Remembering Amy….

Remembering Amy…..

(In the above picture, we were in Puerto Rico at a Boeing Regional Meeting and that is Amy in the turquoise blouse and white skirt in the front row, she had made all the arrangements for the meetings) 

I’ve started this post many times over the past couple of days, trying to find the words to express my shock and disbelief at the passing of one of our own.

For my readers who did not know Amy Kelley,…please bear with me.


For those FSA’s who are following me on this Blog….of course you remember Amy.  

Amy always had a smile…a great big infectious smile and she cared about people.


Amy smiling with co-workers

As I have stated in previous posts, I retired from a large Aviation company….and that company was Boeing, Field Service.

During the many years I worked for Boeing, I came to know a lot of wonderful people, and among the Field Service Associates, I came to know Amy Kelley.


Amy’s infectious smile

Amy passed away on December 13, 2014, she was only 46 years old.

On Saturday, Amy had taken some pain medication to ease the chronic pain in her neck and lay down to take a nap and never woke up.

(Several years ago, she injured her neck, when she fell while attempting to check on a Swan’s nest just outside her back yard fence). 

I have been told, Amy could have had a blood clot or the meds could have shut down her organs. 

At this point in time….nothing is certain.

But I would like to talk about Amy and her love of life.

Ahhhh, the memories I have of Amy ….were many.


Amy and other co-workers at Boeing

Once while she and I were in Boeing Meetings …her husband Tom and my Captain, went panning for gold and precious gems up in the mountains surrounding San Diego.

They did find a few bumpy rocks and Amy and I laughed at the fact that we were not going to get rich off those pebbles. 🙂


Amy and co-workers 2005-2010

Another time, we sat in her family room in Verdigris, Oklahoma …on newly purchased, leather theater seats, eating popcorn and pizza and watching movies. 

Amy was a very generous person and she and I had a friendly rivalry with our Big 12 College Basketball teams.

She loved the Oklahoma State Cowboys and I loved (still do) the Kansas Jayhawks.  

Even though her loyalty lay with the orange and black Cowboys…she made this red and blue lanyard for me, that says Rock Chalk Jayhawk.


Amy also had a compassion for all animals, her favorites being her four dachshunds, which were like children to her.  She and Tom were never blessed with children so she adopted everyone to be a part of her family, whether four legged or two.


Amy’s husband Tom and one of her favorite dachshunds

Since I no longer work at Boeing, I didn’t feel it my place to go on the Boeing site to talk about Amy.

However, I couldn’t just let Amy pass without saying a few words.

Sooo, when a fellow FSA suggested I pen my thoughts, I felt this was the best medium. 

I will ask that those FSAs who follow me, to forward this link to other FSAs …as we take a moment to remember Amy…she was one of us.

AND let us celebrate Amy, as I am sure she would want us to do.

I will keep Tom, her husband …and Amy’s Mother and Father and her siblings in my prayers for the difficult days ahead.

And I hope you do too!





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20 Responses to “Remembering Amy….”

  1. Sandy says:

    Dear Kari,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Please send my condolences to her family. It’s always sad to lose someone, but especially during the holidays. She was way too young to leave now, but God must have a plan.

    Hugs to all,

  2. Yuri says:

    Thank you very much, Kari. Can’t help myself, I’m crying here and the boys in my office (they are all new, except for Lucas, whom Amy helped on his First Base Training in Tulsa)are looking at me…


  3. Rossana says:

    Lovely words Kari. Amy did have an infectious smile and a mischievous glint in her eye… I remember that from when we were in St Louis…
    Hugs to all at this sad time.

  4. Kari says:

    Thanks Ross….I also remember a time when she and I were at the Hard Rock Cafe and the server couldn’t get Amy’s hamburger right…lettuce had to be Bibb…no onions or pickles…and could they toast the bun please! She kept sending it back to the kitchen and I was almost done eating before she finally got her burger!
    It was funny!
    Thanks for stopping by…

  5. Mala says:

    I was utterly shocked with disbelief when I read the email from Boeing Field Service Director, Sue Fullington, on Amy’s passing. A vibrant and good hearted person whom I met at the FSA conference in 2004 in Seattle. We became buddies immediately and still kept in touch till today. I even visited her later in 2007 and Tom and Amy were really good hosts. I would place an occasional call or hear her voice or put a post on fb. I immediately called ex FSAs Tara Barkar and Mary Baumann on hearing the news. Every time I think of Amy, tears flow. She made a real impression on me. Rest in peace my dear friend and it was a real honor and pleasure to have known you.


    • Kari says:

      Hi Mala….I hope you are well in Malaysia…I think of you when your country is in the news.
      Yes, it was indeed a shock. I know Tara and Mary were dear friends as well as yourself.
      Take care my friend and thanks for stopping by.

    • Kari says:

      Remember Mala, our home here in Florida is always open to you and any of the FSAs too. We love visitors and have plenty of room.:)

  6. Dina Nur says:

    Hello Kari,

    Glad to read from you.
    My condolences to you, her family and freinds.
    Let God give the strength to all in this time of need.

    FSA – Ethiopia

    • Kari says:

      Hi Dina,
      Good to hear from you too.
      I hope you are well and there is no unrest in Ethiopia for you to deal with.
      It is so sad for one so young isn’t it?
      thanks for stopping by…

      • Dina Nur says:

        It is really sad Kari. She is very young to leave this world. God has a plan anyway…we don’t complain.
        Keep up strong.

        • Kari says:

          Dina, my faith in God and his mercy has brought me through many troubled waters over the years. Some have asked…how do you get through these times.

          My response is I don’t…God brings me through them.

          We don’t have all the answers here on earth…but someday we will see.

          Thanks for stopping by my Blog and commenting. I do appreciate hearing from you.

          • Dina Nur says:

            Oh that is true Kari. Having no answers to things I experienced a lot and will experience in the future too but anyhu God is you said we are always under His protection.
            I will take a look at your blog every now then, now that I know about it.
            Thank you.

  7. Samir Rifai says:

    Although i didn’t really know Amy but i did have the pleasure to meet her and others in the FSA regional meeting in Seattle. Amy among others left a soft spot and losing someone is always hard to all. But i believe that for sure she is in a better place and we have all the nice memories that will always be a tie between her and us in the world. God bless her soul and my sincere condolence to her family and loved ones.

    • Kari says:

      You are right Samira…we did have that big meeting in 2004 and I am so glad we did.

      I worry about you a lot with all the unrest in Cairo, but I do know all your family is there with you and that means a lot.
      thanks for stopping by and commenting.
      Amy will be missed.
      Always good to hear from you.

  8. Karen says:

    A true lovely soul, wish I had the chance met Amy in person but… All my condolences to the family. Be strong! Stay healthy, stay safety, my dear colleagues never met.

    Karen from FS Shanghai

    • Kari says:

      Thanks Karen for your kind words….
      One just never knows does one when our time will come.
      So glad you stopped by to comment.
      I hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a great New Year.
      I would love to visit Shanghai someday…I will try to look you up.

  9. Manisha says:

    Greetings from Mumbai, India –
    Good to see you have put the photos and words together in Amy’s memory. It is indeed quite shocking to hear about her early death, my sincere condolence to her family.
    Hope you are keeping yourself busy with no Boeing business!

    • Kari says:

      Hi Manisha….I hope you are going to have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.
      How are things in Mumbai?
      Yes, it is so sad when one passes at such a young age.
      I am sure you remember our fun times in Chicago ….I still have the pics you took.
      Keep in touch….

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