Mysteries Of The Deep….Near Me!

This morning the Captain and I slept in a little late….well, for us it was a little late.  Say until 8:00 a.m. So, as we dressed… we decided to jump in the convertible and drive down to one of our […]

baby lima

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This….

My dear readers, it is certainly HOT all over this wonderful country of ours isn’t it? Whew! Thank goodness, we have air conditioning which is certainly a life saver when cooking in the kitchen….and I have been cooking in the […]

Bennington, KS4

White Bucks And A Hot Summer Day of My Youth…..

For those who know me well, which is mostly my husband, children and grand children, they most likely feel that I am always telling stories!   Someone can ask a simple question and I end up going through a dissertation,… […]

tablescape nautical10

Ship Ahoy! Shrimp Boats Are A Comin’

  My dear readers…I do love to play with my dishes as those who know me can attest. AND I absolutely love fresh shrimp and anything nautical so I put them all together and they spell….another nautical tablescape and a […]


Is There Something I Should Know?

My dear readers…. I know, ….you are familiar with my attempt at humor, my sarcasm and my many stories to tell.   Many of you have called (or emailed) to tell me that a particular post was so funny that […]


Mysteries Of The Deep….Near Me!


This morning the Captain and I slept in a little late….well, for us it was a little late.  Say until 8:00 a.m.

So, as we dressed… we decided to jump in the convertible and drive down to one of our favorite outdoor breakfast places…down on the water.

It was such a beautiful day.  A cool tropical breeze….the bright lime-green Monk Parrots that live on the Cape were chattering in the tops of the palm trees, ….flying and perching and fluttering about.

boathouse parrotsThe sea gulls were swooping down from time to time, catching their fresh breakfast near the top of the water and then taking it to the sandy beach below the outdoor deck of the restaurant.  

Yes, a perfect day in Paradise.

Shortly after placing our breakfast order, the cheery little server brought our mimosas and as she turned around I noticed her T-shirt with a  “DEA” decal on the back and I had to laugh …..



And then …..

And then……we noticed a gathering of people on the Pier.  

They first peered over one side and then quickly ran to the other side to peer over that side.

It was obvious…something was in the water that attracted their attention. 

I just assumed the few people gathered on the pier were mostly tourists,… and were looking at the usual variety of “baitfish” that swim in and around the pilings ….which of course attract fish such as Snook, Grouper, Spanish Mackerel, Flounder and Sheepshead. 

The server brought our breakfasts and I nibbled on my toast while watching intently as the scene on the pier unfolded.  I was hoping to get an idea of what was causing all the commotion…. without having to leave my comfortable perch on one of the high top stools. 


I noticed there were children playing on the beach to my right and there were children in the water who seemed oblivious to any action near the pier….so I assumed there was nothing dangerous to man or child…just some sort of curiosity.



After about 15 minutes,  my interest was piqued just a bit more when a Marine Research boat suddenly appeared out of nowhere and tossed an anchor over the side of the boat….staying to the left of the walking pier. 


Again, my eyes turned to the children playing in the water, seemingly unaffected by boats and jet-skis.  The 8-10 children continued to play frisbee in the water near the beach and I noted two young adult supervisors in the water with them, so I assumed they were from a “camp” and this was one of the camp counselor activities.  


And then my gaze went back to the Marine Research boat and I saw two young women jump over and into the water….they half swam, half walked towards the pier and disappeared under the pier.  They were tugging a large container which appeared to be a beverage cooler of some kind, although I don’t suppose marine biologists haul around beer coolers on their research boats…but then one never knows. πŸ™‚



By this time, my eggs were sitting with their sunny side up yolks split open, cooling and jelling…. as I continued to watch the scene being played out under and near the Pier. 

Meanwhile, the Captain was devouring a huge stack of Tropical pancakes which he explained were pancakes with orange marmalade stirred into the batter…and he kept muttering how delicious they were as he from time to time looked out at the action on the water.

“Are you curious as to what is going on out there?” I asked pushing my unappetizing looking plate to the side.

He paused and gazed out for a bit and then said:

“… someone probably caught a small shark”! 

I glanced around at the people on the pier and have to admit I did see a few people with fishing poles…but they certainly were not fishing at the moment.

“Hmmmmm, perhaps you are right.”  I mused as I sipped my Mimosa, knocking my little umbrella to the floor of the deck.

As I looked down at the pretty orange umbrella, gently being moved around by the tropical breeze…the Captain jumped up to fetch the umbrella for me.

“Aaah… while you are up,”    I hesitated as I stammered….

“I don’t suppose you want to walk out on the pier and see exactly what is going on?  I would go, but my knee was aching almost all night long”,  I added, rubbing my knee as if to confirm my malady.  

Actually, I would rather sit in the cool open air deck, sipping my drink instead of walking down all those stairs and then hiking out to the middle of the pier, only to discover it was really nothing but fish.

Shameless!  I know. 

And I do feel a bit guilty….well, maybe not.

The Captain looked down at his plate and the remainder of his tropical pancakes still oozing with sticky syrup and then he looked up and out on the Pier.  

He must have determined that he really didn’t need to finish off the plate of flap jacks because he said…”I’ll be right back” and he walked out and onto the Pier.


I watched as he joined the people peering over the railing…and then he moved to get a better position closer to the rail.  

He looked back at me but gave no indication as to the cause of the attraction, so I continued to sip my refreshed coffee, letting the server clear away the half eaten plates of food, assuming there were no dangerous shark or sting ray that could possibly cause consternation among the gathering.

I was also hoping that the Captain was actually finished eating his pancakes….I mean, who would want to finish up cold pancakes with even colder syrup?

At this point, the Captain was leisurely walking back towards the BoatHouse Restaurant which features all open air seating….stopping from time to time to peer over the railings, but eventually making his way back to our high top table.

” A woman caught this on her fishing pole”, he said as he thrust his IPhone camera close to me and showed me a picture of a sawtooth fish.


“Oh,” I commented as I withdrew like the fish was going to jump out at me…”I was reading in the paper that there seem to be a few of them hanging around the shallow waters near a few of the piers in SW Florida these days, …….what are they going to do with it?”  

“The biologists are going to tag it, mark it’s weight and a few other things and then they are going to put it back in the water”,  he said as he took over my mimosa and finished gulping it down.  (you see I very rarely finish a drink…and when the Captain sees my drink beginning to water down…he jumps to my rescue and finishes it off for me…what a guy!) πŸ™‚

I didn’t realize it, but there is a hotline number anglers can call when they catch one of these (apparently rare) prehistoric-looking fish that are related to the sting ray, but look sorta like a shark and a little like a gar. See the sawtooth fish pic I googled below.

boathouse sawtooth fish



Now, I don’t know about you…but I would not want to meet up with one of these “toothy” fish….and the one caught off the pier was about 4 foot long which is about 3 foot 11 1/2 inches too big for me!


Have a great and blessed day!




It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This….

baby lima

My dear readers, it is certainly HOT all over this wonderful country of ours isn’t it?

Whew! Thank goodness, we have air conditioning which is certainly a life saver when cooking in the kitchen….and I have been cooking in the kitchen today.

The Captain is flying home today and I always try to have a good home cooked meal waiting for him and today I decided to use some of the Farmer’s Market fresh Lima Beans but you could just as easily use the frozen lima beans if there are no Farmer’s Markets in your area, or you don’t particularly like to shell peas or beans.

I had to laugh as I remembered my description of a grandma telling stories on the front porch and snapping green beans….it is sorta the same thing when I shelled the baby lima beans today.

But I digress a bit….

It seems like I grew up with a pot of beans simmering on the back of the stove, no matter where I lived.

In the Midwest, it was Navy Beans and Ham.

In the Southwest, it was Pinto Beans and Ham.

In the Northwest, it was Black Beans.

In the Southeast, it is Lima Beans and Ham.

However, all kinds of beans are cooked and eaten in all parts of the country.  I especially like a variation of cooked beans,….a sweet and tangy baked bean which originators say came from the Northeast, the Boston area to be precise.  

Or the Field Peas or Black-Eyed Peas (which are really not peas, but beans) of the deep South.

First the facts:

  • Beans are high in protein and low in fat.
  • They are a great source of soluble fiber which helps remove harmful cholesterol from your body before it’s absorbed.
  • Incorporating beans into your diet can help lower your cholesterol 
  • And reduce your risk for heart disease, heart attacks, and breast & prostate cancer.

Ok, now we know beans are good for you but most importantly…they simply taste good and are really easy to prepare, provided you keep an eye on them when they are simmering on the back of the stove.

Yes, they can boil dry…NOT that I have ever let that happen over the years.

OK, yes, I have let that happen a time or two because it is very easy to do if you don’t keep an eye on “the beans”.

You can use a pressure cooker which will assure that your beans don’t boil dry, that is if you follow the directions correctly. 

And you can use a slow cooker or crock pot to cook your beans, another easy and sure fire way they won’t boil dry.

However, I prefer to use the old fashioned method of simmering on the back of my stove.

I know, I like to live dangerously! πŸ˜‰

And if you pair your beans with either home made dinner rolls or cornbread…..I mean to tell you…it doesn’t get any better than this.

Simple, cheap and easy to prepare meal that can last for up to two meals, which like most chilli, soups and stews seem to taste even better the next day.

Or if you have leftover Lima beans….you can make a succotash which would be adding corn, carrots and whatever veggies you have hanging around your kitchen.  Simple and delish side dish.

Plain comfort cooking at it’s best.

baby lima1

The recipe below is for green Lima beans.  Some call them white butter beans….you can use either in this recipe but I like the green creamy texture of green baby lima beans.

baby lima

I use onion and ham hocks for flavoring my lima beans, but you can use ham or a ham bone with bits of meat.  I really don’t like to spare the ham flavoring so I sometimes add more ham than my ham hocks provide.

When cooked, I also like to remove the bone and pick off the meat so the bones don’t take up so much space in the beans. But the bones are definite flavoring you don’t want to leave out. And you will note that I also add some bacon fat for a little additional flavoring.  You can leave that out of your lima beans, but why would you want to not have that extra little “sumpton sumpton” to make your beans taste even better?

Have a Blessed and Glorious Day!




Lima Beans N' Ham
Who doesn't love a pot of beans simmering on the back of the stove? I grew up with that wonderful aroma filling our kitchen and I carry on that tradition in my home.
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  1. 2 smoked ham hocks (or you can use leftover ham)
  2. 2 quarts water
  3. 6 cups thawed from frozen baby lima beans (or if shelling fresh, about 2 pounds)
  4. 1 tablespoon chicken bouillon or base (I use Better than Bouillon, it is always in my fridge)
  5. 1/4 cup chopped onion
  6. Pinch sugar
  7. 1/4 cup country ham or baked ham, torn or chopped, (for additional meat in your beans, if desired)
  8. Salt and pepper, to taste
  9. 1 tablespoon of butter or bacon fat (I use bacon fat)
  1. Fill pot with water and add ham hocks. Bring to a boil, reduce to a medium boil and cook uncovered for 30 minutes. Reserve water, skimming off any accumulated foam. Add beans, chicken base/bouillon, onion, sugar and additional ham, bringing water back up to a boil. Reduce to a low simmer and cook, partially covered for 30 to 45 minutes, or longer, until beans are tender and creamy. Remove hock, pick off any meat and add to pot, along with butter or bacon fat. Taste and add salt and pepper, as needed.
  1. Substitute homemade or commercial chicken broth for the water and base, if desired.
Me and My Captain

White Bucks And A Hot Summer Day of My Youth…..

Bennington, KS4

For those who know me well, which is mostly my husband, children and grand children, they most likely feel that I am always telling stories!
Someone can ask a simple question and I end up going through a dissertation,… that for most people would take maybe 30 seconds tops, but I am compelled to make a “story” out of it.  
I mean there are so many details that could be forgotten for-e-ver… if I didn’t do my duty of passing information down to my loved ones and anyone else who will listen or in the case of this blog…read.
I can’t help it.
I really do have a lot of stories to tell….I mean, let’s face it…I have been around awhile and I guess you could safely say that I am the matriarch of our family.
You know, like the old lady with the weathered face and her loose strays of graying hair pulling loose from the messy bun carelessly pinned to the back of her head.
You know, the one who sits in a old, white, paint-chipped rocking chair on a creaking front porch, the slightly soiled apron resting in her lap full of fresh green beans from the garden as she snaps and tosses the stem ends in a rusty colander at her feet.
You know, and she is surrounded by lots of young-uns, her own grandkids and great grandkids and perhaps a few stray neighbor kids who have nothing better to do on a hot July afternoon than sit and listen mesmerized to the stories she tells.
Yep, there are stories to tell and I don’t mean of pioneer days and crossing the Kansas prairies in a Conestoga (covered) wagon or panning for gold in Alaska….even though a couple of my children, and one dear co-worker from years ago, may think I am that old.
No, the stories I have to tell are simple, day to day living stories.  
Routine stories of a family living in the country of a very small town.  A town with no stop lights except for the one blinking light at the intersection of the main street and Highway 18….and certainly no drive-thru fast food anything!
Bennington, KS4
 The main street which was (and still is) only a block long… (pic above is facing North, and pic below is facing South)….
had a hardware store, small grocery store, meat locker, small restaurant, (owned by my family for a few years), a drug store and of course the epitome of small town living… the pool hall on the corner.  (Right side, tall building on the corner in the below pic.)
Bennington, KS3
You know, the pool hall your parents called a beer joint and admonished all to “stay away” from. They didn’t want the horrors of the pool and snooker shooters, along with the town beer drinkers to taint their children. Soooo when walking home from the little grocery store, we always crossed the street to the “safe side” before we got to the open doors and the echoing sounds of pool balls hitting in a game of billiards or the clanking of beer bottles as they were tossed away. 
*Just a little irony to this story….the restaurant my Mom and Dad owned….you can see a little red sign sticking out of the building on the left of the above picture…..that sign I believe says “Coors”…yep, that building is now the “beer joint”! πŸ˜‰  You can’t make this stuff up folks! 
Bennington, KS5
The pic above is of the drug store….pretty much the same today as it was back then. The bar stools were wooden and the front of the soda fountain was a blackish bronze.  It is called the “Linger Long” I believe.
But back to my story…I tend to digress just a bit.  Oh, before, I get back on track….I just learned a bit of information, not to long ago… that this quaint little town had a horrible fire in April of 1912, about 2 weeks after the Titanic sank and NO, I was not around in  those days.  WAAAAY before my time.  Just sayin’.
My blog is filled with my stories. Some are witty with a bit of sarcasm, Some are funny and Some perhaps “fall flat”… but they are all my stories.

Last year, when my beautiful grand daughter number 3 visited…I was sitting on the lanai, cool drink in hand as she, her fiance and the Captain swam in the pool.   I had just gotten out of the pool and something was casually said about my Father and the next thing I knew, beautiful grand daughter said….”I didn’t know that”….”tell me that story”….”no one ever told me that”, and so the story telling would begin.

You see?

I tell stories.

And today, I was thinking back to a very hot July day in that little town I grew up in. There was not a whole lot to do as the closest mall (if you could call it that) was 20-30 minutes away….and still is to this day.  

And….remember that this was a time before all the social networking, texting on cell phones and Google. These were the good old days when you actually had to call your friends to plan something to do.  AND the call was placed on your single home phone, which was certainly not a source of entertaining games.  The dials were rotary. and my little town didn’t even get rotary phones for the rural areas until much much later.  In fact, before my parents bought the restaurant, my Mother (and me) worked the switchboard in the telephone office.  (another story for another time) 

That particular summer, one of my gal pals and I were sitting on the back porch of her house, knocking the excess flour off our white buck shoes.

bennington, ks8

The attire of the day was the usual faded blue jeans… (pale baby blue denim) to you folks who think of “faded” as the dark faded jeans of today.  

No, these blue jeans were a pretty shade of baby blue and even though they were called “faded”…they were not faded at all.  They were dyed a very light blue that was not splotchy but color consistent.  And they were soft.  I actually think they were bleached white and then dyed that pretty shade of blue and they fit snugly.  

I tried to look on the internet for an old vintage picture  of the pale blue jeans and I never found anything that looked the same.  Who knows?  Maybe in that little dinky town…we were ahead of our time? ) not hardly!

bennington, ks7

We had the legs of these jeans rolled up neatly to just below our knees because that is the way we wore them.  (See above pic in our regular dark denim blue jeans)

Our crisp, white cotton shirts were tucked in neatly.  Our feet wore white bobby sox, coupled with the famous white buck shoes that had the awful habit of becoming scuffed and dirty, so in order to keep them white…we would dust them with all purpose flour from our mother’s kitchens.  It became a ritual to “flour” your shoes just before going off to high school each day…. which had to be done outside, because our Moms frowned on the whole kitchen being dusted with flour!  White bucks had an almost suede surface which couldn’t be polished.  We had all determined that flour dusting was the way to go.  Luckily we walked everywhere and to school.  This gave our shoes time to rid themselves of the crime scene footprint of flour, so we wouldn’t be embarrassed in the classrooms or anywhere.

So, here we were.  Dressed nicely.  Shoes floured.  And Bored with nothing to do.  Our allowances were spent so we wouldn’t be able to hang out at the corner drug store drinking green rivers or cherry phosphates and eating Guy’s potato chips, which was one of our favorite pastimes.

Bennington, KS5

All of a sudden, I had a great idea.

“lets go down to the river and take pictures with my new Brownie camera.”

My Mom had gotten me the camera because I kept begging her for one.  

I mean all the other kids had cameras of their own and I knew my parents would never allow me to use the fancy, complicated camera my Dad brought back from Germany after the war.

So my mother got me a Brownie camera much like this one pictured below except mine had plastic knobs rather than metal….probably the closest thing to a point and shoot in those days.  I probably didn’t deserve it, but she always seem to favor her oldest daughter.  I will never forget that. Thanks Mom, for loving me first.

Bennington, KS6

So off we went through the main street of town, took a left and walked to Sand Creek…in other words, the river.

We took the little dirt foot path down a slight incline to the edge of the water and to our surprise…there was an old row boat fastened to a tree branch at the water’s edge.

What a photographer’s dream!

We didn’t know who it belonged to….and we had to admit that we probably shouldn’t get into the boat for pictures… but we did it anyway.

I decided that I would be the first one photographed so I climbed into the boat and positioned myself on the middle seat so that I could prop one of my legs up on the front seat and lean back in a provocative pose.  My rolled up jeans looked cute with my tanned leg looking even darker against my white bobby sox and white buck shoes.  I know I looked “cool”.

My friend took several pictures of me and of course we couldn’t see the results because the film had to be taken to the drug store for processing.

Again, please remember this was before cell phone pictures although I do believe Polaroid pictures were around then….. but none of the people I ran around with had cameras like that.

So then it was her turn to pose in the boat and I got out and she got in and I took over the task of being the photographer… as she did many of the same poses I did…(I was a leader even back then) and I snapped away.

And just as she was about to get out of the boat….she actually had one foot on the bank of the creek and one still in the boat when we heard the booming voice at the top of the incline.

“Get out of my Boat” the gruff voice yelled. And in her haste to finish getting out of the boat, my friend slipped on the bank and her foot slid right into the creek. 

“Oh Nooooo!” I yelled. “Look at your white Bucks”!!! 

You see, I was more concerned about her ruining her white buck shoes in that dirty old river water than being in trouble with the gruff voice behind me. 

I grabbed her hand and she sorta did the splits as one of her white bucks gave a slurpy sound as it slid off of her foot and sank into the muddy river bottom.  Luckily the creek was only about a foot deep at the edge, but now her other foot was in the water as she became so unbalanced.  Probably because I was tugging on her arm with one of my hands.  I had the camera in the other hand and I couldn’t let go of my prized possession….and I was trying to keep my white bucks  out and away from that murky water.

By this time the gruffy voiced man yanked my friend out of the water while muttering all sorts of obscenities and sort of tossed her onto the bank.  She lay there all sprawled out with big dirty brown splotches of river water on her pretty baby blue jeans.  One of her once white bobby sox’s was now hanging limply on her foot, half on and half off and it was an ugly, motley  shade of brown. 

“I need my shoe”, she half cried and I looked at the craggy face of the old man who was putting the tether rope back in his boat, and I said in the sweetest voice I could muster…

“can you see my friend’s shoe down there?”

The old man grimaced, muttered something under his breath and reached down in the water and brought up the mucky brown shoe, dripping with muddy river water.

As he handed me the dripping shoe, I smiled sweetly and thanked him, holding the shoe as far away from me as possible.

I think I did my best acting that day of the grateful heroine, saving my friend.

Although my friend cried,  almost all the way home as she hobbled along the bumpy small town sidewalks, uprooted by tree roots, yes, she cried for her white bucks!

When we got to her house, we took the garden hose to try to wash off the dirty river water but it just made matters worse. Both her white buck shoes were ruined. 

It didn’t really matter about the white bucks, because as with all things….the next school year we had turned to penny loafers….our white bucks growing dust bunnies in our closets.

Years later, when going through some old pictures in Mom’s picture box…I came across those pictures we took on the river that day.  I tossed them back into the pile of pictures, perhaps dismissing them because of our silly school girl antics…. and I have never seen them since.

But I do think back to that day….on a hot July day with nothing to do but reminisce and tell stories to anyone who will listen to me. 

Have a great and blessed day!




Ship Ahoy! Shrimp Boats Are A Comin’

tablescape nautical10

tablescape nautical10


My dear readers…I do love to play with my dishes as those who know me can attest.

AND I absolutely love fresh shrimp and anything nautical so I put them all together and they spell….another nautical tablescape and a wonderful Seafood dinner!.

tablescape nautical9

Some of my readers ask where I purchased many of my sets of dishes and I will always tell you…. if I can remember.  

You see, some of these sets of dishes I have had in my Dish Pantry a long, long time.  I just can’t part with them.  Although just before we moved to Florida, I did sell off and give away quite a few sets of my dishes and yes, I do confess…some I regret.  

But we always need to make room for more and weed out the least used dinnerware.  Right?  Maybe if I say that often enough, I will begin to believe it!  πŸ™‚

tablescape nautical5

I really love these Shell dishes and I purchased them about 6 years ago at Kohl’s.  They were having a sale and I just couldn’t resist this cream colored sand dollar plate etched in turquoise.  And so, I just had to purchase a few more pieces and when I serve a meal on them, my guests ooh and aah when they see them.  I do believe they are still around if you would like to look into purchasing a few pieces. 

tablescape nautical4

I really liked the turquoise glasses when I saw them at Pier 1 about 10 years ago.  They just reminded me of the Ocean.

tablescape nautical3

The napkin rings are made up of sea shells and I purchased them at Bed Bath & Beyond a couple years ago.  

The napkins are a purchase from Target, also several years ago.

tablescape nautical1

The little pelican was a Hobby Lobby purchase in Kansas City…about 10 years ago.  He sits on a peg that can be raised and lowered.

tablescape nautical7

The above pic is a better pic of the sea shell salad plate.  I have it sitting on a white dinner plate and rattan charger.

tablescape nautical

The lantern in the center of the table is a Home Goods find.  I have been thinking of painting it with white chalk paint.  

The Captain tells me that I slap chalk paint on anything that sits still for five minutes and he is right.  

I recently painted all the legs of my more formal dining room chairs and my kitchen nook pedestal that sits below the glass table in these pictures.

tablescape nautical6

There were so many pieces to the Shell Dishware, that I couldn’t decide on just one or two pieces.  

I have several large and small shell serving dishes…one in particular will hold cocktail sauce and the other will hold veggies….celery, cauliflower and broccoli. One huge shell bowl will be filled with a bag of crushed ice for the pink, fresh shrimp I plan to fill it with. (sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the bowl)

tablescape nautical8

The turquoise flatware was a purchase from a Kansas City K-Mart….several years ago.  I really like how the handles resemble sea glass.

This tablescape is simple. And the seafood dinner will be simple too.  

It will be like one very large shrimp cocktail, a garden salad with home made Bleu Cheese Dressing, Warm, crusty bread, and a pitcher of a favorite tropical cocktail….perhaps a Mango Strawberry Colada and of course, every Southerner’s favorite…. plenty of Sweet Tea!  Personally, I don’t use sugar in my iced tea, but many of our friends do.

There are just a few little things to do to get prepared for this Fresh Shrimp dinner.  

  • Make up a herb butter spread, and the Bleu Cheese Dressing….then mix up the home made cocktail sauce and place all in the fridge.
  • Pick up garden salad ingredients at the local Farmer’s Market! Vine ripe tomatoes, lettuces, sweet onions, cucumbers, bell peppers and radishes. Yum!
  • Stop off at the bakery for a loaf of freshly baked Italian bread.
  • Drive down to the Seafood Market where the fresh shrimp has just come off the shrimp boats and load my cooler with lots of shrimp..
  • Place a candle in the lantern….

And the Captain and I will be ready to entertain our guests.

Have a great day….and enjoy your Summer!




Is There Something I Should Know?



My dear readers….

I know, ….you are familiar with my attempt at humor, my sarcasm and my many stories to tell.  

Many of you have called (or emailed) to tell me that a particular post was so funny that you were still laughing.  

Many have said I should be writing a book, that I have a way with words…. which, unbeknownst to many, I started writing many years ago.  I have one notebook full of nothing but poems that I have written over the years.

Actually, I do have 4 books, each in various stages of writing, but mainly NONE completed or published…. stored both in paper form and tucked away on my laptop.

(At this point, my friend Sandy will scold me for not finishing my very first book that she “critiqued” so many years ago…so I accept my 20 lashes with a wet noodle from you, my literary friend!)

I am not sure at what stage of my life my sense of humor started to seep out into my everyday conversations …but I found over the years that it was a way to cope with the daily stress and strife, and sprinkled with a bit of sarcasm, I seem to have a way of telling it like it is. It is a gift, I am told. And we are also told that all gifts come from God and I firmly believe that.

I love to laugh and I love to make people laugh.  How many times have we heard the adage that laughter is the best medicine? I am sure you are aware that old “saying” came from the Bible, Proverbs 17:22 to be exact.

 β€œA cheerful heart is like good medicine. But a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

Yes, my friends….the Bible tells us that God wants us to be happy and cheerful. And if I can make you smile with my stories, then I am smiling too. So if I am helping you get through what is perhaps a tough time, or just providing you with an amusing anecdote….it is actually helping me too.:)

I say all that to say this…..I have a confession to make. (don’t I always?)

As you know, I retired from Boeing about 4 years ago. If you have followed me on this blog, you also are aware of my love of Sports, (ie; Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals)….Old Movies, and Green Tea, not necessarily in that order.  

However, I am not sure you are aware that my faith, particularly my personal relationship with Jesus Christ is more important that all the rest thrown together! 

I have spoken on this blog, about my quiet time, in my Secret Garden in the early mornings, … my small etched-out time (in what perhaps is a very busy day)….it is a quiet time of meditation, reflection, prayer and Bible Study. It can be 5 minutes or 25 minutes.  It is a time when I ask the question…”Is There Something I Should know?” as I seek direction in my daily life.

Yes, I have written from time to time about my faith and have included favorite Bible verses….but a few months ago, I began to feel that I should be doing more, that I needed to use this gift of writing to glorify God, because He gave me this gift.  It is He who inspires me to put the jumbled thoughts racing around in my head into a cohesive form that is not only understandable, but relatable by my readers.  AND I believe it is up to me, as a Christian and Believer to share God’s Good News, especially in these dire times of terrorism and tragedy, when many people see no hope for the future.

Sunday, Pastor Keith quoted a passage from Matthew 10:32,33...which says: 

Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven”.

Those are pretty strong words and I, for one do not want to be denied by God for not speaking out about my faith. God has proven to be all things to me…..My Savior, first and foremost.  I turned my life over to Him on April 17, 1967.

He is also my Comforter….I could not have endured the pain of losing my loved ones without His comforting words, which stood out in BOLD when reading my Bible.

And He is my Provider.  He has provided all my needs through-out the 49 years that I have known Him, providing in ways I could not or would not understand, but there for me none-the-less.

Philippians 4:19 promises: 

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”.

My friends, I am so unworthy, and yet, He Loves Me.  How can I not post about the good things He has done for me and share the Good News that He has and will do for you too.

So I make this promise… that from time to time, I will post a faith based experience, hopefully it will be encouraging and uplifting and if they also happen to be humorous, that is a bonus for me!


Until then…

Blessings and Hugs

In Christ




Who Ya Gonna Call?? Dor-reeee!

movie review12

movie review12

GhostBusters!  Of course! Or Dory, if she is lost!

My dear readers, the Captain and I love love love movies! And we went to two movies over the past week-end.

“Finding Dory” and “Ghostbusters”!

We wanted something funny…no drama.  

That is why we chose lighthearted movies to watch on Saturday and on Sunday.  

I have to tell you both movies made us laugh….and laughing just makes you feel good, doesn’t it?

We laughed at Dory and all the other fish in the sea, especially Hank.

And we laughed when we recognized actors from the previous “Ghostbusters” movie in cameo roles, in the movie of the same name….we nudged each other and laughed again!

First up was the movie “Finding Dory”!

movie review

In my opinion, the “Finding Dory” storyline was as great as the first movie.  

I simply love the “baby” fishes and we get to see adorable Dory as a baby in flashbacks.

The actors whose voices are featured…. are below: 

movie review6

movie review5

And although she is not pictured above…Sigourney Weaver, who, ironically is also featured in the “Ghostbusters” movie…her voice is also featured in “Finding Dory”.

movie review1

The story line plot goes like this: Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) is a wide-eyed, blue tang fish who suffers from memory loss every 10 seconds or so. The one thing she can remember is that she somehow became separated from her parents as a child. With help from her friends Nemo and Marlin, Dory embarks on an epic adventure to find them. Her journey brings her to the Marine Life Institute, a conservatory that houses diverse ocean species. Dory now knows that her family reunion will only happen if she can save mom and dad from captivity.

movie review2

I loved all the characters, but I laughed the most at Hank, the Octopus who is able to morph into any structure’s color, which provides a lot of laughs when the credits roll.  Reminds me of the antics of the Pink Panther Movies.  Hank’s voice is Ed O’Neil from the old “Married With Children” and “Modern Family” TV sitcoms. Fun stuff. 

The premise of “Ghostbusters” is pretty much the same as the original “Ghostbusters” movie, except the cast is all women.

movie review7

The storyline plot goes like this:  Paranormal researcher Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) and physicist Erin Gilbert are trying to prove that ghosts exist in modern society. When strange apparitions appear in Manhattan, Gilbert and Yates turn to engineer Jillian Holtzmann for help. Also joining the team is Patty Tolan, a lifelong New Yorker who knows the city inside and out. Armed with proton packs and plenty of attitude, the four women prepare for an epic battle as more than 1,000 mischievous ghouls descend on Times Square.

movie review11

There are so many one-liners and gags, that one has to be on alert to catch all of them.  The Captain and I laughed all through this movie.

movie review9

I especially liked the receptionist who answered the phone for these ladies.  Let us just say he was quite handsome but a bit “ditzy”

movie review8

There are appearances of the famous marshmallow man and the green glob that slimmed everyone….but I am sure if you see this movie, you will also be looking for the original actors in their cameo roles.

And listen for the famous line….”I ain’t afraid of no ghosts”!

I would like to know if you have seen these two movies and if so, what are your comments?

Have a great and Blessed Tuesday and be sure to laugh today…or at least smile!





Corn Dogs, Funnel Cakes and Salt Water Taffy

funnel cakes13

funnel cakes1

Don’t ya just love going to a State or County Fair and seeing all the available food choices?

The aromas are the first to attack your sense of smell….they just smell so good and make you want to buy one of each!

Corn Dogs, Funnel Cakes and Salt Water Taffy are just a few of my favorites.  

Corn dogs with their crunchy bread coating surrounding a juicy hot dog, and a drizzle of yellow mustard are a must as soon as I enter the fair grounds.  I may not eat a corn dog all year long, but at the State or County Fairs….I just gotta have one.

funnel cakes10

AND the salt water taffy……  

funnel cakes12

I can just stand there, mesmerized…. watching the huge ribbons of taffy being spun into candy and then the clip clip of the machine that snips a small piece off the pastel tinted ribbon, and wraps each piece with pretty little colored pieces of paper.  Never mind that the taffy gets caught in my teeth…it is the experience of it all.

funnel cakes14

Finally, I love funnel cakes which are really not cakes at all.

Instead they are squiggles of batter dropped from a funnel into hot oil and fried until crispy brown and then topped with powdered sugar or cherries or whipped cream or chocolate or just about anything your heart desires or craves.

funnel cakes13

Last week I started experimenting with making funnel cakes and I mentioned it to “Only Daughter”.

A few days later she asked me if I was ready to post the funnel cake recipe, so I got busy and edited my photos, did a quick review of my text and my taste buds started to water as I remembered how good these funnel cakes were.

It didn’t start out that way.

I started out by making the first batch and using an actual funnel to disperse the batter into hot peanut oil.

And what a mess I had.

funnel cakes7

I would love to tell you that at least the funnel cakes tasted good even though they were stringing out all over the skillet, but they didn’t.

They tasted heavy and dense….and full of grease.

funnel cakes8

Of course they ended up in the garbage disposal along with the potato peelings for the scalloped potatoes from last nights dinner.

So back to the drawing board and I think I found the answer by reducing the flour a bit and using a squeeze bottle with the tip cut lower than for say catsup or mustard to flow through.  

funnel cakes3

And they turned out so much better as I had more control over the thick batter with the squeeze bottle.

funnel cakes5

I have to admit my first few really spread out to almost the diameter of the large cast iron skillet I was using.  

So I put on my thinking cap and a light bulb went off.  Somehow I needed to “contain” the swirly batter from oozing all over the large skillet. Of course the oil temp has a lot to do with the way the funnel cakes hold together.  So make sure your oil is about 350 degrees.

Another tip is to start your funnel cake by making a circle around your form or pan and then randomly criss cross around until you have a nice thin cake of squiggles.

funnel cakes2

Another tip is to be sure you sift your dry ingredients.  Very important.  

funnel cakes6

As one who does not like to take the time to sift….believe me when I say SIFT!  

funnel cakes4

You can use a large cookie cutter (say 3-4 inches) for smaller funnel cakes which work just as well or you can use a smaller cast iron skillet which is what I started out using.

I ended up using the largest cookie cutter I had, but you could just as well use a pot pie tin with the center cut out if you do not have cookie cutters.

Try these if you like funnel cakes….they can also be used as a dessert drizzled with an apple or cherry filling, top it with whipped cream or caramel sauce…use your imagination.

funnel cakes

Have you made funnel cakes? I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment.

Blessings for a wonderful new week.





Yummy Funnel Cakes
I believe this recipe is very much like the funnel cakes I used to get at the fair. They are light and airy and crispy on the edges which is the way I like them
Write a review
  1. 1 1/2 cups sifted flour
  2. 1 teaspoon baking powder
  3. 1/4 tsp salt
  4. 1 1/3 cups milk
  5. 1 egg
  6. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla (pure)
  7. 1/4 cup powdered sugar for the topping
  1. Add the sifted flour, baking powder and salt into a pour-able pitcher or extra large measuring cup. ( I use my 8 cup pyrex measuring cup).
  2. Very important: Be sure to SIFT the dry ingredients
  3. Add in a beaten egg, the milk and vanilla and keep stirring until the batter becomes thick.
  4. Use a funnel to pour the batter from the mixing pitcher into a plastic squeeze bottle, be patient as the batter will flow slowly
  5. Add about 1/2 inch of peanut oil or shortening to a heavy skillet and heat to 350 degrees
  6. Place a large metal ring(s) into the skillet
  7. Squeeze the batter into ring and cook until ring is solid (about 30 seconds to 60 seconds depending on your stove's heat.
  8. Use tongs to remove the metal ring and the little funnel cakes will float to the top a bit
  9. Turn them over with the tongs and cook the other side for about 30 more seconds until golden brown and crispy on the edges
  10. Be careful not to over cook as they cook quite fast
  11. OR you can do a free form funnel cake by using only the edges of your smaller cast iron skillet.
  12. Remove the funnel cakes to paper towels to drain and sprinkle with powdered sugar or your favorite topping.
  13. These are better served hot or warm and are nice and airy
  1. You might have to experiment with a few ways of making your funnel cakes before coming up with the way you like them to look and taste.
  2. I went through 3 batches of batter myself and hope I have worked out all the kinks for you
  3. Also, shake your squeeze bottle during your funnel cake making and most importantly sift your dry ingredients to prevent lumps in the batter which will clog your squeeze bottle
Me and My Captain

Breezy Summers And Tropical Drinks

sno cone4

My dear readers….here we are in the middle of Summer and I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by. 

Is it just me?

The Captain and I were sitting on the lanai and sipping a new drink that I had made just for this post.  

He is such a good sport in really digging in and tasting for me.

OK, it doesn’t take much persuasion on my part to get him to try a new drink concoction…in fact when I was making it, he kept leaning over my shoulder saying …”does anything need tasting?”

And this drink is really good tasting and even I, one who is more of a taster than drinker, was lapping up this drink like a puppy dog drinking from the hose on a hot day.

This particular drink really makes one think of a tropical island breeze, and if you close your eyes, you can almost feel the saltwater lapping at your toes.

Easy for me to say huh?…as I sit on my South West Florida lanai. 

Strangely, this drink also reminds me of years gone by when I, in my younger years, loved Sno-Cones.

Later, my children would equate my sno-cones with their favorite slurpees at the corner 7-11….but in my day, in the Mid-West…the paper cone with the large scoop of crushed ice and a wonderfully sweet cherry, grape or pineapple syrup made my hot summer day seem like I was transported to somewhere far, far away.

I didn’t even mind when the thick, sticky syrup leaked out of the paper cone’s bottom tip…. or when it oozed over the thin fragile paper top… depending on how hard I clutched the cone… and trickling down my wrist and arm as the ice quickly melted in the searing hot Kansas wind.

And now, this wonderful light, sorta PiΓ±a Colada tasting, finely crushed, icy concoction reminds me of…

…..a sno-cone, and a rather delicious sno-cone at that. It is made with pineapple juice, lime juice, bitters and coconut syrup, topped off with a bit of rum which gives it a tropical flavor.  And a sprinkling of ground cinnamon and sprig of fresh mint are perfect for that tropical island feel. 

I have a confession….You see, I really love going to any of our favorite restaurants on the water, and ordering the drink of the day.  

I don’t care what the drink is, as it is usually made with tropical juices such as mango, papaya, pineapple, strawberry or oranges and the drink itself is…well, it is just pretty, AND I am a sucker for those little foo-foo drinks with umbrellas and a maraschino cherry perched on top of a tall pilsner glasses.

sno cone3

Now, I do have to admit that I rarely finish the drink in the pretty shaped glasses.  

But I do drink a bit of it and then hand the drink over to whomever in our party wants to finish it…and this is usually the Captain.

Isn’t he wonderful to sacrifice himself that way?

What a guy!

As I did a little research on this icy new drink I was making, I found that it has actually been around a while.  The first time we drank this was at a friends house just before we went out to dinner…and I really liked the tropical flavors.

There are several versions of it, with or without the bitters….and no, the over-sized label on the bitters bottle is not a mistake in packaging with the Angostura bitters.

sno cone1

I don’t know what happened, but obviously quality control was taking a day off when someone in the assembly line was having a bad day, ….much like Lucy Ricardo and the chocolate factory…. and they slapped the large label on the small bottle…but whatever happened, the label laps over the top and now it is a trademark!

If you are not familiar with “bitters”…simply said it is like cooking with spices. 

More literally speaking, bitters are a liquid extraction of seeds, herbs, bark, roots, flowers, leaves and fruit of various plants. They are highly concentrated and are used by the DASH or eye dropper to flavor cocktails….and there are many types of bitters just as there are herbs. 

So don’t go dumping a lot of bitters in your drinks or you will not like it….or maybe you will.

Actually, years ago pharmacists would add “bitters” to aid digestion or cleanse the body of toxins.

However, that seems like an oxymoron when I think about it…adding alcohol to the body might just need the “bitters” to get rid of the alcoholic toxins! 

Sort of a toss-up huh?

Moving on….. this is the brand of coconut syrup that I used…(see below) but you can use whatever you have on hand or whichever you prefer. 

sno cone2I have to tell you that I was blown away by this icy drink.

And I don’t mean in a drunken stupor.  I mean it really tasted good and perhaps it is because I made this drink my way.  

I believe I have confessed to you before that there is one drink that I most likely will finish right down to the sugary lime dregs in the bottom of the glass and that is the South American Caipirinha that was introduced to me by my dear friends Jim and Tam!  

If you would like the recipe for this drink,,,,please check out the following link:

Cocktails and Dreams

So by now, you are probably asking for the recipe so you can at least read through it and see if you might like it …if you are not familiar with it.

And the printable recipe is below!

But I have to warn you…this will remind you of your sno-cone or slurpee days…depending on your age! 

The drink is served in a glass so there is really no chance of it dripping down your wrist and arm.

That is unless you drink too many of them.





Tropical Sno-Cone Cocktail
This is a very light and airy tropical drink. I don't use as much rum as some people might, but this recipe lends itself to variation very easily.
Write a review
  1. 2 ounces white rum (I use 1 ounce)
  2. 3/4 of an ounce of coconut syrup (I use Torani brand)
  3. 1 ounce of lime juice
  4. 1 ounce pineapple juice (I use 2 ounces)
  5. 1 dash Angostura Bitters
  6. Sprig of fresh mint (I use peppermint because that is what I have in my herb garden)
  7. Cinnamon sprinkle
  1. In a cocktail shaker or your blender, add the rum, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, lime juice and bitters and shake or blend for about 20 ceconds.
  2. Chill the glass of your choice and add finely crushed ice as close to the top as possible.
  3. Pour as much (or as little, that is me) of the cocktail into the glass
  4. Garnish with a mint sprig
  5. Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon over the top
  6. Serve
  1. You can adjust the measurements to your own liking. Remember, that I am not much of a drinker and the lighter the rum content...the better for me. Experiment and find just the right flavors for you.
Me and My Captain




Good Morning Good Morning!




Years ago, my family and I “renamed” the local Waffle House in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

It is not that “Waffle House” is not a good name, because it has obviously been around a very long time and is sorta famous, much like Starbucks.

When we lived in Seattle, we got a little tired of seeing a Starbucks on almost every corner, especially since we didn’t even care for their coffee as the Captain says it always tastes burnt. You see early on the Captain dabbled in coffee shops as a side business, much like he does his real estate today and he has always claimed Starbucks overroasted their coffee beans.  But I digress.

Waffle Houses are almost as abundant as Starbucks and as a matter of fact, there is a 4 way street in Atlanta that has a Waffle House on each corner.


No, we renamed our Waffle House…”Good Morning Good Morning” because every time one entered their establishment, all the employees would call out “Good Morning” and you would answer back “Good Morning” and it would echo throughout the restaurant as smiling faces gave their greeting also. It just made one “happy”!

A few well known facts about this chain of small restaurants….Waffle Houses are open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year….and their breakfasts/lunches and dinners are simple but good and if one is on the way to the airport…many times they are the only breakfast restaurant open at 4 or 5:00 A.M….plus, you can watch them actually make your breakfast.  The kitchen is not hidden away in the dark recesses of a large building where who knows what is happening or going on as your breakfast is being prepared.  Sorry, I just shuddered at that thought.


Many times I will take the Captain to the airport just so we can spend a little more time together before he flies off into the wild blue yonder and the closest Waffle House is actually near SW International Airport, so yes…we have stopped to have breakfast there many, many times.


Soooo you can imagine our delight when we heard that our very own little city would be having a Waffle House….and it would be just 2 blocks off of Cape Coral Parkway on Del Prado Blvd.  I could still have an early breakfast with my Hunny and then he could drive himself to the airport and I could drive the short hop, skip and a jump back home….Or I could drive him to the airport….we would have choices!

Now, let me tell you this Waffle House ground breaking started almost immediately. …and construction seemed to go so quickly that every time we drove past this site, we were amazed at the progress.  

It seemed that in just a matter of a month or so….the Waffle House morphed from the run down aquarium shop with chipping blue paint and a droopy, large white banner touting goldfish 3 for $5.00, into a well landscaped parking lot with white picket fence and tall palm trees and the familiar bright yellow “WAFFLE HOUSE” name plastered on the red brick facade of the building.

For some reason, I thought of it as a personal triumph.  At last, a restaurant in our town, with breakfast at zero dark thirty and one you didn’t have to go to the drive through and hear the age old question of “would you like a fried apple pie with that?”.

You see, it doesn’t take much to please me.  Just give me my Reef flip-flops, oldies but goodies music on the radio, my Kansas City Royals baseball cap, aviator sunglasses and I am a happy camper! (when one has risen very early, one doesn’t always have time to fix one’s hair and a ball cap hides all kinds of wild and stringy tresses and the sunglasses work for the no make-up on the way home look)

Imagine my disappointment as the Waffle House remained just a pretty building, all dressed up with no place to go.

There was a large white sign in the window that said OPEN SOON…obviously their definition of soon is different than my definition of “soon”!


It sat in that condition…as the Captain did his usual flights of 7 days flying and 7 days at home. 

Week in and week out.

For several months.

What in the world was the hold-up on opening this Waffle House, I would mutter each time I drove by the neatly white stripped parking lot.  I could see the inside had everything in place or as much as I could see without actually getting out of the car and peering in the windows like a peeping tom.



There was also a large yellow sign in the window that said NOW HIRING! And I thought ok, well, get on with it.  There are hundreds of people looking for work or at least that is the scuttlebutt one would hear at the supermarket or the beauty shop. However, one of my friends added her two cents worth and said that most likely most of the people were probably looking for vice president jobs and not service work.

I don’t know, but I even resorted to calling a few of the other Waffle Houses across the bridge (there are at least 4 of them) to ask if they knew of an opening date….and no one knew anything….or so they said.

And then….then a couple days ago, the Captain and I did our usual drive-by and we noticed a couple cars in the roped off parking lot.  Actually it was yellow tape that looked like crime tape and I said to the Captain.

“Have they already been robbed?  they haven’t even opened yet!”

The Captain assured me that no, they were most likely the people being trained and didn’t want to bother with new customers coming to interrupt their training.

And then yesterday…..oh, I am so excited…..yesterday, we drove by the Waffle House on our way to the movies and there were even more cars in the roped off parking lot.  AND I saw a group of about 6 people in the familiar brown uniforms clustered in a circle near the back of the building and I exclaimed excitedly!

“Look! They are being trained on taking a cigarette break!!”…..”opening day must be very, very close”.

My dear readers, do you get excited at the prospect of a new restaurant or business in your town or is it just me?

Well, if you will excuse me, I need to make another run to see if “Good Morning Good Morning” is open for business yet, the Captain will be leaving out again next week!.

I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment. πŸ™‚





I Clocked You at 52 In A 35!


My dear readers…..I have a confession to make.

I was speeding!

It is something that I don’t do very often (if at all) and didn’t realize I was doing …until…

…well, until I saw the police car sitting in the median and I looked down at my “speed”-o-meter.

I “thought” the arrow was on the 40, but apparently I can add vision issues to my already growing list of maladies….did you know that your hearing is the first to go?

Oh well, that is a different story for a different time.

Today we are talking about Me and the Copper!



And as I zoomed past the patrol car, I was not surprised when he did a quick turn around, turned on his flashing red and blue lights and gave the siren a little whirl.  

And believe me I appreciated his not letting the siren blast and blare all through the quiet, still morning and I am sure all the people, still snug in their beds appreciated his kindness too.

I knew he was after me.

There were no other cars on the quiet, four lane residential road…neither coming or going. 


So at the first street corner, I pulled around the corner and stopped, reached for my driver’s license, rolled down my window and waited.

It seemed forever before he cautiously walked up very close to the car….peering in the windows.

I’m sure he was a bit surprised at the doggie car seat hooked on the front seat as well as the child booster seat sitting empty on the back seat.

“Good Morning” he chirped as he looked around the inside of the car and then right back at my hands clutching my license.  (I know these guys have to be super cautious these days…they never know what they might find when they make a routine stop) 

I answered back just as cheerily…“Good Morning”

“Is there an emergency?  Are you ok?” he asked in a non-confrontational way…he actually seemed very sincere.


“No emergency”, I responded sheepily.  “I am just on my way to church”.

“What time is church?” he asked a bit confused.

“8:15”  I responded knowing that the time might seem a bit strange as most church services are usually on the hour or half hour.

“What time is it now?” he asked

I glanced at the digital clock on my dashboard.  “8:12” ….I replied, wondering if he didn’t have a watch or clock in his patrol car.  

“Well, I want you to know that I clocked you at 52 in a 35” .  

He was now smiling at me and I was looking at his crisp clean uniform thinking he must send his uniforms to the cleaners as no one (spouse or otherwise) could put all those crisp creases in just the right places with a normal iron and ironing board.

I know…kinda strange to be thinking of uniforms while the policeman is stopping me for speeding.

“I didn’t think I was going that fast,”  I stammered.

“May I see your license please?” he asked stepping closer to the window.

I handed him my driver’s license and then I said….

“That picture is horrible, it makes me look like a convict”…and no sooner were the words out of my mouth, that I regretted my attempt at humor.  

(Well, it works at department stores and other places that I have to show my awful driver’s license picture…it makes them laugh and yes, it made the officer laugh too.)


But then he had another question for me.

“Have you any outstanding tickets or warrants”

I gave him an incredulous look and said triumphantly…

“No!” I felt the need to continue….“I haven’t had a ticket for 45 or 50 years”.

I quickly bit my lip to stop me from saying out loud my next thought, which was …“and that was for speeding in a school zone”.

Yep, I better keep that to myself.  I have watched those cop shows where one talks too much and gets hauled off to the clinker, the slammer, the…well, you get what I mean.

Had I said the speeding ticket was during the Christmas Holiday School Break and there were no kiddos at school, I am sure he would have understood that going 25 in a 20 wasn’t such a bad deal….but I kept quiet.

I zipped my lip.


He was still smiling as he said…“well, lets get this going so you can get to church”.…and he walked back to his patrol car.

I looked at the dashboard clock for the umpteenth time since this ordeal started…evaluating just how late I was going to be for church.

I was regretting the extra time I took wiping down the faucets and sinks in my master bath, but you see, I have this thing that if something ever happens…and I don’t make it back home…and someone, stranger or friend, has to go in my home to pick up something for me….I want my home to be nice and tidy!  And my bed definitely has to be made and the hot tea and juice glasses must be in the dishwasher and….ok, ….

I know…weird huh?

My thoughts returned to church.

I would be missing Pastor Keith walking around greeting everyone before the service.

…..AND, since he had been on vacation for the last two weeks,  I would be missing any inside information on his travels,  because I would have asked how it was in the mountains of the Carolina’s.

……AND I would most likely miss the first two hymns and perhaps the announcements, if I had issues finding a parking space in the church parking lot.

I am sure you can relate if you have ever noticed that one usually sits in the same pew (or side table in the Captain’s and my case) and one usually parks in the same parking space at the church parking lot or as near to it as one can get.  

Sigh, I am afraid we are creatures of habit aren’t we?

But I sat there waiting patiently for my speeding ticket…my fingers lightly strumming on the steering wheel.

The officer returned to my car and handed me a yellow citation. and he still had that smile.

WHY did he keep smiling at me?

“This is only a warning, but please drive a little slower to church and enjoy your service.”

“Thank you so much” I blurted out anxious to be on my way and very grateful I didn’t get a fine. 

And again, I had to bite my lip to keep from saying something like…“I never take this street so I didn’t know the speed limit was only 35, almost all the other 4 lane streets are 45 or 50, I usually take Veteran’s and everyone goes 60 on that 4 lane.”


No, it was best to keep quiet.  This grandma was no Ma Barker, who by the way also happened to be from Florida! Yikes! πŸ™‚

So, with a wave of my hand, and a grateful smile, I stuffed the yellow ticket into my purse (I would read it later) and I moved my car forward.

I turned around in the first sleepy, neighborhood driveway on my left, got back on the 4 lane street and then I drove like a snail until I was out of the sight of the still sitting patrol car.


After church…..and after I got home, I decided I better tell the Captain of my “adventure”.

He was flying as this was his 7 days “on”, so I texted him a copy of the warning ticket. I took my hair down from the messy bun and with two hair ties, pulled my hair in two droopy pigtails.  I took a selfie with a silly smile and attached that to the warning ticket. The only comment I made was:

“This was the smile I used with the policeman this morning”

Later, he texted me back and said:

“So, I’m married to a criminal! LOL, a Speeder, Oh My!”

I texted back…

“Yep!!! But a pardoned one”

Now, I am not going to tell you what else he said because it was political and we don’t need to open that can of worms. πŸ˜‰

But it was really funny!  You are just going to have to use your imagination.

But I am still laughing!

I hope you all have a wonderful week….and watch that speedometer, especially on quiet Sunday mornings!






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