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EggNog Anyone?

EggNog Anyone?

At our house, New Years celebrations always included EggNog. 

My Father insisted he put a little Jack Daniels in the adult versions but the kids were allowed straight EggNog!

I have to confess that I originally loved EggNog….but as I grew older, I became more concerned with raw eggs.

However, with today’s pasteurization…that should not be a concern I am told.

I have two recipes below…one with out eggs and one using the store bought EggNog with all its pasteurization.

If you like EggNog, try one of these recipes and see if it doesn’t give a little zip to your New Years Celebration.

Just remember to drink responsibly…well, these EggNog recipes won’t get you into any trouble! πŸ™‚

It is getting closer to the New Year…..I can’t believe it is almost 2015!





EggNog without Eggs
If drinking eggnog with raw eggs makes you squirm...try this eggless eggnog.
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  1. 6 c. almond milk,(I use Silk Almond Milk, unsweetened)
  2. 1 (1 oz.) package sugar-free instant vanilla pudding
  3. 2 T. granulated sugar
  4. 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  5. 1/2 tsp. fresh ground nutmeg (I hardly ever use the ground spice when I can grate just what I need from a whole nutmeg.)
  1. Combine milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and nutmeg in a bowl or pitcher.
  2. Slowly add the pudding powder, whisking constantly.(you may use a hand mixer, but do not overmix or you will have pudding! πŸ™‚
  3. Refrigerate for about an hour before serving to allow the eggnog to thicken a bit.
  4. Add cool whip or Reddi whip and sprinkle each serving with additional fresh nutmeg.
  1. You may also use skim milk or cashew milk.
Me and My Captain
Peppermint EggNog
Want to brighten up your eggnog? Add peppermint and white chocolate. Very refreshing.
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  1. 1 quart eggnog
  2. 3/4 c. white chocolate chips
  3. 1/3 c. crushed candy canes
  4. whipped cream
  5. coarsely chopped candy canes {for sprinkling on top}
  1. Combine eggnog, white chocolate chips, and crushed candy canes in a saucepan over low heat. Sir to melt the chocolate and until the mixture is completely heated..
  2. Serve the nog warm, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with crushed peppermint candy OR stick a whole candy cane into the nog.
Me and My Captain

Movie Review ….The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Movie Review ….The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Over the past month, the Captain and I have viewed several movies and I would like to share one of them with you today.

We have always liked The Hobbit movies!

the hobbit

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

This is the third in the trilogy of movies adapted from The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien…and apparently this is the final epic conclusion of the adventures of Bilbo Baggins, the Hobbit.

the hobbit4

The story starts with the dragon, Smaug…destroying the village of Lake-town forcing the people to flee up into the mountains…and to the treasure.

the hobbit3

Bilbo attempts to reason, using friendship and honor… with the dwarves to share not only home, but any treasures therin.

Wizard Gondalf sees a more intimate danger as the enemy Sauron sends legends of Orcs to attack and destroy this stronghold upon the Lonely Mountain, which forces the decision of uniting the Dwarves, Elves and Men or be destroyed. 

the hobbit2

Bilbo Baggins 

The Captain and I enjoyed this movie….but who doesn’t enjoy the little Hobbits?

the hobbit5

I really like the shape of the doors….round doors and windows!

The special effects in the fighting scenes in this movie are amazing, as usual.

And the little Hobbit houses are adorable!

the hobbit6

I could see myself sitting in one of those little chairs eating a bowl of hot steaming soup!

I would love to design and live in one of these little houses, wouldn’t you?

Do you, my dear readers… like the Hobbit Movies?





Really? You Shouldn’t Have….

Really? You Shouldn’t Have….I mean you really shouldn’t have! πŸ˜‰

Now that Christmas is over and all the wrapping paper is disposed of…and the left-overs are pretty much gone…


We can focus on the “goods”, …the “loot”…the “big haul” , or whatever you call the presents you received.

Yes, yes, yes….we know it is better to give than receive....and that could not be more true than this year, for some!

Usually, the Captain and I do not exchange gifts at Christmas….because we celebrate Christmas all year long.

However, this year…we made an exception!

2014-12-24 12.02.12

Front of the Blue Angels watch!

2014-12-24 12.01.54

Back of the Blue Angels Watch

You see, the Captain bid on a used watch on eBay…and after receiving it, he found it did not keep time.

Disappointed, he sent the watch back.

WELL!  I saw an opportunity to rescue him …so I went on eBay and found a new (still in the box) watch.  I gave the watch to him about a week ago!

However that made the Captain feel a little guilty that he had not bought me a Christmas Present.

I had mentioned some time back that I would like to someday change out my kitchen faucet for one of those motion sensor faucets!…and Yep!  He bought me a kitchen faucet for Christmas and he installed it!


The sensor faucet….something every cook needs! πŸ˜‰

Not exactly what I would call a personal gift, like jewelry or clothes, but I have to admit…I do like the faucet!

After sharing with a few friends…it appears my gift is not too unusual….

Below are a few gifts that might be considered….well,… different!


My friend, Princess J. and her gift of Injector Cleaner…


Another friend… The Mayor, received a SawzAll from her hubby.

My friend the Ace of Cakes, received TP!!!

My friend, the Ace of Cakes, received TP!!! don’t even ask! πŸ™‚

Another friend received a digital scale....

Another friend received a digital scale….Hmmmm?

While another received a mouse....not the furry kind

While another received a mouse….not the furry kind

Another received green slime....for fixing tires.

Another received green slime….for fixing tires.

While another gift received was cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner on Christmas Day!

While another gift received was cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner on Christmas Day!

The gift of in-laws ALL DAY LONG was another thoughtful gift.

The gift of in-laws ALL DAY LONG was another thoughtful gift.

And last but not sweet daughter-in-law received an oak toilet seat from oldest son....guess I taught him well!! :)

And last but not least….my sweet daughter-in-law received an oak toilet seat from Oldest Son….guess I taught him well!! πŸ™‚

Did any of you, my dear readers, receive unusual gifts?

We  must remember that it is the thought that counts. πŸ™‚

Right? Right!





Another Year…Another Christmas Open House….

The Captain and I had our annual Christmas Open House on Sunday evening…the 21st of December!

It is always a fun time to meet and greet old friends and new, and share a cup of hot wassail and finger foods.

This year, the Captain decided we would have our local supermarket make up the deli platters and it really gave me more time to prepare and enjoy the fellowship of all our friends and neighbors, who numbered about 65.

One of the first attractions we had set up was the way Santa arrived at our house.

2014-12-21 17.17.40

None of this old sleigh and reindeer, but real horse power.

2014-12-21 17.14.06

Santa also had a large bag of toys in his sack in the passenger side to be donated to our favorite local charity!

Personally, I think ole Saint Nick needs to have his suit mended…..don’t know if you noticed, but he got a little scorched coming down one of the hot chimneys.

Santa has obviously changed his modus operandi….(MO) because of such hazards to the job.

OR he could of gotten scorched when someone…not naming names here ;)…put a string of Christmas Lights around his neck and let them drape over his hand…and the white fur on his suit got a little “warm”!

OK…I have to confess ….it was me! πŸ™

But I digress…again! πŸ˜‰

If you ever need pretty party platters…check out your local supermarket deli.

They make up some very pretty platters that are really tasty!

Below are the food platters we ordered.

The chicken tender platter with various sauces

The chicken tender platter with various sauces

The turkey and ham platter

The turkey and ham platter

Gotta have veggies....

Gotta have veggies….

And of course fruit!

And of course fruit!

The Ham and cream cheese spirals were very good

The Ham and cream cheese spirals were very good

Has to be shrimp platters....

Has to be shrimp platters….


All kinds of cookies….

2014-12-27 10.55.35

I made this peppermint fudge…yum

Chips, Dips, Barb-Q Lil'Smokies...and those delicious Hawaiian Dinner Rolls

Chips, Dips, Barb-Q Lil’Smokies…and those delicious Hawaiian Dinner Rolls

See Wassail Recipe under Beverages

See Wassail Recipe under Beverages…cinnamon, red hots, nutmeg, apple cider…Yum!

It was all so very good and tasty…and all I had to do was set out chips, make the dips and the Lil Smokies and a big crock pot of wassail!


Did you my dear readers, have a wonderful Christmas Season this year?






Secret Christmas Visitor…

Secret Christmas Visitor…

We all know that there is excitement and joy and …well, just the magic of Christmas, especially for children!

You know I am the eternal romantic and I don’t believe we are ever to old to not believe in ….well, magic.

Apparently not, because on the 7th of December…a little visitor showed up on our fireplace mantle… along with a book to explain his existence.

2014-12-07 11.11.19

I had heard about this little visitor visiting small children, checking to see who had been naughty or nice!

It is understood that the little visitor keeps an eye on the children of the home, noting good and bad behavior!

Then each night, the little visitor…or elf in this case…would disappear during the night as sleepy little heads would go to bed.

It is surmised that the elf would fly to the North Pole to give a report to …of course. Santa Claus. 

Then the elf would fly back to the home to keep watch for another day.  

The strange thing is, the elf would find different and interesting places in the home to “watch” the children.

WELL, when the Captain and I discovered an elf on our fireplace mantle one morning in early December…we just assumed that all the other elves had found children to visit …but “our elf”…decided to visit a home with adults…. who from time to time could be as mischievous as children!

2014-12-07 11.12.42

The first thing the book said to do was to name your elf.

So the Captain decided “Scout” was a good name, as it was fitting… since he was going to scout around to see if we were behaving ourselves.

“Scout”, it turned out…was a bit mischievous himself.

I would like to share with you a few of his “hiding” places.

2014-12-26 10.08.48

One morning we awoke to find Scout taking a bubble bath….

2014-12-18 08.30.05

Another morning, he apparently tried to shave with my razor….Silly little elf!

2014-12-21 10.19.52

Here he is perched high above the living room and he is wearing Frosty the Snowman’s hat!!!

2014-12-26 09.53.37

Another morning we found Scout trying to hide among a snowman and the nutcracker on the kitchen counter.

2014-12-26 09.25.36

Then we found him wearing a flight jacket and goggles….he certainly does his homework on the adults in this family!

2014-12-09 10.42.23

I think he really likes aviation too…..

2014-12-09 10.41.58

Because we found him here among the airplane models in the Captain’s office.

2014-12-13 15.01.11

When we flew to Baltimore for the Army/Navy game….we were surprised to see that Scout followed us.

2014-12-13 08.27.33

And he had a sport’s jersey on….we do like our sports!

2014-12-15 18.12.33

And in our New York hotel room, Scout perched on one of the sconces.

2014-12-10 07.33.37

After arriving back in Florida…he seemed to be parched. He is drinking from one of my demitasse cups. He is a thirsty little bugger! πŸ˜‰

2014-12-23 07.56.17

You just couldn’t get away from that silly little rascal. πŸ™‚ (Evidently he had been out Ice skating at the North Pole)

2014-12-26 09.50.20

Here he is hiding among my milk bottles that sit on my counter….but I could see him!

2014-12-20 07.51.59

This morning…he is sitting on a gold reindeer in our bedroom.

2014-12-26 09.31.26

Oh, I almost forgot to show you this pic….after returning home from New York, we found Scout had evidently ridden home on a reindeer….he even had a little windbreaker on to keep the chill away. πŸ™‚

2014-12-26 10.02.48

Scout must be like me…and dipped into the candy dish once too many times. It appears he was trying to work in a little aerobics…again like me by using very lightweight bar-bells. tsk tsk tsk!

2014-12-11 07.19.51

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found that silly little elf one morning…..I think his tummy must have been upset….too much candy perhaps? 

2014-12-26 09.56.02One morning, the Captain and I talked about no snow in Florida….Scout must have heard us talking. That was really sweet!

2014-12-26 09.39.47

It apparently is tiring flying back and forth to the North Pole each night…so one morning I found Scout in the guest bathroom actually sleeping!!

2014-12-26 09.39.23

I hurried to alert the Captain that Scout was sound asleep.

But when we returned, Scout had turned over and was wide awake, watching us again!

2014-12-26 10.28.11

And then we found to our surprise…..Scout liked sports as much as we do!  We found him watching Sports Center and eating snacks!

Alas, today, …it is the day after Christmas and Scout did not appear anywhere in the house.

I looked everywhere! ;(

Apparently, we were on our best behavior for the month of December, because the Captain and I loved our presents. (more on that later) 

The Elf on the Shelf book said our elf would leave on Christmas Day, but he would return next year in December.

Sooooo my dear readers, did an elf visit your home this December?





AND…the Captain and I always remember the reason for the season…but it was great to have a little fun along with….:)

All Cinnamon is Not Created Equal

All Cinnamon is Not Created Equal…..

Not sure that phrasing is politically correct….but you know what I mean.

Recently “Little Mommie”  texted me to ask about my Christmas Cinnamon Hard Candy recipe.

I have several recipes, but she wanted it to be really spicy, as the recipes she had been using were very un-spicy!

(My printable recipe is below if you care to take a look)

“Little Mommie’s” request got me to thinking of the differences in that wonderful spice …cinnamon!


Stick Cinnamon

Who doesn’t love the memorable aroma and tastes of cinnamon?

For me, if I even say the words, Apple Pie,… my thoughts go to crisp, Autumn days, or Summertime picnics!

I can envision a hot apple pie cooling on the shelf of an open window…and my taste buds start working overtime, as I see the dark, reddish cinnamon mixed with sweet creamery butter, sliding and oozing all over and in between slices of apples!



Ground Cinnamon

We all have the ground cinnamon in our spice cabinets…and many of us have the cinnamon extract, but not too many cooks have the cinnamon oil on their shelves.


Cinnamon Extract

Both cinnamon extract and cinnamon oil are concentrated essences of cinnamon and can be substituted for one another in many recipes, however they are not the same!

Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon Oil

Does that sound like an oxymoron? 

Well, not really because the key to the difference is heat tolerance and flavor strength.

For example…..cinnamon oil is a very highly concentrated oil that is taken directly from cinnamon bark. (yes, the bark actually grows on trees, see a picture of a cinnamon tree in my post…Aha! Moments…)

Cinnamon oil is about four times as strong as cinnamon extract according to the Cook’s Thesaurus.

So four is the “key” to substitution. If you are using oil for the extract…divide the quantity by four.

If you are substituting cinnamon extract for the cinnamon oil…multiply by four.

Cinnamon extract is made by dissolving about 2 percent of cinnamon oil (or ground cinnamon or extract) into an alcohol solution….making it a weaker version of cinnamon oil….but stronger than ground cinnamon.

There is also good news in relation to cinnamon. 

According to the “Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition”, people who consume several milligrams of cinnamon extract, cinnamon powder or cinnamon oil showed a reduced risk of developing diabetes or heart disease.

Please check with your doctor…and always remember moderation is the key. (Please use caution if you are pregnant and considering cinnamon oil.)

2014-12-23 11.26.14

I always have red hots on hand….I keep them in my freezer! πŸ™‚


Which is another reason I use red hots in my cinnamon candy! 

Seriously, I wouldn’t want anyone to eat a bottle of ground cinnamon every day either….not that any of my dear readers would do such a thing.

BUT the author of this post might use more than a sprinkle on her oatmeal….if not warned. πŸ™‚

Ok, just joking, but I truly love cinnamon.

AND as an FYI…the shelf life of ground cinnamon is about 6-12 months and cinnamon sticks about 2-3 years …if stored in a dry place with air tight cap.

Below is the printable hard candy recipe I gave “Little Mommie”

Is Cinnamon a spice in your pantry?





Christmas Cinnamon Hard Candy
A hard candy that is not only Christmas pretty, it tastes very cinnamon-ey by the addition of red hots. A very nostalgic hard candy that can be made other times of the year as well.
Write a review
  1. 2 cups sugar
  2. 1/2 cup light corn syrup (I use Karo)
  3. 1/2 cup water
  4. 1 package of red hots
  5. red food coloring (as desired)
  1. Stir sugar, water and red hots over low heat stirring to dissolve sugar and melt the red hots.
  2. Allow mixture to come to a boil (not stirring now) and let temperature on candy thermometer reach 290 degrees
  3. Pour out onto a baking sheet covered in aluminum foil or parchment paper.
  4. Just before the candy cools completely…break into pieces using a mallet or hammer or heavy skillet.
  5. If you like, sometimes a pizza cutter works to cut even squares.
  6. Personally, I like the irregular pieces best.
  1. You could substitute 2 teaspoon cinnamon extract or a few drops of cinnamon oil, (which is a very strong oil)...but I prefer to use red hots.
  2. You do not need the red food coloring if using red hots...unless you want to make the candy a dark red color.
  3. Always use a candy thermometer and be very careful of the hot syrup splatters.
Me and My Captain

Romance on the Orient Express

Romance on the Orient Express!

Bucket list

Doesn’t the lady in the picture look like me? Well, sorta, kinda?

Ahhhhh….this trip has been on the top of my Bucket List for a very, long, long time!

Bucket list4

The schedule for the Istanbul-Bucharest-Budapest-Venice Journey

Yes, I know how expensive a trip on the Orient Express can be….this particular journey is about $9,000.00 per person!

I have looked it up! Yikes!

bucket list1


Imagine the car hops, bell boys, conductors or whatever they are called, assisting me with my luggage (that would most likely have potato chip grease or jelly donut smears that I had eaten on my plane ride to get to Istanbul)  …I mean just look at their white gloves!  I shudder to think of that picture! πŸ˜‰

Bucket list2

Dining Car

Imagine sitting in the dining car and eating crab legs….well, maybe not crab legs, as they can get a bit messy and I wouldn’t want to slip up and cause a pink-colored leg to go flying across the aisle to the next table, because I have never mastered those silly pincher tools! πŸ˜‰

Bucket list5


Yes, I have to confess that this trip of a lifetime is still on my Bucket List!

However, the Captain did try his best to get me on the next best thing….An Amtrak Train!

2014-12-14 10.39.31

Our Amtrak Train…..

It wasn’t the Orange Blossom Special or the Wabash Cannonball or any of the trains, Johnny Cash or Merle Haggard have sang about.  

Sang? Sung?…oh well, you know what I am saying.

2014-12-14 07.59.58

Our train was the 8:54 a.m. 152 NE Regional to New York!

So we took the Amtrak train from Baltimore, MD…to New York last week!

And Penn Station was beautiful…inside and out.

2014-12-14 08.05.51

Beautiful and Old Penn Station


2014-12-14 07.58.16

Inside the Train Station….very nostalgic!


2014-12-14 09.20.19

I think this was the Delaware River….;)

And the scenery floating by my window was…well, dreary and wintry looking. Well, it was the middle of December!

2014-12-14 11.01.18

Our very nice conductor!…he didn’t wear white gloves.

We were in Business Class….whoopee! I really don’t think there is much difference between the different classes on a train. πŸ™‚

And yes, there were conductors or a Bell MAN (he was definitely not a boy), or what ever they are called. 

So, I most likely will have the Orient Express remain on my Bucket List …and that is ok, because the Captain made our little trip on the Amtrak, pretty memorable and certainly romantic.

Do you have any train trips on your bucket list, my dear readers?

Have a great week before Christmas….and God Bless each and every one of you !





A Few of My Christmas Faves…..

A Few of My Christmas Faves…..

My dear readers, I have many favorites of Christmas and I thought I would share a few with you, as we do the countdown to Christmas.

Gosh, only 4 more days til Christmas!

Do you remember how slow time dragged by when when we were kids?

Now…it flies by so fast, that it about knocks me down as it whizzes away. πŸ™‚

1.  First and foremost is Christmas is the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ!


 After all…that is the real reason for the season. πŸ˜‰ 

2.  Family!  This is a time for all our loved ones to get together.  I am so very thankful for my children and grand children. 


 I love to see the excitement in their eyes.

3.  Next, who doesn’t love the smell of the green branches of a freshly cut Christmas Tree? 


Since moving to Florida, we have relied solely on artificial trees….but I love to go to one of the Christmas Tents and buy fresh greenery or sometimes I buy a wreath…

I just love that smell….can’t get enough of sniffing it!

4. Christmas Movies!frontofhousemovieweb (1)2

I love to watch the old Christmas Favorites like…“The Christmas Story”, “Miracle on 34th St”, “White Christmas”, “The Bishop’s Wife”.

5.  The Christmas Music!


I really love the “old” songs, like White Christmas and Silver Bells sung by Bing Crosby and Perry Como.  My radio…yes radio! πŸ™‚ (My Bose) is on a station that plays all the old favorites. 

6. Homey House Smells!


I love the smell of wassail simmering in the crock pot,  the cinnamon and spices wafting through the house!

Oh yeah!

7. Christmas Caroling!


Our church has a group that go out to nursing homes and shut-ins so they can “hear” the sounds of Christmas. This is most rewarding!

8. The Salvation Army Bell Ringers!
fave6  While in New York last week, the Captain and I would stand and watch the bell ringers sing along to recorded music and shake their bells.  

Some were really quite good and it put everyone into the spirit!…we were told more people donated more money after watching their performance! 

I just couldn’t resist sharing this Bell Ringer joke. It doesn’t take much to make me laugh! πŸ™‚

9.  Grandma’s Apple Raisin Cake!

fave8OH, how yummy and this was probably the closest we would get to a fruit cake… as most in our family did not like fruit cake. πŸ˜‰

I always loved the smells of Grandma’s house! πŸ˜‰

10. On-line Shopping!

fave9Yep, I can pick out the item, choose a color, pay a couple bucks for wrapping and shipping it to the selected person.

Sooooo easy!

And Yes, I bought the Captain’s present on-line …..but I can’t tell you what it is.

He would read about it….and then it wouldn’t be a surprise….:) …but I promise I will show you after he opens his gift. πŸ™‚ 

Do you, my dear readers…. have your own Christmas Favorites?

Share them if you like.





Baltimore…Army/Navy Game

Baltimore…Army/Navy Game!

Yes, this is partly about sports….oh, what am I saying….it is sports related. πŸ™‚

Last week, the Captain and I flew to Baltimore to attend the Captain’s Alumni Dinner and to watch the Army/Navy game.

army navy

Of course, anyone (including my Captain) under the coat tails of Admiral Farragut…would have to cheer for the Navy! …and I am not even mentioning the twins were in the Navy as well as their father…so we are definitely a Navy family.

army navy6


Oh, I guess I did mention it, didn’t I?

You know I can be a bit weird! πŸ˜‰

The Alumni dinner was the night before. (more on that later) and then it was on to the game the next day where tickets had been purchased in blocks for all the alumni.

Our seats were 12 rows up from the field, right on the 30 yard line….giving one a false sense of security, thinking it would be warmer nearer the field!

2014-12-13 11.19.22

Walking to the game…..

It was so cold in Baltimore that It just reinforced why we live in Florida! 

army navy1


It was bitter cold….and the game watching produced frozen toes and fingers as the sun went down and the evening cold just got colder! 

Ok…not completely frozen… but they were numb.

army navy4

The Navy rushing off the field after winning 17-10

The Navy won 17-10….and they have won the last 13 meetings with Army.

army navy2

The Army had to sing the Navy song after their loss


But that is really not the point….the significance of our military playing together…it becomes “America’s Game”

It was an honor to watch the young people of America come together…they really are all “one”.

Did you… my readers, catch any of the Army-Navy Game Last Saturday?

I am still trying to thaw out all my extremities….;) 

Give me the Florida sunshine and tropical waters anytime! πŸ˜‰





Cindy Lou Who and the Gingerbread House

Cindy Lou Who and the Gingerbread House!

Yes, I am at it again…giving special people, special names…so let me introduce you to Cindy Lou Who!

Cindy Lou Who

Cindy Lou Who

One of my neighbors, has a little grand daughter who is visiting with her family for the Christmas Holidays! 

She is just about the cutest little thing with blonde ringlets surrounding her little round cheeks.

I decided she should be called…Cindy Lou Who!

(For those of you who know the story of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”...I am sure you will remember little Cindy Lou Who!)

Anyway, I ran into…(not literally) haha! Cindy Lou Who and her grandmother in the super market, where I was about to buy a gingerbread House kit.

Each year, I make several houses and put them on display on my cabinets as part of my Christmas decor.

2014-12-18 12.32.53

The house is pre-baked and ready to “glue” together.

Yes, most times I buy a kit, which has the pre-made gingerbread… but I use most of my own decorating candies etc.

2014-12-18 12.43.00

Each piece needs at least a minute to bond. I like to let the icing sit a bit on the piece before sticking together.

Plus, one never has enough frosting in those kits, so I make more icing and buy those tubes of colored icing to go with.

2014-12-18 13.37.12

frosting and gum drops and peppermint candies

So, it just so happened that little Cindy Lou Who, had never made a gingerbread house ….. so I invited her and her grandmother over to my home to make her first gingerbread house while her grandmother and I sipped tea and munched on Christmas Cookies.

Quite a deal huh?  Child labor to do my work for me!

Seriously, it turned out to be a great experience as it brought back memories of my children making gingerbread houses.

2014-12-18 14.11.39

I watched as Cindy Lou Who’s little fingers became coated with frosting  (and the granite counter-tops too) as she meticulously placed candies on the house and roof top.

She had helped me put the house together and I have to admit…a carpenter might think the house a little crooked…but we didn’t and don’t care.

2014-12-18 14.12.14

I believe that little “snow” streak was a little finger taking a taste! πŸ˜‰

Who needs perfect when little ones are learning what to do in a kitchen….and they are so eager and excited to help.

When the gingerbread house was finished…(to Cindy Lou Who’s satisfaction)…I promised her the house would have a prominent place on my cabinet-top for my Annual Christmas Open House….which is the 21st of December this year.

We have no family living close to us and so it was wonderful having a little one in my kitchen again. 

I so enjoyed this little girl and her imagination….

2014-12-18 14.05.58

And her gingerbread house is beautiful, isn’t it?

Do you my dear readers, encourage your little ones to help in the kitchen?

Believe me when I tell you that the memories you make today… will last a lifetime.





PS…when I told her mother I was going to post Cindy Lou Who’s gingerbread house, she asked that I not use pictures of her little girl and of course I understand and respect that.

Hence….little Cindy Lou Who!!!!! πŸ™‚

cindy lou who


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