place a heaping teaspoon of filling into the center of each dough circle. Pinch the sides until sealed. You can use a fork but I prefer to use my fingers.
  6. To cook, bring water to a boil in large pot, then place pierogi in the pot. Boil until they pop to the top, then cook for about two minutes more.
  7. Drain and brown slightly in non-stick skillet with a bit of melted butter to prevent sticking.
  1. These can be frozen ahead of time. Place on a baking sheet and freeze, when they are frozen, place in a freezer bag. Pop out what you need and replace in freezer.
Me and My Captain

Crock Pot Fagioli

Crock Pot Fagioli!

I love cooking with a crock pot and I love any type of soups.  

As children are going back to school in a few weeks here in Florida, Fall comes to my mind and with the Fall and Winter Seasons….Soups, and in some parts of the country…hearty soups! πŸ™‚

Pasta Fagioli has been around our home for years…as well as any Italian restaurant. Probably because it is so simple to make and if you use a crock pot…it is even simpler.  One reason this soup is so good is the variety of ingredients and how far they can stretch a meal and budget. 

My Mother varied the ingredients with whatever she had on hand….but the constant ingredients…the ground beef, onion, macaroni and canned tomatoes were always in the soup.  If she only used those ingredients, she called it goulash.  (See my recipe for goulash at this link.  The Sky Did Not Fall ! ) If Mom added the navy beans, it became pasta fagioli.

One reason this soup is so good is the variety of ingredients and how far they can stretch a meal and budget. 

These days, I add different kinds of beans which really adds to the texture and flavor.

And finally, one reason this soup is so good is the wonderful smells and aromas that fill my kitchen!  “They” say, (whoever “they” are) that one eats with your eyes first and while that could be true, I believe one eats with their nose first.

Well, not literally folks, but who can resist eating the whole loaf of freshly baked bread,… after smelling it for hours as it rises and bakes?

Picture this:  a slice of warm crusty bread, slathered in soft butter that is oozing and melting into each of the holes and crevices of the beautiful, light and airy texture of home made bread.

Or using the bread as an extra spoon sopping up the aromatic juices of any soup.

Not that I would ever eat a whole loaf of freshly baked bread all by myself.

OK, maybe just once I did. πŸ™ 

Or twice! πŸ™‚

But then I didn’t eat anything else for the whole day!

Or did I?

My dear readers, do you have a favorite fagioli recipe?

Please share if you like.

Have a great week-end. πŸ™‚




Crock Pot Fagioli
Serve with a garden green salad and some garlic bread and you have a complete tasty good meal!
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  1. 2 lbs ground beef
  2. 1 onion, chopped
  3. 3 carrots, chopped
  4. 4 stalks celery, chopped
  5. 2 (28 ounce) cans diced tomatoes, undrained
  6. 1 (16 ounce) can red kidney beans, drained
  7. 1 (16 ounce) can white kidney beans, drained
  8. 3 (10 ounce) cans beef stock
  9. 3 teaspoons oregano
  10. 2 teaspoons pepper
  11. 5 teaspoons parsley
  12. 1 teaspoon Tabasco sauce
  13. 1 (20 ounce) jar spaghetti sauce, (I use Ragu)
  14. 8 ounces uncooked pasta
  1. Brown the ground beef in a skillet (I like to add the onions and celery with the ground beef but it is easier to add them all at once to your crock pot)
  2. Drain fat from ground beef and add to your crock pot with everything, but the pasta.
  3. Cook on low 7-8 hours (or if you are needing your meal quicker... put your crock pot on high for 4-5 hours)
  4. Add pasta the last 30 minutes.
  1. The slower this cooks, the better it tastes.
Me and My Captain

Mission Impossible….Works!

Mission Impossible…. Works!

The Captain and I went to the movies to see the latest “Mission Impossible, Rogue Nation” movie and we were not disappointed. This movie works for us.

There was plenty of action…which is usual for the “Mission Impossible” movies and several twists and turns in the plot line.

The cast in this movie:  

mission impossible5

The new premise, according to thee movie’s trailer:  

“With the IMF now disbanded and Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) out in the cold, a new threat — called the Syndicate — soon emerges. The Syndicate is a network of highly skilled operatives who are dedicated to establishing a new world order via an escalating series of terrorist attacks. Faced with what may be the most impossible mission yet, Ethan gathers his team and joins forces with Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson), a disavowed British agent who may or may not be a member of this deadly rogue nation”.

It was interesting to note that Tom Cruise did all his own stunts as he has done in previous movies…and some of these stunts were fun to watch…I think! πŸ˜‰

mission impossible1He hung from the side of a plane actually taking off.

mission impossible2Of course, he rode a motorcycle….that has sorta been his trademark!

mission impossible4And there were plenty of good guys and bad guys…you have to see the movie, I won’t give away the ending. πŸ˜‰

But there was no profanity!  Yeah!

mission impossibl3eAnd no nudity! Yeah!

Just plenty of action and adventure…..and the Captain and I were thoroughly entertained, which is the way it should be (in my opinion).

Have you, my dear readers…. been to see this movie?

What are your thoughts?




Smiley Words

Smiley Words…

Early this morning….just as the sun was beginning to open her sleepy eyes, and as I heard the Mockingbirds singing their “good mornings”, I sat quietly sipping on a cup of hot tea. 

You know, my dear readers …of my “morning quiet time” and how much I enjoy this time to myself.

No contractors or sub-contractors to deal with on the Flip Houses….(at least not yet) and my Captain flying hither and yon.

Well, actually he is probably “yon”, at this early hour,…. as he is on the West Coast and it is 3 hours earlier than here in Florida. πŸ™‚

wisdom quotes15So with my daily devotions over, I opened my laptop and up popped my Pinterest account with quotes and funnies and what I call Smiley Words.

These are the words or pictures that make me smile.

I would like to share some of them with you and hope they make you smile too….

wisdom quotes9This is a good way to start your day…the only one I seem to have the most problem with is number 7!!!!! πŸ˜‰

wisdom quotes8I have actually used this phrase a time or two when dealing with a sub-contractor’s excuses! πŸ˜‰ Smiling while saying it of course!

wisdom quotes11

Love, love love this one…especially these days! πŸ˜‰

wisdom quotes3

This is do-able…well, maybe number 5 might give me issues. πŸ˜‰

wisdom quotes2

Ahhhhhh…you knew the romantic part of me would love the above little people. πŸ™‚

wisdom quotes1And speaking of romance, I really like this one!!!


2015-07-22_10-11-28I really miss my Mother……and the above message is sooooo true.


wisdom quotes13And then this happens, but I smile too as I remember her mannerisms! Luv ya Mom!

wisdom quotes4Yep, and of course I have to smile at this one!  I love her smile….it seems to be coming from within. πŸ™‚

And finally, this cartoon made me smile too….


My dear readers, I hope one or two of these “smiley words” made you smile too.

Have a great middle of the week day! 





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